Friday, November 25, 2011

The State Of Violence Against Women In Pakistan...December2011.

An Interactive article by Dr Meher Zaidi
The violence perpetrated against the nurses in Punjab who were peacefully demonstrating for their demands by urban middle class traders of the Mall Road, Lahore and the police who teargassed them speaks volumes of the mindset which encourages violence against women in Pakistan.Instead of negotiating a change in venue and letting the demonstration reach a peaceful end, the traders showed their attitude by violence. This is rampant in the Punjab where beating women, burning, killing, maiming and other forms of physical violence is considered a normal part of family life and where all members of society encourage this despiscable behaviour This attitude is encouraged by all sections of society whether rural, middle class , feudal or urban.It is considered male to beat the wife and female progeny.Religious people also do not discourage violence against women although the Prophet of Islam strongly encouraged gentleness and kindness to women.

Strategies and Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Domestic Violence against Women in Pakistan

The issue of domestic violence shows the clear picture of the state of  violence against women in Pakistan Despite of the passage of the bill entitled Domestic Violence protection Act 2009 in national assembly it was not duly ratified by the senate  . The undauntable Yasmin Rehman had tabled this bill.After the passing of the 18th amendment, this act is now ready to be devolved to the provinces. 
Humera Alwani pushing for women's rights in Sindh.
Humera Alwani, a courageous women parliamentarian of the Sindh assembly who is very proactive in women's rights issues is trying to get it passed in the Sindh assembly  but till to date she has not been successful. The state of domestic violence in Sindh is very grim indeed. Here Karo-kari a form of death by murder after accusations against women and men is almost an epidemic form.
Pakistan has a population of above 180 million , out of which more than 51% are women.To exist as a modern state and be prosperous Pakistan urgently needs to address these issues and bring women's rights as mainstream political issues. The development and economic progress of Pakistan depends on the egalitarian treatment of all its people.It is high time that all the bills are passed and devolved to bring progress to its poor people which are men and women both.

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