Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Future Roadmap For Pakistan Peoples Party.

 The Future Roadmap For Pakistan Peoples Party.
Dr. Meher Zaidi.

Pakistan Peoples Party was formed by  Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in Lahore in 1967 after Pakistan and India 1965 war.Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was elected its Chairman.According to Fakhar Zaman,

. Among the express goals for which the party was formed were the establishment of an "egalitarian democracy" and the "application of socialistic ideas to realize economic and social justice". A more immediate task was to struggle against the hated dictatorship of Ayub Khan,who was at the height of his power when the PPP was formed. Basic principles of PPP enshrined:
    • Islam is our Faith
    • Democracy is our politics
    • Socialism is our Economy
    • All Power to the People
The Party also promised the elimination of feudalism in accordance with the established principles of socialism to protect and advance the interests of peasantry.

Forty five years on, the party stands again at the place where it first started. With two of its dynamic, popular leaders murdered by forces against its basic founding principles and their power in vested interest , the party needs a new leadership from inside or outside  to gather its ideological force and direct its power to fight the fascist and authoritarian as well as the political forces and re-establish its manifesto. The shift in its ideological lead has made the party into a rudderless ship which may easily sink if the internal issues are not addressed immediately.
The old guard of the Pakistan Peoples Party is now getting irrelevant in the context of their vision, direction, corrupt and feudal behaviour. They are getting irrelevant also in the context and background of the changing paradigm of politics in Pakistan. Due to poverty, natural disasters, extremely high cost of living in Pakistan and illiteracy, Pakistan stands as a failed state.
The failure of the system to establish sound and solid institutions, defence and provision of basic human rights, the loss of establishment of a just and egalitarian society have together enhanced the urgent need for a leadership which not only represents the aspirations and needs of the masses but also has the capacity to adapt and bring about rapid change in the socio-economic status of the common man.
The Pakistan peoples Party must give up its populist lineage and image and defeat the politics of cronyism, sycophancy,feudalism and corruption. It must defend its basic promise of "Roti, Kapra aur Makan" as it still is the most relevant slogan. The present leadership must realize that the days of populist leadership are over and this party has the strongest base to propel Pakistan towards a just and egalitarian society with a promise for the common man.
The party must bridge the gap within its internal workers, peasants, and build up its middle class cadres.It must decentralize its working and empower the lower worker. It must strengthen its common base in the agriculture, farmers and traders . It must push towards land reforms. It must fight and purge the feudal mindset from within its ranks. 
The present hue and cry from the ordinary citizens in some way reflect the needs of the common man and the party does have it in its manifesto. Benazir Bhutto in her last manifesto did give policy directions to the party but her sad and untimely death left the party under care of an inexperienced leadership which is to this day fighting for survival. It is high time that the political leadership devolved the powers and decision making in the hands of the working class of the PPP.
Pakistan is ready for a revolution. Not the kind bieng proposed by Mr. Imran Khan who has not really fought any electoral victories and is ideologically weak.Pakistan is ready for a pragmatic revolution where the entire policies will be wrenched away from an exploitative capitalistic system towards a socialist, just and egalitarian system.The worker, the farmer, tiller and the working classes have to be empowered.
Pakistan Peoples Party must seize this opportunity to bring its revolution back.