Thursday, June 11, 2009

Real time;Holbrooke,Army operation,Swat valley, Bannu!

The tv anchors loaded, guided or mis- questions with various personalities usually reek of un read, biased and often misleading discussions and often targetting people such as Richard Holbrooke .For example the line"a third ranking or lowly ranking person of the US administration met with our President or Prime minister " or "why do our high ranking government people give in to a lowly ranking guy such as richard Holbrook?".
Here I fail to understand that these anchors who are watched by millions in Pakistan and also abroad, do not the media bosses have any mechanism to at least see what kind of un- informed, opinionated questions are they asking? I think the media bosses even themselves do not understand the meaning of informed,educated opinion.
Mr Holbrook, as it appeared from his press conference , appeared a highly experienced, skillful man who appears to have vast experience in dealing with areas and populations with conflict. Areas of muslim conflict such as Bosnia and Iraq seem to have given him a skilfull insight into the mechanics and finding solutions for resolutions of such conflicts.
Another popular sentence giving a deliberate impression of the weakness and somehow complacency of our elected government is "he is coming again and again with some messages or a program to influence our president with a hidden agenda". This kind of sentence throwing is despicable.It creates doubts and despondency in the minds of the common man. It hurts the confidence of the people in their elected representative government. I think this is a deliberate attempt to destabilise the government and these people put up a show that they are talking against USA as if this is somekind of religious duty. The irony is that the USA has often supported dictators and justified destabilisation of some elected politicians albiet clandestinely. My purpose of posting this is that the popularity graph of USA politcal representatives in context to Pakistan has fallen sorely for the purpose of their following small, adhoc, quick fix policies. They somehow never followed any objectives to win the hearts and minds of the people. A lot of damage has been done by these policies or lack of them in the region that Pakistan and Afghanistan occupies.Even today there is no attempt by the USA government to persue a policy of engaging Pakistani citizens in active dialogue and addressing their complaints and grieviences. No active people to people contact in dialogue and cultural activities is bieng persued. This has given too much space for other anti- America lobbyists to take over. Ironically, these same people were bieng given money, weapons , all sorts of facilities by Americans to facilitate the Afghan Jehad. Many books have been published on this but amazingly ,the USA still is not persuing an engagingly understanding line of action. I do hope Mr . Obama sees the need for such a policy urgently.Meanwhile , Mr Holbrooke's statement that the Pakistan government and all the parties have found new lease on the offensive against the terrorists in frontier is encouraging. The army's resolve to find and finish the militants , no matter how difficult the challenge and it's successful and caring operation shows the determination of the army and it's elected government.I feel sorry for the people who talk against elected people just for the sake of opposition and do not respect the mandate of the people. I ask them this question, if not democracy, then will they let the mulla or the taleban or some such militants or criminals declare their mother's or sister's Nikaah fisk(annulled) just because he wants them and does not appear bound by constitution or law of Pakistan?

Bannu: the news that army is carrying out a very deep operation in Bannu in which 100militants were killed shows how deeply this problem had penetrated. This is not related to the Swat problem and did not happen in a day or two.As pointed out by Mr. Haji Adeel of ANP in assembly yesterday the cover given by the MMA government in the last five years that it ruled in Frontier should be investigated. I think this is a very pertinent question. Not only for the present government but for the people of Pakistan as a whole.This will not only uncover the treacherous Mir Jaffers amongst us but also bring the entire plan of the religious revolution to take over Pakistan and its nuclear capabilities by the so called Islamic parties, Jehadis and ultimately Al Qaeda. the Pakistani people want a free, moderate, modern state as envisioned by Quaid E Azam, or is it so? Are we giving up to these anti Pakistan forces? Or are we giving up to so called "Indians"?

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