Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Young Benazir Bhutto.

Benazir Bhutto , the clear foreign policy  leader.
Benazir Bhutto was a  political leader of Pakistan whose charm and charisma swept the people's vote towards Pakistan Peoples Party in elections all over the country. From Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's dynamic, populist political legacy  to Benazir Bhutto's determined thrust towards democratic people's rule we see how this young, Oxford educated leader in Pakistan transformed the consciousness of the Pakistan political man and woman, into the mainstream electoral politics. The crown of glory for Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was raising the consciousness of the worker and farmer, the ordinary AWAM to face the rich and making the industrialist families lose power and influence but the crown of glory for this daughter of the east  was making each and every individual conscious of the power of his and her vote. her legacy is definitely the superiority of the people that is the parliament over all other institutions and authoritarian forces in the country. Young Benazir at the age of 25 wrote a book buy the name of Foreign Policy Perspective  which reflects the clear vision and leadership qualities that  were present in her even at that young age.she was  under detention in Lahore at this time between December 18, 1977 and January 14, 1978.
In her first chapter  "The most allied ally" she takes a bold , individual and seminal stance on the US -Pakistan relationship. She laments the attitude of Pakistan towards the US as a love affair , all or none relationship. She says that this does not prepare Pakistan for a  "rainy day". Pakistan's opposition or silent status at China's  membership at UN etc and its "sub-normal" relationship with socialist states is criticized.She says  that Pakistan builds one sided bridges which do not exist in politics and diplomacy. How true and prophetic this perspective seems in the context of the difficult diplomatic relationship that is now existing between Pakistan and the US.
Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto did lean towards China and that was the starting point in his foreign policy perspective and Benazir built up this perspective on that foundation. She did strengthen the Sino-Pakistan relationship and bonding  much more than any previous leader and her legacy holds. This has been utilized even by the armed forces and other allied industries despite their leanings towards the US.
Another very interesting and almost prophetic perspective statement is about the independence of Tunisia and Morocco.She writes that General Ayub Khan called the US a "natural friend of Pakistan". The independence of the two states was vigorously supported by Pakistan because it was not  opposed by the US. How ironic that at present her party government is being criticized as a supporter of the US although pragmatism requires this stance in foreign policy at this critical times and stage of history.
This chapter shows clearly her leanings towards a strong, bold and independent foreign policy. Her accusers and enemies in Pakistan are clear liars against her today as her writings can be seen by all.
In the chapter USA she asks the US government that was it necessary to destabilize Pakistan in 1977? This question pre-Taleban Alqaeda emergence gives the basic insight into the politics of the region that are now eating away at the very foundations and existence of Pakistan. Says she that the acquisition of the "Reprocessing plant " by Pakistan was the basis on which US punished the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. It is ironic that the generation that carries the legacy of  that US supported militant, founding memebers of the Afghan Jihad have finally killed this leader and their political supporters in Pakistan use the name of Islam to carry out the agenda that the US set for them in the 1980s/ It seems that her book clearly gives the perspective in which Mr. Bhutto's  judicial murder was clandestinely handled by the military cum jihadi supporters of the US.
In writing about who is Pakistan's closest friend she maintains Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's stance that Pakistan's closest friend will be the country with whom she shares her common interest.The degree of the relationship changes with the degree of common interest.She emphasizes maintenance of good relationship with all the great powers . She emphasizes that the deterioration of US-Pakistan relations during Zulfikar  Ali Bhutto was not his doing because "For a leader of the people can never compromise on a central national issue".
Her book clearly shows the political and foreign policy blunders that the establishment and military junta of 1977 and later years has done that have brought Pakistan to this stage of socio-economic collapse. It also gives  insight into the "Tsunami" politics that are now blaming the incumbent government for all the evils that the US backed militant-jihadi-psuedo-political players did.
It is sad that Pakistanis forget and distort historical facts. It is sad that Benazir Bhutto was killed for her clear perspectives on foreign policy for Pakistan.It is sad that Pakistan remains, illiterate, unhealthy and unloved by its own elite be it military or civilian. It is sad that leaders like her were silenced so that Pakistan remians failed, corrupt and poor. It is sad that there will never be any justice supreme in Pakistan despite the populist, verbal Tsunami by the "New Emperor" pushed suddenly forward by the establishment.
Writer of this post Dr Meher Zaidi. (Ref: Forign Policy Perspective, Agha Amir Hussain, Classic, 42, Shahrahe Qauid e Azam , Lahore, Pakistan)

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Memogate Conspiracy:The Emperor's New Clothes!

Honour is purchas'd by the deeds we do
So says Christopher Marlowe. 
As all hell seemingly broke lose in Pakistan in the Hussain Haqqani "Memogate" affair many a clothed people appeared nude. Bereft of the clothes of modesty and fairplay, their ugly inner selves showing grotesquely.Whither honor, whither shame. We in Pakistan as a society appear to be paranoid, delusional, amnesic. We forget the recurring dramas and theatrical albeit tragic plays that destabilise the fledgling democratic governments.Kamran Khan , a top rated anchor seems to have lost his fair reporting and seems to be flowing in with the tide of his television channel.The Pakistan Peoples Party is once again being burdened by the Zardari baggage. And all the king making devils are smiling. So Mr Nawaz Sharif wants Mr Zardari hanged by the 6th amendment?How convenient. Amnesia runs amok. Himself could not change a jail bulb. forgetting the dictator's treatment Mr Nawaz Sharif? How convenient. But then history has a bad habit of repeating itself.
We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves. Goethe.
So poor Mr Hussain Haqqani standing alone for freedom, democracy, polity. He shall however be not sacrificed alone. The emperor has been selected. The new emperor shall wear the new clothes. So the sages will predict. A coup, a change of guards. A few heads rolling. But who will pay the price? The ordinary people? The elite?or Pakistan?
A grim, dim future awaits us. The Ides of March have come to December.Now is the winter of our discontent"http://shakespeare.mit.edu/richardiii/richardiii.1.1.html
Are you call'd forth from out a world of men
To slay the innocent? What is my offence?
Where are the evidence that do accuse me?
What lawful quest have given their verdict up
Unto the frowning judge? or who pronounced
The bitter sentence of poor Clarence' death?
Before I be convict by course of law,
To threaten me with death is most unlawful.
I charge you, as you hope to have redemption
By Christ's dear blood shed for our grievous sins,
That you depart and lay no hands on me
The deed you undertake is damnable.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pakistan Happenings..Attacks In Autumn.

Pakistan Happenings..Attacks In Autumn.

Twenty four jawans and officers killed tragically in morning attacks on 25th November, 2011 by NATO forces from across the border. The commander says it is being investigated. No submission of guilt or regrets . The female anchor Sana Buccha grills the commander again and again as to what punishment will be given if it was an individual act. The layman will be confused. How can the NATO US forces attack and kill so many in a Pakistan flag hoisted check post. The truth is too bitter to be discussed threadbare on Pakistan television channels.BBC World airs a documentary on 27th which gives a clear perspective on what the UK/NATO/US forces think about Pakistan forces. I deduce  the result of what actually may have happened as my hunch was.
The BBC documentary showed that the British and US forces believed that after 2005 when the US attacked Iraq ,the Afghan insurgency got a boost and the Afghan Taleban started consolidating their forces by training, ammunition and increased suicide and other IED attacks. The generals openly said that all this was provided by Pakistani forces. This  same thing was also stated in another manner by Pakistan television experts commentators that every time the Haqqani  network attacks or bombs a target in Afghanistan, the US blames Pakistan. The last sentence in the program was that this support is being done to this day. They went as far to say that all the British troops that lost their lives were killed by this Pakistan support.
The border area is very porous and there is no clear demarcation. The US forces which form a large part of NATO have very sophisticated night vision equipment and other  gadgetry. They have very sophisticated command and control strategy even in hand to hand fighting situation. Their attack at this level cannot be a mistake. It seems deliberate and well planned. It was successfully executed. This happened because they actually believe at the local command level at that time that these check post personnel were helping the insurgents physically. This is the reason that they called in fighter planes and not just helicopters. This is the sad truth that  seems so obvious. The US pushing for eliminating the Haqqani network and Pakistan resisting any more operation against this wily group of militants. It seems Pakistan wants to have the cake and eat it too.
The immediate solution in Afghanistan is not possible. This friction will continue till 2014 when larger part of US forces will withdraw. The US wants to strengthen Kabul’s defense. This may not come to fruitition as planned as Taleban will continue to assert. They may succeed in strengthening their hold in larger areas again. The NATO forces want to clear the Eastern provinces to make the insurgency invalid or lessen its fatality in Pakistan areas in the near future.
What the US wants will not be really the solution in the near future. The Pakistan and Afghan Taleban are not separate and the solution adopted by the Pakistan army may be the most acceptable in the near future. Too much war has ravaged Afghanistan and it has now crippled the frontier region of Pakistan. Imran Khan is right when he says we must negotiate with the Pakistan Taleban and bring peace to the region. But not by lying down and giving up everything. We must negotiate in stronger terms asking for assurance of Pakistan government writ and also removing the Frontier regulation act and bringing Pakistan law in FATA. Imran Khan is wrong when he says this is not our war that we are fighting. We are definitely fighting our own war but peace must come to the region soon.
The future of this region depends on immediate end to hostilities and a return to negotiated peace. This is the only solution in  short term that may reach out for a larger peace in long term. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

The State Of Violence Against Women In Pakistan...December2011.

An Interactive article by Dr Meher Zaidi
The violence perpetrated against the nurses in Punjab who were peacefully demonstrating for their demands by urban middle class traders of the Mall Road, Lahore and the police who teargassed them speaks volumes of the mindset which encourages violence against women in Pakistan.Instead of negotiating a change in venue and letting the demonstration reach a peaceful end, the traders showed their attitude by violence. This is rampant in the Punjab where beating women, burning, killing, maiming and other forms of physical violence is considered a normal part of family life and where all members of society encourage this despiscable behaviour This attitude is encouraged by all sections of society whether rural, middle class , feudal or urban.It is considered male to beat the wife and female progeny.Religious people also do not discourage violence against women although the Prophet of Islam strongly encouraged gentleness and kindness to women.

Strategies and Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Domestic Violence against Women in Pakistanhttp://jpma.org.pk/full_article_text.php?article_id=1042 http://www.dawn.com/2011/11/25/mother-of-two-girls-burnt-alive.html

The issue of domestic violence shows the clear picture of the state of  violence against women in Pakistan Despite of the passage of the bill entitled Domestic Violence protection Act 2009 in national assembly it was not duly ratified by the senate http://archives.dawn.com/archives/69404 http://archives.dawn.com/archives/29119  . The undauntable Yasmin Rehman had tabled this bill.After the passing of the 18th amendment, this act is now ready to be devolved to the provinces. 
Humera Alwani pushing for women's rights in Sindh.
Humera Alwani, a courageous women parliamentarian of the Sindh assembly who is very proactive in women's rights issues is trying to get it passed in the Sindh assembly  but till to date she has not been successful. The state of domestic violence in Sindh is very grim indeed. Here Karo-kari a form of death by murder after accusations against women and men is almost an epidemic form.http://www.dawn.com/tag/karo-kari.
Pakistan has a population of above 180 million , out of which more than 51% are women.To exist as a modern state and be prosperous Pakistan urgently needs to address these issues and bring women's rights as mainstream political issues. The development and economic progress of Pakistan depends on the egalitarian treatment of all its people.It is high time that all the bills are passed and devolved to bring progress to its poor people which are men and women both.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Women In Pakistan; The Pro-Women Bill and its implementation Issues.

The Pro-Women Bill &Implementation Issues In Pakistan.
Interactive Article  by Dr Meher Zaidi.

Pakistan has a population of almost 51% women and its youth bulge in women is also very large. The practices of early marriages including Child Marraige is very common. http://www.unmultimedia.org/radio/english/detail/117281.html

Practices such as Vani http://www.islamawareness.net/Marriage/Child/childmarriages.html hinder the education and development of girls in Pakistan to actually become fully productive, contributing citizens of this over populous country.In Pakistan  a custom known as Swara hangs like a cursed sword over millions of  females who are unable to access any rights or justice.http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=34896
A country beleaguered by issues of poverty and corruption, the future blackout of millions of women seems almost a Biblical Sin. The Islamist parties like the Jamaat e Islami do not understand either the socio-political or the future economic impact of opposing gender friendly laws in Muslim societies like Pakistan. They are way back in understanding the modern ethno-religious impact of gender discrimination in the future existence of the societies and its effect on the environment and politics of the planet. They are doing a dis-service to Islam by not addressing these repulsive and destructive customs and a hindrance to progress of more than half of  Pakistan's population. The issues of education and employment for women are almost like a small outside issue in Pakistani politics.
Imran Khan should bring these issues into mainstream politics.
 The Pakistan Tehrike Insaaf of Imran Khan fame is also not addressing these issues in a clear and cogent way either. This seems to reflect the long set feudal and primitive patriarchal mindset in Pakistan.This must change  . It is a major challenge that the Tehrike Insaaf needs to address. It needs to bring these issues in mainstream politics.It seems that presently it will be difficult for this party to do this as it needs to increase its vote bank for which it is tapping into the same feudal, patriarchal mindset people but if he creates a women friendly cell in his think tank with a very proactive woman heading it or person like IA Rehman, he may be doing the YOUTH in Pakistan a great favour.According to Harvard business review way back in 1997 it was realised that women factor in US businesses will be very important. With the Pakistani workforce of more than 50% women, why is this a small issue? Also female child worker in Pakistan contributes to a large part of our formal and informal economy.
The only ray of light is shown by the present parliament which passed the bill named Anti-Women Parctices (Criminal Law Amendment) unanimously which safeguards the rights of women against practices such as marraige to the Quran etc.http://blog.naseeb.com/2009/09/married-to-the-quran/ http://www.islamawareness.net/Marriage/Quran/

The issues of female education and economic progress and contribution to the national economy are directly linked to this bill implementation. If passed by the Senate (and not allowed to be lapsed as in the case of Domestic Violence bill) this will do a great service to the nation and also the Muslim society in Pakistan.
There is a dire need for the young politicians and aspirants to assemblies to understand and address these issues as mainstream political issues.A great deal of education of media, masses, young politicians needs to be undertaken. Gone are the times if female gender activist bashing and dehumanising and criticism of the gender friendly NGOs . Gone is the time for treating these issues as a "Western" or "Foreign interference" in our innocent population. This is now an issue of progress, future prosperity, and EXISTENCE as a respectable country on this planet.Patriarchial and suppressive practices must end and let Pakistan enter its BRIGHT, YOUNG FUTURE.
Dr Meher Zaidi with her Masjid patients.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Imran Khan's Great Game of Sorts.

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. William Shakespeare.
His rally was much awaited , well, as he is so attractive to the media.So I was not surprised when his coolly "choreographed" well orchestrated rally came as a television show with the right songs being played between pauses and all the singers and bands for youth. Then there was the stage finessed flag and scene changing. The Pakistan flag coming up as the nouveau leader comes to the podium. His speech was also well "choreographed" with the right amount of time to lambast the "old" politicians and then he gave some time to the program that he claims will change and save Pakistan. Some salient features like Thar Coal, Getting money back from Swiss and foreign accounts and land reforms seemed attractive .But are they enough? The answer is no. He even asked the USA to help them withdraw from Afghanistan. How was he going to do that? Is he in links with Afghan Taleban? And how?  He keeps his hand on the anti-American pulse of some people of Pakistan and says that we will after coming into power be friends with all the world including USA but will not take dictation from them. What is he talking about? When in power? Or are the elections being rigged this time  to bring him into power? From the Pakistan flag coming up the stage background and the Pakistan Bachao Rally being organized at Minar e Pakistan despite the Nawaz League's strong opposition it seems that some third force is backing Mr. Imran Khan. This is too obvious. The azme Alishan campaign on a tv channel is part of the same game. Pictures of allama Iqbal in the background, Minare Pakistan as the venue, give the clues of the choreographer. The only positive side is that the corrupt may now be under some pressure.  After the hopeless display by the Pakistan Tehrike Insaaf in Sindh in last years floods, the Sindhi people will never vote for this wolf in a sheep's clothing(simily) especially as he so despises and hates the other large urban party leadership.It seems that for the time bieng Mr. Imran Khan's rally will remain an entertaining focus on some issues like corruption, negotiating with the Taleban and a third force inspirational populist hero presentation despite the Washington Post's claims of large crowds http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/pakistani-cricket-hero-imran-khans-rally-against-government-draws-large-turnout/2011/10/30/gIQAfbLIWM_story.html and The Sidney Morning Herald's same claims http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/pakistani-cricket-hero-imran-khans-rally-against-government-draws-large-turnout/2011/10/30/gIQAfbLIWM_story.html 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pakistan Happenings...The Bites Of October2011.

Better to have beasts that let themselves be killed than men who run away. 
Jean-Paul Sartre 

Life in this happening country seems such a vortex. Confusion abounds,hollow promises prevail, a daze bordering on stupor is what young men think is a hope for the future. Punjab rises almost like paper tigers, one sided, limp. The call for protests on the streets by lonely, lonesome, single and single handed leaders like Sheikh Rasheed, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Jehangir Tareen,falls on the really deaf ears of the poor, hungry, illiterate, exploited masses who cannot see them as they neither have television sets nor any electricity. The scions and paper, oops sorry tigers/ lions of Punjab give call for anarchy. Come out on the streets and do what? Break public property? Poor people of the Punjab, especially the jigar daran of Lahore; being cut to sizes like moths by the deadly Dengue virus. The public hygiene and the public health that was single handedly governed and "improved" by Mr. Shahbaz Sharif exposed.The older brother making convenient "Shamiana" trips to Sindh to show his presence, failing to satisfy any rain/flood affected people. Calls for a third force being exposed by Nadeem Mallick http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadeem_Malik_(Pakistani_journalist)
in his talk show Islamabad tonite.So who and what constitute a third force?The PML -F as it is a small Pir Pagara power party cannot bring about revolution.Sheikh Rashed of the small Awami Muslim League dreaming or rather stuporing about an Arab Spring in Pakistan as if the Zia ul Haq Arab/ Foreign assault on Pakistan is not enough for a lifetime.
And the fascistinating ,oops the fascinating brilliant politics of Sindh. Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza giving television speeches/ interviews bordering on blasphemy in his , uh , so charming, naive, immature way. Giving challenges almostlike a little spoilt boy who really does not know what he wants to achieve and diverting attention albeit for a few seconds from the real plight of the peasants, workers, small traders of Sindh who have now according to the Oxfam and World Food Program, no food to eat. Diverting attention by trite issues like do not like the faces of MQM boys from grave issues like severe malnutrition , almost no doctors and lady doctors in Sindh, bad infrastructure like roads and bridges in Sindh, total lack of machinery for water removal, which the Sindh government should have obtained on a permanent basis after the 2010 floods. Despite pleas by sane people to improve the irrigation department and bringing about meaningful governance on waterways and their infrastructure, the Sindh government was busy somehow managing to appear to do some work in this area. The tragedy of Indus Right Bank, the displacement of millions of people, the indignity of their camp life and their courageous return to their villages and towns has not even been recognised by the "smart, ready for sacrifice" Sindh politicians. Instead of concentrating on real development and restructuring they are concentrating on fighting turf wars in Karachi and Hyderabad.
A sane voice calls out. This is not the time for fight. No time for revolution. Do not become like the court of  King Louis XVI  but more like Louis the IVth http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_XIV_of_France.
As far as men go, it is not what they are that interests me, but what they can become.
Jean-Paul Sartre 
Is there hope in such a bleak , well, hazy scenario? Yes , if we start doing serious politics, not stupid politics. The politicians need to become sane. My God that is not demanding too much or is it?They need to read more for one.They need to listen more for two. And definitely they need to act after informed discussion and debate in order to survive in this fast moving world.
Everything has been figured out, except how to live.
Jean-Paul Sartre 

So go figure out how to live and not how to destroy by ignorance and corruption.

Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you. 
Jean-Paul Sartre 

Free the people from oppression, tyranny and disease. Give them education. Give them pens and not guns.Give them the chance to live. Give them health and not death.http://mehernewspappar.blogspot.com/2010/11/new-strategies-adopted-by-international.html


Monday, September 12, 2011

Need to Reinterpret Islamic thought by Muslim scholars.

Whenever a debate arises about any rape or sexual harassment issue, the Jamaat e Islami always takes a stance where its members instead of debating start accusing the questioner with  blasphemy. The danger of this kind of accusations in public is that some criminal kills the guy  and there is no redressal. This happened in the case of the previous governor of Punjab. This kind of irresponsible behaviour by a leader of such a large political party shows their true mindset. Here he argues with the questioner that you are not Muslim and you are talking against the Prophet of Islam (May Peace Be Upon Him) when the questioner is just presenting another Muslim Ulema point of view for the argument.This is the state of serious debate on issues in Pakistan where the discussion on law and human rights are never held on a serious basis. There are 72 sects in Islam. Religious scholarship has taken back seat and for the last 700 years no serious debate and work has been done to address the issues of law, society and human rights. People like Maulana Maudoodi who had the great capacity for scholarship have died and in the near future I see no scholars or universities where such a task will be undertaken.
Here in UK, a new book is published by an eminent scholar who is also an advisor to the Pope , To be Human in Islam by Damian Howard. This book will have great influence on future opinionin the West and I am sad that no Jamaate Islami or any Pakistani Muslim Ulema and scholars will read this. All the future work of this scholar will also be not read and debated by this author and so a great chance to debate and influence any future thought and opinion by Muslims will be lost.
The issues of serious reinterpretation, debate, contextualization of Islamic and Quranic thought in the modern times are lacking in Muslim scholarship and if coming from the West by a serious and influential Jesuit priest , the Muslim input maybe lost forever. It is sad that Muslims in Pakistan do not understand the gravity of the situation and are busy in bickering amongst themselves and are wasting time in superficial and false aggression.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramzan Blessings.Donate Generously to Causes In Pakistan.

By Dr. Meher Zaidi.
Ramzan comes with good news for all the Muslims to renew and re-pledge their commitment to humanity and to do good deeds. The ritual of fasting inculcates a discipline in the self to look at the rights of other fellow human beings and come out of the ego-centric self. The supreme form of worship of Allah is to give everything to fellow human beings in order to please Him.The Prophet of Islam (May peace and blessings be on him forever) made exemplary his life by showing simple deeds like charity and eating less and wearing simple things.His daily use things were simple and when he died he left a straw mat for a bed and needle and thread with which he repaired his patched clothes. The impact he made on humanity was greatest by his exemplary character of which the most outstanding aspect was his love and caring for humanity and tolerance. The Quran says of the people who are true believers that "Those who give whatever they give while their hearts are fearful because they will be returning to their Lord" (Surah Al-Muminun) and "It is those who hasten to do good deeds, and they outstrip(others) therein' (Surah Al-Muminun).
This Ramzan please donate generously to the good causes and organizations in Pakistan who are helping millions of deserving people. Some I list here:


CELL# 0336-7246672 FAX: (92-21)3583 7684


ASKARI BANK LTD A/C NO: (0181)1650000315 HABIB BANK LTD.,A/C No:
(2301)79005569-01  MCB BANK LTD., A/C No: 0701000008-7,  NBP A/C No: (1858)18-5

A/C 00582002200204


(Reference information account numbers etc published in DAWN newspapers (JULY 2011) , The Holy Quran(Al Muntada Al Islami), personal visit to the trust premises).

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nasir Kazmi....A Poet par excellence.

Nasir Kazmi was a poet par excellence. His appeal was his extremely romantic and poetic expression, using simple words yet such a sophisticated composition and the finesse of expression. He was influenced by Mir Taqi Mir.
Says he:
Pursan na tha koi tau yeh ruswayyian na theen
zahir kisi pe haale pareeshan na tha kabhi.
(Only your asking as to my well being has made my sorrows known to everyone
Otherwise I was alone in my misery.)

In his foreword in Barge Ne he says that in the days of yore  the poetic expression was not an indiginity. The poet sang his songs in villages, valleys and towns and described the values and stories of love,bravery.travel, chivalry and entertained the people.People loved the poet as an entertainer and performer.He sang their desires and their aspirations in his songs.He was known as a Bhat, Creator and an inventor.They linked him to divinity.Then the rulers also wanted to rule the heart of the masses and they desired that praises be written in their favor and in their honor. The Bhat changed to Bhakti and the emperor became sure of the manipulation of the poet to say whatever he wanted.
The universality of poetic expression was lost and the poet became labelled with a place, a kingdom and he developed a need for artificial appreciation and patronage.
Writes he of the modern poet that in modern times the poetic expression is faced with a dilemma. The poetry is not really understood by the audience. The poet wants to express like a minstrel-poet of yore, spontaneity,divine connection, excellence in expression and composition yet placidity and profoundness to be a character of his verse.
Says he about poetic popularity that to find  the reader or audience is not in the hands o f the poet.If the voice is strong ,it reaches far and wide.It also is important that it also reflects the voice of the masses.This is very important.If the lament is not the reflection of the heart of the masses it merely becomes a scream.
These words of Nasir Kazmi express and describe his own poetic expression. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most popular poets of modern time in the subcontinent of the Urdu language.
Nasir Kazmi wrote with great spontaneity, total abandon, excellence in composition and an expression that reflected the desires, feelings and the trials and tribulations of a person or a people.

His intensity of passion and the need to get away from intense love is expressed in this ghazal:
Hoti hai tere naam se wehshat kabhi kabhi
Barham hui hai yun bhi tabiyat kabhi kabhi

Ai dil kise naseeb yeh tufiq-e iztiraab
milti hai zindagi mein yeh raahat kabhi kabhi

Tere karam se ai alam-e husn aafreen
Dil ban gaya hai dost ki khilwat kabhi kabhi

Joshe junoon mein dard ki tughyaaniyon ke saath
Ashkon mein dhal gayee tere surat kabhi kabhi

Tere qareeb reh ke bhi dil mutmaen na tha
Guzri hai mujh pe yeh bhi qayamat kabhi kabhi

Kuch apna hosh tha na tumhara khayal tha
Yun bhi guzar gaye shabe furqat kabhi kabhi

Aye dost hum ne tarke muhabbat ke bawajood
Mehsus ki hai teri zaroorat kabhi kabhi

(The distress of your  name sometimes causes my heart's ailment.

How my heart turns in agony is a sweet forsaken joy that few are bestowed with.

Ah, sweet sorrow
you have made my lover's company a possibility sometimes.

Alas this madness, this passion 
Has made the tempestuous sorrows
My beloved's  face shielded in tears

Even your sweet closeness could not provide
This unruly heart a comfort , sometimes.

Some nights of love have passed in distress
Neither was I thinking clear nor was I  in remorse

Alas I thought I was finished with you
But that was a thought in vain.

Nasir Kazmi had a style of sweet abandonment in love. His expression of despair and longing in love is explicitly expressed in this ghazal:

Girifta dil hain buhat aaj tere diwane
Khuda kare koi tere siwa na pehchane

Mitee mitee se umeedain thake thake se khayal
Bujhe bujhe se nigahon mein gham ke afsane

Hazaar shuker  ke ham ne zaban se kuch na kaha
Yeh aur baat ke poocha na ahle duniya ne

Baqadre tashna labi purseshe wafa na hui
Chalak ke reh gaye teri nazar ke paimaane

Khayal aagaya maayus rahguzaaron ka
Palat ke aagaye manzil se tere diwane

Kahan hai tou ke tere intezaar mein ai dost
Tamam raat sulagte hain dil ke weerane

Umeed -e pursishe gham kis se kijeeye Nasir
Jo apne dil pe guzartee hai koi kiya jaane.

He laments his beloved's insensitivity to his own intense passion in this beautiful ghazal:

Woh dil nawaz hai laikin nazar shanas nahi
Mera ilaaj mere charagar ke paas nahi

Tarap rahe hain zaban par kai sawal magar
Mere liye koi shayane iltimas nahin

Tere jaloo mein bhi dil kaanp kaanp uthta hai
Mere mizaaj ko aasudgi bhi raas nahin

Kabhi kabhi jo tere qurb mein guzare the
Ab un dinon ka tassawur bhi mere paas nahin

Guzar rahe hain ajab marhalon se deeda -o dil
Sahar ki aas to hai zindagi ki aas nahi

Mujhe yeh dar hai teri aarzoo na mit jaye
Buhat dinon se tabiyat mere udaas nahin.

(Alas my beautiful beloved is only enchanting in her ways
She knows not what my restless heart wants.

My heart is filled with a lava of questions
None makes it to expression lest she knows my sorrows.

Your nearness is but a test on this restless soul of mine.

Aah, I am trying to forget in vain
The days I spent in my beloved's company.

Alas my heart's torment is great
I have hope of dawn but not of life.

I do dread forgetting you
My sadness has left me quiet.)

His beautiful use of metaphors and words to express his vast feelings of love is very grandly expressed in this beautiful ghazal:

Tere khayal se lo de uthee hai tanhaai
Shabe firaaq hai ya teri jalwa aaraye

Tu kis khayal mein hai manzilon ke shidaayi
Unhein bhi dekh jinhein raaste mein neend aayee

Pukaar ai jarse karavane subhe tarab
Bhatak rahe hain andheron mein tere saudaayi

Theher gaye hain sare raah khaak urdhane ko
Musaafiron ko na cherdh ai hawa -e sehrayi

Rahe hayat mein kuch marhale tou dekh liye
Yeh aur baat teri aarzo na raas ayi

Yeh saaniha bhi muhabbat mein barha guzra
Keh usne haal bhi poocha to aankh bhar aayi

Dile fasurda mein phir dharkanon ka shor utha
Yeh bethe bethe mujhe kin dinon ki yaad ayi

Mein sote sote kayee baar chonk chonk para
Tamaam raat tere pehluon se aanch aayi

Jahan bhi tha koi fitna tarap ke jaag utha
Tamam hosh thi masti mein teri angrdai

Khuli jo aankh tou kuch aur hi sama dekha
Woh log the na woh jalwe na shehre raanayi

Woh taab e dard woh saudae intezar kahan
Unhee ke saath gaye taqate shakaibai

Phir uski yad mein dil beqarar hai Nasir
Bichar ke jis se hui shehr shehr ruswayi

The singability,melodiousness, profound expressiveness in small verse ,of which he is a king, is expressed in this beautiful ghazal:

Dil dharakne ka sabab yaad aya
Woh teri yaad thi ab yaad aya

Aaj mushkil tha sambhalna ai dost
Tou museebat mein ajab yaad aya

Din guzara tha bari mushkil se
Phir tera waada-e shab yaad aya

Tera bhoola huwa paimaane wafa
Mar rahen ge agar ab yaad aya

Phir kayee log nazar se guzre
Phir koi shehere tarab yaad aya

Haal-e dil hum bhi sunate leikin
Jab woh rukhsat hua tab yaad aya

Beith ke saaya-e gul mein Nasir
Hum buhat roye woh jab yaad aya.


Ah, I remember why my heart beats so
Tis but your sweet love's memory.

I stumbled but was saved
Tis but your sweet memory that helped

The day was passed in agony
Yet the night comes again to torture

My love, you forget your promise
Only to remember  when I am dead.

I wander amongst vales in your love
Remembering thine hearty town

Ah but I remembered to lament
Only when my beloved left

I cry tears of remorse and desire
Under the tree of love, tis spring!

The passion of love's desire and the depth of feelings for the beloved in a relationship is lamented in this ghazal:

Khayal -e tark-e tammana na krsake tou bhi
Udaasyon ka madawa na karsake tou bhi

Kabhi woh waqt bhi aaye ke koi lamha-e aish
Mere baghair gwara na karsake tou bhi

Khuda woh din na dikhai tujhe ke meri tarha
Meri wafa pe bharosa na karsake tou bhi

Mein apna aqda-e dil tujh ko saunp deta hun
Barda maza ho agar  wa na karsake tou bhi

Tujhe yeh gham ke meri zindagi ka kiya hoga
Mujhe yeh zid ke madawa na karsake tou bhi

Na kar khayale talaafi ke mere zakhme wafa
Woh zakhm hai jise acha na karsake koi.


I wish that the pain of my sorrow
does not leave your heart
That you never forget my love lest I lose you

I wish that there is a time
That each moment without me is a torture for you.

Ah, may not there be any moment for you
That my love is not assured .

I entrust you with the knot on my heart
Open lest you fail to find my love

I do not want my love's wounds to heal
Worry do not for me, my love.

Nasir Kazmi
Fikre Tameer-e aashiyaan bhi hai
Khofe bemehreeye khizan bhi hai

Meherzaidi, writer, translator.

(I tried to choose selected poems for my post but could not. Will have to write more on this as all his poetry is too beautiful to avoid publishing. Barge Ne is published by Maktaba-e Khayal, Lahore, 8 Hakem street, Islampura, Lahore. His other books are Diwaan,Pehli Baarish,Nishate Khawab, Sur Ki Chaya, Khushk Chashme ke kinare(Prose).

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pakistan's May Dilemmas.

To qoute Sartre A lost battle is a battle one thinks one has lost.

Read more:http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/j/jeanpauls118087.html#ixzz1NmS9Pt17

Pakistan's ides of March came in May. 2nd May when UBL found and killed by US Navy Seals in dead of night in Abbottabad, a military academy base. 24 rth May, PNS Mehran attack in Karachi on Orion surveillance planes of considerable worth and capability. Both the incidences have left Pakistan without any sheild or veil of decency left both in the diplomacy of International relations and in it's Defence capability. The self proclaimed status of world's third largest army and the number one intelligence agency has fallen apart like broken egg shells. All we are left with are the gaping wounds of shame, uncertainty, ignorance and isolation. How does the nation heal?
The now very parochial looking Nawaz Sharif with a "PUG" has changed his stance from questioning as to how and with whose hospitality was UBL sitting in our populated Abbottabad to "How dare USA attack our sovereignty?". 
He screams his lungs out that we will break the "Kushkol" , the begging bowl of aid. Two things are clear that he wants the army and the ISI to answer the questions regarding May 2 in Abottabad. Also he has no idea of modern economics and what Pakistan's economy is all about at this time and what the people in Pakistan really need and the people of Sindh especially.
Again to qoute Sartre: Everything has been figured out, except how to live
Sindh has seen devastating floods.One year on it is totally destroyed.http://mehernewspappar.blogspot.com/2011/05/current-state-of-post-flood.html
It needs help in cash and kind. We cannot talk of anything without acknowledging the misery and pledging help to people who lost in floods especially of Sindh and Baluchistan which saw devastation on massive scale. The agenda for Mr Nawaz Sharif should have been to galvanize support and help for these people and not " breaking the begging bowl " That is mere rhetoric. Gone are the days of rhetoric.People are not fools.
They are free and they can think.
Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.Sartre.
So the winning choice for us would be to have two begging bowls . One to fill our debt servicing , because that is where our aid goes and the other for the poor , unfortunate people who cannot send their kids to schools now that their livelihoods, abodes and schools are destroyed. For the poor people to reconstruct their homes, their lands, their living, their jobs.The Kerry Lugar Fund will be just a drop in the ocean. Why are the Jamaatis and all the rightists opposing it? Because they do not want the poor to have schools, clinics or any semblance of help where they can get some semblance of dignified existence.
The armed forces have to improve their intelligence sharing and cooperation and coordination. They should also give mere access to the civilians/politicians about information into their budget spending and policies. If Pak army is sincerely run by jawans and officers alone who undoubtedly are very sincere and patriotic then why the fat salaries, power and perks to the generals and their children with plots in posh lands  and societies, other benefits. And who will audit the efficiency and effectiveness of command and control? The civilian government cannot even ask simple questions.It is afraid.Why this should be so and this ambiguity regarding its many valid issues should be removed.What kind of commission is Mr Nawaz Sharif talking about?
The law enforcing agencies should also reform and restructure their organisations immediately. They should bring about more transparency and professionalism in public dealings. The Kharotabad incidence has brought about one such glaring example of confusion and corruption.When half of what the LEA staff is doing is running errands for households of their officers, how can there be law and order?
To quote Sartre again in his seminal "Iron In The Soul" he describes how the demoralized French soldiers must fight after the defeat and humiliation of defeat.We as a nation stand defeated by our own ineptitude and incompetence. We stand defeated and in shame by our own refusal to face and strive for truth, for our failure to stand up for the down trodden, dispossessed , the poor. We stand defeated by our injustices and our failure to provide justice to the ones in need. By our conspiracies and foul tricks to gain material strength, and by compromising on principles of justice and equity we have lost this war.India is not our enemy. USA is not our enemy . We must look for and behead the serpent within. We must cleanse our souls. We must provide justice and rights to the poor, the downtrodden , the infirm. Only this way will we find the Iron in our souls. Only through egalitarianism will we be able to be free again. We must bring down elitism. We must recognize our true enemy.It is ignorance and injustice.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Attack on PNS Mehran In Karachi....Why Taliban attacked?

The sad tragic deaths of our naval personnel including a lady doctor has been occurring since last one month.Initial two attacks on the navy buses showed the callousness of the attackers. This attack on the Orion surveillance planes inside a well protected air base shows the audacity of the terrorists to hit a strategic target that would be used to detect their hidden leaders in Sindh or the south regions of Pakistan. Altaf Hussain of MQM  has been warning since  long of their presence in Karachi. This is only half truth. The sad reality is that such forces are dwelling in safe areas of Karachi where the MQM does not hold street power to detect and point out. They are not even ethnically Pushtoon. The similarity between these attacks and those in Manawan , ISI offices in Lahore and GHQ points a finger at Punjabi Taliban or similar groups that operated there. They have a huge and easy network in Karachi where they are hiding behind trading places and residential commercial buildings. The similarity between attacks show that same group is operating under a command that is at war with the state of Pakistan.http://tribune.com.pk/story/179484/hrcp-expresses-grave-concern-over-journalists-disappearance/
It is also a fact that Imran Khan staged a small sit in protest which initially reported to be against Nato tankers,turned against drone attacks later turned against the present government, sitting comfortably on chairs to divert attention away from security in other areas of the city to his staged sit in. He also gives a public face to Taliban to stop operations against militants and terrorists in Waziristan along with Munawwar Hussain of Jamate Islami.http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/may/31/hamid-gul-pakistan-spymaster-taliban
 Their tirade against present government is also directed to divert attention from action against these terrorists. Imran Khan's crowd in Karachi was mainly Jamaat e Islami workers and few students and Pushtoon strong men who are employed by Tehrike Insaaf when they come to Karachi.
The interest of the Taliban aka Al Qaeda in attacking the Orion planes is to avoid detection as they hide and their high value leaders. As UBL hid in Pakistan safely for ten long years these other leaders are also staying in dense areas safely.The Pakistan Navy has all its strategic assets in Karachi and attacking it means that their capability to offer resistance in Karachi and Sindh should be lessened.The same forces that are at war with Pakistan in frontier regions and Punjab are attacking Pakistan |Navy in the south. Whoever sides up with such forces is enemy of Pakistan and its armed forces. To imply that foreign forces like India and US are involved in these attacks is foolish. India and US do not gain anything by weakening Pakistan armed forces. It is other forces  that may get an upper hand if Pakistan is relatively weaker as a state. These are the same forces and their stooges that president Zardari named non-state actors in his speeches. It is the same forces that killed Benazir Bhutto.(Remember her words that UBL is in Islamabad's basement?).
As the Dawn television network gives strange misguided and uninformed analysis by its anchors-turned- analysts  regarding the reasons and the identity of the attackers and a female expert cum analyst Maria Sultan gives her camouflaged extreme right views, implicating US in these attacks on Geo tv, I wonder why the obvious is not being seen or spelt out by these people.That the surveillance planes owned and operated by the Pakistan Navy will be used by Pakistan to detect Taliban alias al Qaeda leaders and terrorists hidden in southern regions of Pakistan and Sindh.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Machiavellian World of Pakistan.

Just after UBL was caught dead in Abottabad,Pakistan the broken egg shell around the almost tattered moral cum political fabric of Pakistani people fell apart suddenly overnight. Geo television anchor Kamran Khan who was questioning as to how was UBL hiding conveniently in a military town in two days time reversed his entire line of questioning to a tirade against US and left the real questions back  and quickly too. Machiavelli will be intrigued?By Pakistan and it's army,by Pakistan and its politician and by Pakistan and its foolish/naive/innocent /illiterate /uneducated people. The questions that arise in his mind will be:
How will  a stable state of political affairs occur? What will be the paradigm/definition/hologramic image of a stable political system?
Who will define this stability and how? army? ISI? Politicians of various flavors? Does anyone know the favored political stability that Machiavelli described? He should have been around  to have a real "test state Republica Pakistana"!
Like the description given by Bernard Crick of Machiavellian thinking that "Political stability is a value more important than the princely or republican rule itself " seems to come back to haunt Pakistan again and again. martial laws or "personal, princely"rules again and repeatedly in Pakistan in order to bring stability fail to weave a fabric of strength and endurance. Experiments in to bring in a new order with political stability by "personal rule" bring in more chaos unlike the "republican " rule as cherished and favored by Machiavelli .http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applications/books_and_reference/niccolo-machiavelli-collection_grww.html
 Huh! We are all Machiavellian here in Pakistan ;wanting the republic passionately and being denied again and again,
The fault my dear lies in our stars. Unread, unexposed to world politics and such complex politics now we stand and fall unprepared. From Raymond Davis case to Kerry Lugar bill, from drone strikes killing foreign terrorists and now doing un -controllable collateral damage(Consensually, scandalously leaked by WikiLeaks to Dawn Media Group),to the US Seals strike and killing of UBL in a military town,our philosophy of life , religion, theory of existence stands exposed. To be questioned by all and sundry. Machiavellian thinking , thoughts exposed to confusion in politics, power play.
Imran Khan, a third force so vocal in questioning the authenticity and truth of Nawaz Sharif PML-N attacking the status quo,the army. Nawaz Sharif asking as to we will ask all the questions and "arrive| at the truth as to how the US attacked |our sovereignity" and killed UBL? and poking army in the process and Imran Khan today declaring that "what good is the resolution passed in the assembly as they, both Nawaz League and the Pakistan Peoples Party are in league with the US". The listener and the "political man" is confused. What and how is Imran Khan cutting or undermining the "political/Republican" process and yet attacking the "system".
Here he is the ant-hero of Machiavellian thinking as described by Bernard Crick. Or is he attempting to thwart the republican stability by bringing in some sort of chaos and instability by negating and weight lessening the skewed verbal attack on establishment ala army by Nawaz Sharif?
 The show goes on, the fabric tatters further. It is a difficult situation. We try to find try truth,Like Machiavelli,"who in a most disorderly, incoherent way, stumble upon certain truths which are important in understanding human society in its political forms " and yet remain placid in ignorance and become fools in ignorance while the world closes in on us. We refuse to be Spartan and united. We refuse to be truly republican and egalitarian.
(Ref:Machiavelli, Discourses, edited by Bernard Crick., internet, Dawn newspaper, Geo television, Samaa television, Dawn television, Dawn media group, internet)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



Philosophy is odious and obscure;
Both law and physic are for petty wits;
Divinity is basest of the three,
Unpleasant, harsh, contemptible, and vile.
'Tis magic, magic that hath ravished me.

The man who brought hatred, death , destruction to the modern, contemporary world, the world so modern where internet and remote technology made real look magic and magic look real, a world where thither met thence, a world where Biblical was contemporary in terms of natural disasters and human tragedies. The man who made Mephistopheles pale in comparison to his own image and persona, a man who brought death, poverty, destruction and sheer hopelessness to the millions of Muslims in the world, a man who single handedly damaged the good name of Islam and the millions of Muslims who follow this peaceful religion.
For the western brought up young people and all those involved in fighting the "War on Terror" his life and death may just seem a statistic/analysis/strategic win etc but for a human being who sees her beloved country people killed, maimed, handicapped, widowed, orphaned every day by his followers (Tehrik-e Taliban , Pakistan , Jamaate Islami and other similar organizations in Pakistan )on a daily basis, where the deaths and destruction are justified by media and their affiliate groups everyday, where people just turn their faces away when a widow or orphan wails, it is the truth revealed as in the words of Marlowe we are all people who sold their souls to the devil. Yes Zia ul Haq, who was the great devil worshipper, and at the behest of the US, made UBL a hero.So in Marlowe's words
Go bear these tidings to great Lucifer:
Seeing Faustus hath incurred eternal death,
By desperate thoughts against Jove's deity,
Say he surrenders up to him his soul,
So he will spare him four and twenty years,
Letting him live in all voluptuousness,
Having thee ever to attend on me,
To give me whatsoever I shall ask;
To tell me whatsoever I demand;
To slay mine enemies, and aid my friends,
And always be obedient to my will.

We all sold our souls to the devil; and we all pay the price, the ordinary the poor, the widows, the orphans and the children. The Muslims in West pay the price with discrimination, targeting and ostracizing. The religion of Islam pays the price by being maligned and detested.
For those who justify violence and the ugliest kind that UBL preached, here is an array of pics that you will love and really want your own loved ones to go through, especially in Pakistan. Follow UBL and follow Mephistopheles, sell your soul to the devil.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Issues In Devolution,the case for HEC, Pakistan.

As the higher Education Commission is said to be devolved to the provinces under the 18th amendment there is hue and cry from the students, their parents and many others. The students fear that they will be deprived of a very helpful means to do PhD studies with scholarship which most of them being middle class and lower middle class cannot afford to. The academicians and intellectuals fear that the provinces as it is ill prepared to even handle primary and secondary level education will really mess up the higher education programs of HEC. Most people are in favor of retaining HEC at federal level. The views expressed by Mr. Akhtar Ali who has written Pakistan's Development Challenges recently and also The Political Economy of Pakistan, An Agenda for Reforms and Restructuring in 1994, clearly encompass the realistic aspects in his article .This issue needs to be handled carefully and in a very  compassionate manner as the future of Pakistan's intellegensia is involved. http://www.brecorder.com/component/news/single/626:news.html?id=1177178

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Of World Cup, Muralitharan, Sri Lankan game , India &Pakistan.

Muralitharan one of greatest bowlers of all times.

Sri Lankan World Cup Squad 2011

The World cup has entered the exciting semi-finals .With my favorite Sri Lankans taking the semi against New Zealand yesterday and the extremely passionate and exciting match between Pakistan and India is being held at Mohali stadium , India encompassing diplomacy, sportsmanship, love, passion, hate, competition, betting, game excellence, game craft and overall performance!
Pakistan and India have always played against each other with passion and a spirit of tough competition. Both teams undergo tremendous pressure from their huge populations to win.Their performance will have extra pressure this year post Mumbai attacks. The Pakistani prime minister is also watching the match at the Mohali stadium.
My favorite team this year has been Sri Lanka though I do want Pakistan to win the world cup. It will be so good for Pakistan. Its people have suffered tremendously from suicide bombings, floods and so many insecurities and bad news. For them the winning of the World Cup will be like a real breath of fresh air.I hope they win. The joke about the ladies is though that they are praying for Pakistani team to win and those on the Indian side (the Muslims) are praying for Indian team to win. Does God watch cricket?

The Sri Lankan team shows excellent statistics. http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/466589.html
Muttiah Muralitharan is world's greatest player from Sri Lanka. I am his and Shane Warne's fan. He will be the star player to attack the opposite team and win World Cup for Sri Lanka. If Pakistan and Sri Lanka face each other in finals, it will be Muralitharan's bowling that threatens Pakistani batsmen. Will Sri Lanka win and get their World Cup this year? The statistics of players performance stand strong in their favor.For Muralitharan it will be great farewell.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muttiah_Muralitharan
Shane Warne with the World Cup 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whats Happening In Libya, To Libya, For Libya?

Ever heard of Libya? You must have but then more of the looney Gaddafi and in his forty plus years rule. Yes you must have heard of the heartless , mindless Lockerbie bombings and then never about Libya, its people, its desires and dreams!So finally thanks to the amazing 18 days Egyptian Revolution against the despotic rule of Hosni Mubarak, Libya may come out of the shadow of Moammar Gaddafi. We may see a Libya that has a population of some 6,597,960 of which 62.7% are in the age group 15 to 64 years.We may come to see that it is a young population country where the population growth rate is 2.064.We may come to see that post lifting of sanctions in 2006 the Libyan economy grew with increased foreign direct investment and use of petrochemicals and other manufacturing products in the agricultural sector. Libya has the highest per capita income in Africa due to small population and large oil reserves.The despotic rule of Moammar Gaddafi has concentrated the wealth in the hands of him and his cronies. The general public at large is not very educated or prosperous. Another large factor in the schisms in Libyan continuity is the landmass. huge areas that are barely habitable make cities such as Tripoli, Benghazi separate.
There is hidden enmity for superiority over resources between various tribes and socio-political groups.
As the US and allied forces tactically decimate Gaddafi's air, naval and eventually land forces and their strongholds, the Libyan army may change its loyalties. The earlier the better for the people as the civil war scenario should be averted. We do not want and especially the US does not want Al-Qaeda like organizations taking the space of the politically or militarily voids. There is a moral and revenge interest of the UK and its forces. Remember the Lockerbie bombing. The naval base is destroyed to first secure free passage to the land through sea. The no-fly zone is conducive in further weakening the assault capacity of Gaddafi. He was bombarding his own civilians. The rag tag opposition army in Benghazi and Marsata can be helped if allied forces supply arms , people and ammunition.
Gaddafi will eventually fall. The writing is on the wall. People of Libya may emerge truimphant. how soon depends on the resistance by Gaddafi. His last days have come to leave the presidency. If in one months time it will be major victory for the people of Libya..
Iran does not want to interfere but it is watching intently. There may however be some innocent blood shed before Gaddafi retires.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Politics Of Fools And Criminals..Punjab,.Pakistan.

Millions of children are exposed to hazard and a life of risk. What is the Punjab government doing for this. We do not need army for improving their lives. Punjab government an do this itself.
Punjab is the largest most populated province in Pakistan. With the largest agricultural base it also defines the most prosperous province. But is it really so. Not if you look at the crimes, the street crimes, the crimes against humanity, rape, murders, kidnapping for ransom, crimes and violence against women, suicide bombings on police and other sensitive agencies, suicide bombings in shrines, mosques and innocent citizens are seen. The ruling or popularly mandated Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz parliamentarians seem to be in a confused, totally vague or some sort of dazed frame of mindset. This is true for the fact that instead of improving the governance , law and order and economic management in their own province for which they are heavily mandated they are calling out for some very vague and stupid calls to the army and a very pressurized Pakistan Peoples Party in the federal government. They are calling for inclusion of the army in general consensus. The army already has its hands full in Waziristan and KPK.The army has no means or mechanism to run an economic agenda for the common man. The politicians need to understand that all means and mechanisms are in their own hands. Who can do anything if they themselves are stupid, incompetent and far behind in economic governance. They themselves have to find and strengthen the institutions and means of  improving economic governance.The army has also never been able to really run a people friendly agenda from the beginning as it is clear from the martial law administrators that it produced and also its larger self interest and survival. Let it do its own work for which it is heavily budgettted even at the expense of the common man. Now that the enemy is inside our own ranks, the Pakistani polity should realize that the Pakistan army is fighting for its own survival.If there is no writ on large chunks of Pakistani soil and if the war from tribal areas is made to enter Punjab , it will become very difficult for Pakistan to survive in such a way.
A four year old boy who was raped and killed.

The rape and murder of a six year old boy in Lahore today again describes the weak police and law and order situation in Punjab.The hair cutting and parading with blackened face of another young woman who had eloped with a young man as her own husband did not live with her describes the blatant violations of the religious edicts and the inhuman nature and behavior of the Muslim society in Punjab. Instead of releasing the woman and wedding her to a man who would live with her , she is humiliated and punished for an instinct of which even God has given her legitimate permission and which is her natural and social right.
The dacoities, looting and kidnapping for ransom are rampant all over Punjab. Due to a very small and badly managed police force, these crimes which make a citizen's life miserable are multiplying.The rural areas are also being affected badly. Also the terrorists are gaining residence all over as is evident from the blowing up in arms dump by a religious leader in madressah in a small mohalla of which some 60 houses were blown up some three years back and the residents are still out on the roads.The ease with which the terrorists gain entrance and do the violent acts as is evident from various Lahore attacks and the last Faisalabad attack shows the complete lack of coordination and cooperation between federal and provincial interior departments and the complete incompetency of the Punjab interior department to politically tackle the issue. There is a need for absolute political will. The blatant and shameful murders of the governor of Punjab and a sitting minister in Islamabad Punjab also show the complete insecurity even to state functionaries and speaks volumes of the inefficiency of the security apparatus in Punjab.By the way both these high profile people belonged to the Pakistan Peoples Party and were very vocal in its organization in Punjab.
The adhocism in the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz governance issues is apparent from the fact that the chief minister has so many camp offices. The two brothers are ruling the province almost in feudal style of which clan funnily they are not part of. Basically their father was an industrialist of sorts but their style of governance is really Chowdary feudal style. Instead of strengthening the institutions for good governance they are "Camping"  to improve the situation. The chief minister has no loyal, dedicated, honest beauracrats to whom he can delegate his work. Are all beauracrats in Punjab corrupt and inefficient? This is a question he himself should answer and sort out for public interest. The abolition of local governance was also part of his very "Chowdary Style" governance of the last century which is unsustainable in the highly competitive modern world.
Blatant murders even of top government governors and ministers belonging to Pakistan Peoples Party in Punjab speaks volumes.

If Punjab has to enter the competitive fast paced economic and social process, it should have highly competent governors, not the old, feudal, Chowdaries and Sharifs that are now obsolete. The PML N should also look inside its own collar and see what it needs to change to survive. It needs party reforms in a practical and modern sense and not sycophant politics. It seems Punjab has lost its political chance at governance and now the obsolete characters on the political stage are crying foul and barking up dazedly at the wrong tree.