Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Follow up on resolves for new year

As I had enumerated at least nine resolves, I thought I must see which ones i have started. Here are afew things I am doing;
  • Excercising daily by going to gym for fitness and wellness achievement.
  • Starting with water excercise for reduction of weight and my pains and joints health.
  • Joining the parkinson society for helping out with persons in need.
  • Continuing with charity work as a physician. writing my blogs.
  • Forming support groups like people with depression, anxiety.
  • Continue awarenes of abuse, injustice and rape.
  • Telling adolescents and teenagers about healthproblems and what to do.

One thing I need to start is join a singing class ,lets see when that is done. So how many have you done? Lets hear!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From Cutting Cows To Creating Nuclear War

Is this a funny topic or very serious issue.For me this story of Ajmal Qasab from backward poor town of Faridkot bieng the Mumbai terrorist is both unbelievable,awesome and very ludicurous.Was he on a high,you know what I mean.Our country situated on the crossroads of many cultures,Indian(bhang,toddy..)and Afghani(opium,heroin..) is a rich assortment of things to go high on.Not the Taliban,though they are so clean. t hey do not need the chemical highs ,they are high on the joys of burning girls and boys schools,killing or atleast attempting,threatening to kill innocent women,children,old people,Shias,Hindus if they could,burning NATO supply trucks.Not unlike little monstrous boys who like to play cowboys and Indians(in our context Us and Them),though we all are so confused about this Us and Them thing.For some it is Sunni ,Shia,for others Pakistani,Indian and for some more Al Qaeda,Tehrike Taliban Pakistan and The enemy number one teh ordinary wretched,poor Pakistani.Like the author of Pakistan Development blog writes in one of his articles warning the military that if this poverty and lack of easy accesss to justice continues a time will come when people will rise and as they have nothing to lose there will be too much destruction.Well this is so serious, democratic elected representatives are privy to this that their fuedal seats are about to go,first at the hands of military and now the military is too weak so in the hands of non-state actors like the Pakistani Taliban.They say that we are fighting for a just society.They may be right. The pakistani center has really never taken any real interest in their development as it should have been.Pakistan always administered the area in a way with the effort was made to really intellectually put the "Pakistan" ideology in tehir minds and souls.They continued living thier old lifestyles and not really bieng provided the necessities of living in the modern world.Now the social fabric is so much in tatters it is impossible to mend.Swat is a case in point.From tourist spot to massively destructible nightmare living hell especially for its residents.They are complaining against the government not doing anything.What can the government do ? Thanks to continued corruption and injust administrative system!The army cannot do any thing,it is fighting its own people in Bajaur and other ares .thanks to America and General Musharraf.Now it cant even give up this fight,it is already too late.
So now comes the strange and ugly story of Ajmal Qasab.Enter indian naval excercise and a boat that dodged the I ndian navy.The mighty Indian navy who wants to have its stations in Karachi and Gwadar eventually.Were these boys, ten or eleven of them part of the excercise.Dodge em an see? Why were they wearing ,the ones shown in Indian media,trousers and backpacks just like well, teh guys of7/7 London?Why were their faces more like Gurkhas,well Short stout staure and straight black hair.Most of Pakistani races have different faces,physique and hair.A guy straight from poor old Faridkot speaking English fluently! Ask the clever Indians,could they be from their own backyard? navy recruits gone well..beserk? What happened inthe Coolombine Disaster? Were they Pakistani? No! What happened in Teh college,Korean Lineage video killer disaster.He was born in america? I am not denying he could be Pakistani,but saying it is most unlikely.
And finally the sad drama has to close sometime..especially for the media.Indian especially as elections are drawing to a close and either parties have to take the trophy.Ah,but the Ajmal qasab guy,in his toy play or was it almost brought the two foolish neighbours on the verge of NUCLEAR DISASTER!
Enter the conspiracy theories
Was it done by ISI to take revenge from RAW(Marriot blast)?
Was it done byMossad to finish unruly agents operating in the Nariman house(linked to this lashkare toiba relation)?
Was it done by well BJP(wanting to take one up on Congress)?
Sick these may sound but these theories are going around!
The same situation which I described for Pakistan is happening in India also.We all living in this region have to accept each other .India should realize that its sudden hatred outbursts will almost bring us to the brink of a nuclear war and Pakistanis bieng crazy as we are, will take the ace out of their hands!Do we want to become another Hamas and Zionist Israel! Even that concept( both of Zionist Israel and Hamas is failing!Look what is happening in Gaza today.Israel even after bieng so stupidly,defeated in Lebanon,Even after causing so much destruction to beautiful Lebanon,Again is applying the same strategy to Gaza! It has not learned its lesson.Will we learn ours.It is not Pakistan who is disintegrating,it is India who is trying to hold to a concept of all powerful state.
Ajmal Qasab if his name is the same as they say is almost An Osama bin Laden,bringing the world to the brink of destruction!Long live Pakistan,Long live justice !

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Resolves for New Year

This new year I would like people to make the following resolves,work out an action plan for achieving the desired goals.By doing these in our own way we will be able to keep our focus.

  • decide what you really want to do;lose weight,switch to a healthier lifestyle,take on a new educational course etc.

  • prioritise your needs and work on a n easily doable plan eg., if need to take admision plan required documentation,obtain refrences etc.

  • Make a time frame to achieve the goals;divide in early middle and later actions,in this way you will achieve each step easily staying focused.

  • Resolve on cultivating moral values like always saying the truth,helping one person with easily doable goals not lofty ideals like opening a university.If you can help start by teaching a poor child some subject that you can. Always commit what you can and stick to will see how good your life becomes in finding a helpful role and what amazing satisfaction you will achieve ,no high whether of alchol or drugs can match this kind of satisfaction.
  • resolve to look after your own health;go to a doctor ,achieve health goals.Get help for resolving health problems like depression.
  • learn anew skill ;music,langauage,crotchette,game.
  • Start going to gym regularly or walking or jogging.Adopt a daily routine for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn and adopt strategies for economic management.
  • Last but not least learn to find peace and a sense of happiness by doing your favorite thhing ;prayers or yoga.