Friday, December 17, 2010

The World Is A Spin:Pakistan, Afghanistan, U.S Foreign Policy Crises.

What did the US attack on post 9/11 attack on Afghanistan achieve? No clear answer? There is one! It started a clean up though late, slow, messy and entangled of the massive dirt that was left post "Jihad" Afghanistan and Pakistan of the 80's. Neither the cleanup is complete nor is it easy. What is the deadline? Only time will tell.
So let us start with the initial US "dirtying " our clean and tolerant country with its smart ideas of inserting and cooking up th "Jihadi" dish with our deranged CO(late) and all the Osama bin Ladens and other fools in Peshawar which became a city with dollars, guns, foreigners and criminals of all creed and color to boost up the so called "Mujahideen" to chase the Soviets out. Post Soviet departure and US  flaccid interest in that Pakistan, all the little monsters , snakes in religious garbs who could only sustain their venomenous existence through clandestine operations and funding started spreading their fangs and tentacles into the "dis-educated" "poor" Pakistani society where least literate children started to learn the "Fazail" or the advantages of "Jihad". This meant any other race, colour, country or religion. So much so that the sectarian divisions which in Islam are naturally many were not tolerated and were included in the enemy list.So the religious ethnic intolerance reared its ugly head again and by this time the Afghan Taleban and the foreignours who were given built up religious sanctuaries in FATA and NWFP, and whose ideology was a particular Sunni sect became more organised and powerful. Poor Pakistani government! At this time it was again led by a dictatorial army general who after all could not cut its own feet, hence the Taleban(Pakistan & Afghan ) with their criminal networks continued to grow/ the Punjab factions of the militants also managed to strengthened under the Musharraf era who continued to fool Mr. Bush and his entire government with his antics of cooperation. Post Musharraf regime when the elected government came into power and Mr Zardari who was previously named Mr 10 % managed to disentangle the web somehow and ordered a kind of crackdown in areas such as Swat because both the army and the US wanted it too, the Nizame Adal farce was seen by all.
Two years later and some of the militant setups cleared in Pakistan, the Pakistani forces and government are facing the internal terrorist attacks and because the civilian casualties are so many and difficult to prevent with these resources this effort may take a long time. the militant organizations have done a clever move. They are now organizing themselves into a political force and are  using the Aasiya Bibi blasphemy  case and the "Khatame Nabuwat" (The last prophet seal). This is  a clever move as the larger segment of the Punjab population is sensitive to these issues. The already in the fold religious parties and right wing parties like the Jamaate Islami and the Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) will be backing these issues. The slippery JUI-F will blackmail the government for their own monetary interests. If the militants gain political sympathy and vote which they will , the issues of the nuclear arsenal falling in the hands of the terrorist will come true.The Pakistan Army has a very crucial role to play here. Its not Obama or the US war it has to fight. It is Pakistan's war. It is high time that it took its heroic role this time and came out of the post Zia entangled mess clean.
The floods have devastated the economy. It is not that the government of PPP is corrupt. It is that the entire nation is corrupt. So add to it the victory of terrorists in politics and this scene is a bigger nightmare for the West than the Al Qaeda, if there is any big network left. Add to it the primitive Afghan Taleban gaining control in Afghanistan  and nuclear arsenal what option is left? We do not want a nuclear attack on a region that is so densely populated with big nations like India and China in the neighborhood but with the conservatives already in one of the houses and Mr Obama's popularity wavering , who knows what the US may finally opt for?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Bill Implementation In Pakistan.
In the above mentioned blog post I had written about the girl student nurse rape case at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center , Karachi . This case is also facing a lot of hurdles as the culprit is is continuously applying influence to avert serious procedural trial but due ti intense public, NGO and international pressure there is slow progress on the case. The Sindh courts have entered the case for trial and some sessions have taken place. The lawyers following this case both voluntarily and as representatives go regularly for the hearings in which often the culprit is not present. It is a sad irony that this doctor was a medico-legal officer at the JPMC and therefore in many cases he has to appear as giving evidence. How can fair and clear evidence be given in cases where the medico-legal officer himself is so corrupt and criminal minded.
The Sexual harassment in the workplace bill that was passed in Pakistan  in 2009 had to be implemented in all government and other institutions, media houses, educational institutions and private corporations and offices. Initially it was to be started in larger government institutions. No report has been made public as to what organizations have actually done any work in implementation. no general work plan for the implementation has been given.
A news item "Legislation on anti-sexual harassment " in Dawn newspaper dated 2-12-2010 on page two national has given the details of how PEMRA, Pakistan electronic media authority has asked media agencies to comply with this law.The National implementation Watch Committee which comprises the National Commission on the Status of Women and civil society groups, government, private sector and media personnel , is overlooking the procedural nitty gritty of the implementation. I did a television program  last year on the implementation of this bill but I have seen very few programs on media to spread this awareness. There is need to frequently air such programs and also cover cases widely as soon as they are reported, including their progress.Dr Fouzia Saeed who is the chairperson, according to Dawn report has said that 36 out of the 44 ministries in federal Government have implemented the legislation.The State Bank has also issued notice to all banks in public and private sector to adopt this law.
Alliance Against Sexual Harassment (AASHA) in Pakistan has given the details and also the code of conduct for download for the organizations. . As they have worked incessantly for the framing, passing and implementation of this law, their efforts are commendable.
Only through creating continuous awareness about this law, its implementation in each and every workplace in Pakistan will the safe and free environment for work will be created. It is a difficult road but not unachievable goal. It is also close to the Pakistani cultural and religious ethos.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Of Sexy Wikileaks, Unholy Alliances and Steroidal Muscle.

The too old Saudi King who may be soon replaced by his Prince.
There is a saying in Urdu "Hathee ke daant dikhane ke aur aur khane ke aur" meaning tha the elephant tusks are only cermonial. So it seems that the now Wikileaks that seem so sexually promising and then impotently disappointing appear to be. Rafia Zakaria, the sister of Fareed Zakaria and daughter of Rafique Zakaria is so right in her latest Dawn newspaper artcle. Says she that "for all the breathless agony that followed the revelations, the cables themselves provided little to substantiate the claims of a catastrophe that had accompanied their release." ( HTTP://WWW.DAWN.COM/  ). I am however neither excited of the "revelations" nor so fond of repeating that the now "B" grade geo network is running a the ticker news continuously on its strange and unethical television channel. So who cares that sitting army head is happy to act behind the scenes. Who damn cares that the previous ambassador who by the way had a ? CIA background was assured by the prime minister of a complete action in Bajaur. I can almost visualize the Geo network as a sick monster with spit and fake blood dripping from its mouth when  writing anti-US newstickers.What would be the result if no action was taken.
 By the way wasn't Bajaur a den of people who were training to destroy all those Pakistanis who differed like Barelvis, Shias, liberals etc  with the help of Muslim foreigners and some say Indian agents and  Deobandi Taleban style aka Shemzai alias Islamist in Afghan Taliban style ( pretending to be Pakistani) terrorists? So who funded the initial set up? And why is there a howl albiet a wounded stray dog like about King Abdullah asking favors of the US to eliminate so and so. Where do the petro-dollars come from when the Pakistani national beggars (not the present elected government) and in 1980 the Ziaists who fuc****d up Peshawar and the entire NWFP, its generation with guns, militancy, wrong religious pumping, if not  from Saudi Arabia.saudis will use their influence all over the world and why not? Why do you think that the Ghostly Osama Bin Laden has a big bone of contention with the Saudi family? Oh its not the US alone naked in this unholy bath and alliance. Its all of us dearies, Pakistanis, hypocrites and all. A country where the Sunnis have united to kill or hang a poor old Christian Aasiya Bibi in revenge for Aafiya Siddiqui though the Islamic justice system is entirely different and where forgiveness is loved by Allah and even the prophet of Islam was very careful in declaring a verdict as seen b the example of  a woman who wanted adultery punishment to escape the wrath of the punishment of fire in the afterlife. A tooth for tooth means hang Aasiya Bibi. Poor governor Salmaan Taseer who is declared an infidel expelled from the circle of Islam by small time tellevision and halwa eating Sunni power groups created by the Ziaist and the good old Saudis and US back in the eighties. Look at my luck! Instead of writing and praising the beautiful movie "Dirty Dancing" I have to write this. So the Sunniist with ample bellies, their new slick, sexy videos on the various tv channels with body movements, face expression good enough to drive any fully veiled, burqa lady and the quietly accepted in Pakistani society homosexuals crazy, declare the poor Christian Aasiya bibi with children who was uptill now living respectfully in the sexy Punjab, has been suddenly declared blasphemous. This is our kind of Pakistani, Islamic national Wikileaks. Aah poor me. Self pity, confusion. So the custodian of the Kaaba Sharif made to look like a monster? Asking Iran's nuclear facilities to be attacked by the US? Tch! Tch!
Such a shock for the halwa eating, always dreaming erotica Pakistanis! But then the agricultural, down to earth Ahmedinejad is slyer , yes, sharper. He doesnt believe in conspiracy theories. Look how conveniently he forgot the Holocaust? Although the Zionist state of Israel is the result of the "Awakening". Says he that this is a trick to make the neighbours and brothers enemies.
I see the entire sexy Wikileaks Saga almost like the one thousand and one nights in an entirely different light. The US may appear to look stern and squirmish but the entire spotlight has shifted from Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda to well so many other issues.
Take for instance China getting bored of North Korea behaving like a spoilt child. now that is news! China always wanted to be the regional Bully. How can it give this major role to any one else. How convenient that there are no major Wikileaks about India as yet. Let the good people read the 2500 documents while I listen to Amir Khusro songs in Raag Bagheshwari and keep on helping the poor, women, children and sick in Pakistan.
The weak looking Wiki Leaker Assuange.
By the way the US should not bother to punish the weak, unsexy looking Assuange who looks like he had malnutrition, calcium deficiency , is definitely not the horny, testerone filled, assaulty type. US should drive him over into Pakistan where just for bieng white, of uncertain religious leanings he will be thoroughly buggered, given asylum, used all over by everybody and if not converted to a certain kind of Islam maybe bombed to smithereens or implicated in a crime he never committed. Alternatively he maybe given princely treatment but still buggered and forgiven for a rape that he committed, made a hero of because it was of a White, ?Christian? female in the US.Sexy stories from the Wikileaks continue meanwhile ...slurp...slurp! Spit.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The State Of Violence and Deteriorating Law And Order In Sindh.

The State Of Violence and Deteriorating Law And Order In Sindh.

Dr Meher Zaidi.

The news that a powerful landlord group has taken over forcibly the lands of some small farmers in Thatta area shows how blatantly powerful the criminals have become in Sindh even after the massively devastating floods. The increased reports of rapes, videos for blackmail and the most recent rape victim’s pathetic state in Peoples Medical College Hospital ,Nawabshah where she is admitted reflects on the sad and totally pathetic law and order status in Sindh. The violence against women cases are rising too fast. There is no follow-up of these cases after initial media reporting. The media should follow up these cases. The lethargy on the part of the government seems to be evident by two or three visit and then neglecting the whole issue. The women ministers in Sindh do try to offer some help but the entire mechanism of action and planning on these issues seems to be adhoc only. The Karo-Kari  murders are also not being properly registered and the judiciary is absolutely numb and non-proactive on this issue.
While the flood affectees even clutch for meager food and other help from humanitarian agencies , the government is happily planning a Zulfikarabad. A town where already rich will be given latest plots, apartments, land facilities. Where the landless will not get an inch of either land or jobs. Instead of improving and building on cities like Hyderabad, Sukkur, Jacobabbad, Larkana and several others, including those devastated by floods, calls are being made to develop this new town. At whose expense will this be done? The already overtaxed, already in the net taxpayer. What about the big, bad landlords? Do not they have to pay taxes? Is the country run on such stupid terms? What is the opinion of the international community? Will it be ignored? Is not the tax base to be widened? Will the country become more economically and politically un-viable.
Unless the law and order situation is not improved , no investor and especially in Thar Coal will come to Pakistan. This all information is available on net. The whole treatment of Thar Coal issue is being mishandled by the government who is unable to understand that its development will make Sindh and then the whole of Pakistan rich. Their action-plan, their governance is totally short of the real need for development of  Sindh’s resources. Obviously when Sindh is being ruled and dictated by criminals who are forcibly doing all the acts of violence in the villages and towns of Sindh and where the local population is helpless, how can reform be expected. It seems that the Pakistan Peoples Party mandate is entirely and seriously hijacked by idiots. Corruption in each and every field has eaten away at the entire fabric of Sindh. When will the people understand their own importance?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


US President Obama addressing Indian students.
After the midterm strategic defeat after which the president addressed his nation  in a pensive mood, the Indian visit of Mr Obama was relaxed and friendly. President Obama seemed very respectful of the Indian hosts during this visit. His  interesting answers were to the University students who asked him some very smart questions. The thing what struck me about the Indian students was their very courtesied yet easy behavior and language when addressing the president. Unlike the Pakistani youth whose way of addressing the seniors especially if they are foreign dignitaries is usually accusative, in weak grammar and mostly generalized. Mr Obama did say that India will become a security council permanent member but it had to improve its behavior vis-a-vis  Myanmar and Iran. The Pakistani commentators have mostly ignored this answer but I think this was a very smart annexure on the part of Mr Obama. The Myanmar support that India so openly gives to the dictatorial and fascist regime shows the utter duplicity and pretensions of India being such a big democracy. The human rights abuses, the utter inhuman treatment and genocide of the Karen people that the Myanmar regime is blatantly doing, has been totally ignored by all Indian governments. They are even ignoring the fact that North Korea is quietly and steadily helping the despots build a nuclear facility. It is a shame that at such a time that they have staged a sham election, Indian government smilingly shakes hands with the US president and asks for actions in Pakistan.
Aung Sun Su Kyi is still imprisoned and had asked the people to boycott elections. A reporter inside told CNN that the response was not so bad from where he was but I think from the faces and skin of the people it seemed that a lot of them have suffered unbearable violence. This has been reported continuously even from the Muslim Karen community who are misnamed Nepalese or Bengalis in Karachi that unimaginable violence and repression is used unashamedly by the Myanmar army regime.
As regards Iran India is on good terms with Afghanistan government , Iran government and is even accused of destabilizing the Baluchistan province of Pakistan.
The US and NATO forces may be suffering some losses but would be foolish to leave the region any time soon. The matters are too serious and somehow the surge will have to continue. The spill over effects in Pakistan as quoted by Kazi Hussain Ahmed of Jamaate Islami are not because of the presence of these forces  but is part of a larger Al-Qaeda/ Islamist plan to take over the region of Afghanistan & Pakistan and establish an Islamic Caliphate. This kind of movement will intensify if these forces leave early.
The talks with Taleban should not be a no no but the other stake holders like the Pakistan army who are directly fighting the Pakistani militants have to be consulted.
US realizes the strategic importance of a stable Pakistan and it did emphasize this to India in order to bring the Kashmir problem to focus. With the Republicans taking over the lower house and the elections in two years time, we have to hope that Afghanistan is stabilized by that time. Any move to inflame Iran at this time will again reverse any gains made maybe more severely than the silly but dangerous war opened in Iraq. With the bombings and killings of Shias by Sunnis in Iraq , this same kind of scenario will become common in Iran which will be very dangerous for this nuclear armed region.
Pakistan must do its part to bring stability in the region by taking head on the militant and terror groups but that to me seems impossible as this society is too polarized with small vested interest groups in all its makeup.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Flood Relief Efforts By Youth In Karachi.

FLP team with 9 year old volunteer and Highway Patrol Officer.
The team of volunteers with Future Leaders of Pakistan.
The massive devastation and displacement caused by floods in Pakistan brought immense grief and difficulties for the people affected but the youth of Pakistan especially that from Karachi showed the spirit of humanitarian volunteerism and caring.It gives us hope that the Pakistani nation is alive and has a bright future inspite of the immense negative challenges and destructive obstacles to its progress and development. One such extremely active, smart and sincere group is the Future Leaders Of Pakistan.
 Its members including Jamal Ashiquain, a photographer, Sana Saleem , a medical student, blogger, writer and activist, Hira Saleem, a student, artist and photographer, Mrs. Malik, Sana and Hira's aunt and lady transport enterpreuner and many other young volunteers have adopted camps around Hyderabad and Jamshoro. They have provided them food, Shelter, Wash and NFI's and are now planning their rehabilitation.
His clothes should always fit and he should have shoes.
 They hold medical camps also where they invite specialists to see the patients and provide medicines. Active in this group is also very kind officers of the Hyderabad Highway patrol who not only provide security but also much needed medical and emergency help to these camps. The initial condition of the flood affectees was so bad according to Sana Saleem when the mainly Marri tribes people settled around Hala came almost without any belongings clutching to their kids and a goat or two. They had no shelter and as there were no trees in the Jamshoro area where they landed they just sat along a few bushes. The difficulty the young volunteers faced was that the women in the camps were not allowed to take any food or help without the men's permission. The traditional male dominance and mistrust of the strangers was gradually won over by persistent and consistent humanitarian behaviour of the volunteers. When I visited the camp last month for a medical camp the people were very welcoming and flocked around for medical help. We provided medicines and the highway Patrol Officer even provided link for free medical tests as advised to a few patients in Hyderabad in addition to providing promptly the medicines that were not there.
Sana Saleem had arranged with the Pakistan Medical Association water purification filter systems which were installed.The incidence of diarrhea was not so prevalent in this camp as they were using water in clean ,covered containers provided. It seemed the major problem was the Sanitation as there were no toilets and the women were especially without bath. Many skin infections in children and women were because of lack of  bathing facility. This problem is seen in almost all camps in Pakistan as the toilets and shelter cluster is only around 12% pledged. As the water drainage in Sindh will take almost an year to be completed, there is dire need for temporary Wash and shelter facilities to be given for rehabilitation. many houses will not be inhabitable as almost all areas are flooded and the houses have to be rebuilt. The one room concept now accepted as part of OCHA planning is already proposed by the Institute of Architects of Pakistan. We have inspected the shelters made of bamboo and reed which can be used for home abodes, clinics, schools and offices.the entire structure can be easily installed and dismanteled and relocated. Bathrooms can also be made from the same materials. Details are on this blog.
Mother and Child health should be the first priority in Pakistan's development.
The amazing youth Sana Saleem.
Dr Meher Zaidi loves welfare work.
We should give them hope and a future with education.
The wheel of Life must go on.
Medical check.
Water filters.
The groups from Karachi like the Future Leaders of Pakistan have a long way to go and I am sure people like these will make Pakistan a country worth living.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Sheikh Ayaz 
Sachal Shrine
Shah Latif Shrine.
Bhagat amazing art form.
Sindhi footware most original.
sindhi gaj work 

Sindhi Alphabet.
The ancient land of Sindhu has a very vast, extremely rich socio-cultural background. This is a land of more than a million saints. Not an inch of this fascinating land of Sufis, sages poets,  and singers is bereft of a cultural history so rich and varied that it may take several intellectual lifetimes to unravel the mysteries of the wise saints and poets and yet the task may remain unfinished. The works of great saintly poets like Hazrat Sachal Sarmast, expressed in languages of the Indus region as varied as Seraiki, Sindhi, Punjabi, Persian, remain to this day mainly unpublished, translated or intellectually explored. His great poetic expression is a vast and deep treasure of religio-philosophcal wisdom that has been the hallmark of linguistic and intellectual expression in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. Nowhere in the world such profoundly humanistic and almost divine poetical methods of expression is used by millions of sages in a short space of history as it is in Sindh, It seems that all the love, tolerance, intellectual expression in poetic form of divine  thought has passed into the souls of these great Sindhi poetic saints.
Millions of people from all over the subcontinent have been drinking out of this fountain of beauty and love. The ancient ritual of finding a mentor, a teacher and then spending one’s whole life at his feet, trying to reach God, in one’s own way, through intellectual probing that was the tradition in the Indo-Pak subcontinent has gradually been eroded , like the “Kallar” that has eaten away the fertile land of Sindhu’s vast expanse.
As the transition from an ancient to a modern life has been  intellectually uneven and incomplete in Sindh, the ugly spectre of immorality, dishonesty  and violence has become a part and parcel of the average man’s life. The recent case of the Khipro rape, blackmailing and utter devastation of the entire population of an ancient town has been raised like a red flag for all of us to realize our demoralization and deviation from our ancient path of dignity, tolerance, love and respect that was the gem of our socio-cultural existence. The ugliness, the baneness and the smallness is so profoundly writ by this incident that we must react by rejecting this sort of attack on our cultural values.
Will there be discourse on this ugly fact as a very narrow , modern religio-political concept of Islamism ala deobandi/Pathan/ Islamist   or a more probing, humane search for answers in a sagely manner which is so characteristic of Sindhis of yore years.
The poetry of Hazrat Sachakl Sarmast  Marvandi, the poetry of Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai and a million other Sindhis is there as a guiding light to show us the true path of reaching God, by treading softly on the sands  of the Sindhu’s warm lands. We must turn away from the ugly, superficial, bitter modern path of intolerance and blackmail. We must treat the human body like a cherished beautiful creation of God. We must respect the soul of a  person ,be it  a man  or a woman. This ugly creation of the modern Islamist of taking away the right of education of a girl by exposing the society to these immoral acts where a modern life is infested with immorality in our society must be fought against. This shows that in the towns of Sindh there is utter breakdown of law and order. This shows that there is vast disconnect between the administration and the people of the town.This shows that there is no true representation of the people in matters of the state .The implication that this gang of about 17 boys and girls who are operating some kind of a  pornographic blackmailing ring in Khipro since quite some time shows that how far and wide the gap between the average citizen and the administrative machinery has become. Each seems to operate in a different sphere. Due to continuous Martial laws and disenfranchisement of the people, the voice and say of the common man is inconspicuous. The decisions for the town well being are not made. All are imposed and that too in an arbitrary manner. Sindh is a state where there should be research on how there was so much cultural cohesion in ancient and premodern times and how the state has become so superficial and cruel in modern times. The Sindhi speaking population has to address these issues in a cultural context.
A large complaint by the Hindu community which has been  living in Sindh pre-Islam that their girls have been largely targeted shows the ugly religious intolerance that is breeding amongst the administrative setup imposed on Sindh. Hindus in Sindh are accepted culturally and socially as equals since ancient  times. Post Pakistan’s creation this harmony continued till a certain time when the neo-Islamist/Deobandi mentality especially of the administration and police has eroded the fabric of this harmonious society. The concept of ruling from the centre has continuously weakened the consensus and tolerant socio-cultural harmony. The modern politician who has to fight an election is continuously on the defensive, always looking over its shoulder for safety. No time is given for true representation of the people. The Wadera keeps his power because not enough time is given to a democratic polity to develop. The naming and division of Sindh along minority that is religious and majority has really harmed the socio-cultural profile of Sindh. This is against the Sindhi spirit. Now that Pakistan is a reality, this continuous tussle and tension will not let the spirit of Sindhism survive. Even the nationalists who may have been on the left of centre have become small groups behaving like a “Pseudo-Center” itself. That there are so many of them and not even agreeing on basics, and fanning their fire on ethnic intolerance is a comment on itself.
The whole concept and soul of Sindh is tolerance and a deeply spiritual path to strive for truth and God. It has nothing to do with superficial and artificial worldly existence such a s the body form. What does “Moomal” stand for? Treading softly on the warm sands of the “Bhit” will there be not a “New Sindh” same as the ancient SIndh where men and women are equal . Equal in the eyes of God, humans and  the poet Sufis. Where the only path to God is through love, the heart and tolerance. Where the rich and varied colors of the Ajrak and the Rilli emphasize and empathize with the woman, man and child. Where the peacock dance is as precious in the sands of Thar as it is  on the stage of  an auditorium.
Mera Saeen Shah Abdul latif Bhittai. 
We have to come out of the soapy, artificial  Indian/Bollywoodsy cultural assault  on our  values. We have to stand against the ugly, deathly  Islamic/ neo-fascist assault on our Sindhi culture. We have to find our roots in the deep abyss of peace that shines bright on our future, within our Sufis, within our folklore, within our music, within our poetry. The Sindhi literature  has to be researched and published. The young Sindhi has to make choice between MBA degree or the Social sciences  and art degree. The young Sindhi has to find the meaning in life by not just pursuing a government job and worldly goods but also a fulfilling life as a teacher, social scientist, agricultural expert. Above all the young Sindhi has to endorse the seal of love, tolerance and peaceful co-existence. The young Sindhi has to reach out to the world not through blackmail and the internet misuse but through researching and truly publishing its enormous literary and socio-cultural wealth and wisdom. Only by this spirit of research and finding the truth will the young Sindhi make an indelible mark on the history of the modern world. States may come and go but true poetry, literature and culture of a people remains.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Politics For Fools..A Citizen's Perspective.

Pakistan has faced the biggest floods in modern history. The world seems ignorant of the devastating impact of the dire consequences, bleak future and dark, grim reality that awaits like an ugly Mephistopheles in the lurch behind. The political circle of fools continues spinning incessantly, throwing spits of blood, gory and putrid. The citizenry trudges along, heavy with economic burden, with emaciated bodies and sore, shoeless feet. Like a Picasso image, so etched in memory or like a Sartre opening paragraph from Iron in the Soul.

Is there dignity in the way citizenry is treated? We are but ignorant fools. We the poor, burdened emaciated citizens. As the thick, poisonous , tentacles of the ivies of treachery and deciept spread around us, we the fools, pretend not to notice. The shrill laughter of the decieptful  beauracrats, politicians, smugglers, religious gangsters, murderers, tricksters, fuedals and their sycphantic lepors and parasitic servants continues to bleed us  incessantly.
They think we are fools but we see with our Heart's eyes, with our soul's purity. Yes we do see.
We see how the fools have been playing silly politics by showing you and me category where it should have been us. In Karachi, in Hyderabad, in Sindh. We have been playing irrelevant politics where we should have been working on the field , with the people, among the people in Punjab but where the party head of the popular government has totally become irrelevant whereas his younger brother has taken on all uniforms on one man role for this day and age. We have been playing dormant, intellectually and socially in Baluchistan where the Booted Elite has tied our hands and nailed our feet. Where our so-called friendly fools have turned our economic progress into a war for freedom.
Alas the people have to rise. Alas the  people have to be given free and fair chance to lead their lives with dignity and egalitarian values. We , the citizens have to demand our basic rights to health, education , employment, freedom to worship, and dignity of labor.
The wily, slippery, street smart head of our state does manage to steer the ship along turbulent, choppy waters, with politics of inclusion but he has not been manouevering before. So , this does seem an experiment. but do we have a choice? There will be no state left if we do not let the rooster rule. We have to bear the brunt till completion of term. The mad media may shout, churm, and froth at its wide open mouth. We have to tolerate the role of being the corn in the cobmill for another few years. but the world moves fast. The idiotic, bigotted, demigods, with Draculine facies and Medusian minds from across and inside our borders continue to prey on our childrens' flesh and bones.

So will the ruling elite of extremely questionable intelligence and character be fair now and not fight uselessly over irrelevant issues and just work to improve the bad, bad, condition of its citizens. If there are no citizens , there will be no state. A big kick on your big fat asses.
Dr Meher Zaidi , the writer with her Moro flood region patients.

We want health, education, dignity of existence, food and right to choose life.

The floods 2010 washed and slapped across our fat faces the state of chronic malnutrition, hunger , bordering on starvation of our common man, woman and children.

This is how the common Pakistani man really looks like, if you take his torn and tattered clothes off.
The Pakistani Muslim reality that the Soapy, Vomitty, Media should continuously show. Its not the govt. DUMBOS its all of us.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Broken Heart.Sindhi Health.

Mera dil tau hai sanam ashna 
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Mere dard-e dil- ke  O charagar
Ke huwee hai tujh ko yeh kab khabar
Mein yahan chupaye hoon bechargee
Tu hai bekhabar, O charagar
Mera dil kata
Mera dil bujha
Mera jism faqat 
  Misaal Qafas-e-sar
Aye bekhabar, aye bekhabar
Kahan khawab mere
Kahan khawahishain
Tau hai kab mujhe tatolta?
Mein hun nange sar
Sare rehguzar
Yeh saraab saje haen jo Sindh par
Woh mere wajood ke hain zalzale
Woh mere naseeb ke hain hosle
Jo faqat bane hain mera
Ek sada muqaddar
Aur yeh lutere, charagar
Jo bane mere hain hamsafar
Sare Soo-e Daar
Charadhain ge
Mujhe Muqtadar
Mere charagar
Mein yuheen paree
Na hai charagar
Na koi safar
Bas ek khamosh
Bund aur safar
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Mein woh husn ki jo hun Marvi
Mein woh paak Mumal ki Ranui
Mein yuhee kharee hun
Is bund par
Sar-e rehguzar, nang sar
Aur kho gaya hai woh charagar
Kaheen dard mein, kaheen khawab mein
Yeh jo faasle hain beqadar
Kabhi khatam  hon
Na umeed kar
Yehi dhool mere naseeb ka
Banee sada Muqaddar
Mera nang sar
Mera dil bujha
Aur yeh aas bhi hai ab toot chukee
 Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein.
Bas aik lamha-e besabar
Bas aik Umeed-e Besehar
Meri sookhi aankh 
Ka khusk motee
Tau dekh le 
Aye charagar
Tujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Tera dil tau hai sanam ashna 
Tujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Tau hai Muqtadar
Par O charagar
Tau hai bekhabar
Tau hai bekhabar.

Charagar Ka Jawab

Mein hun bekhabar, yuheen charagar
Mera dil tau hai sanam ashna
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein

Mein khara yuheen is bund par
Sare rehguzar
Na jawab mere paas hai
Na hisaab mere paas hai
Na zulf ka aseer hun
Na jaam-e dastgir hun
Mera dil tau hai sanam aashna
mujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Mein tau aseer  apne wajood ka
Meri puhanch  bas meri Quba
Yeh jo zindagi ka hai silsila 
Mein isee ka hee ab aseer hun
Mere raat din hein ek saraab
Mere jid juhd ek faraib
Mein hun bekhabar hisaab se
Mein hun behaya , na hun basharam
Mein tau juhl ka hee aseer hun
Mein tau zulm ba qafas-e zameer hun
Mere silseley hein bare bure
Tau jo dekh le 
Tau jaan le
Mujhe kiya mile ga namaz mein

Yeh jo jaal hein phailaaye huwe
Mei ne apne wajud ke faraib se
Diye hein taqwiyat yeh faraib ko
Mere zulm-e laazawal ko
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Mere haj, zakaat aur silsile
Yeh tere wajood- naheef ka
Karte hein aujhal silsila
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein

Mere but bhi aur, mere jaam aur
Mera kaaba aur,  Shyaam aur
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Mein hun bekhabar
Hisaab se
Magar ab theher O nang-e sar
Mujhe aati hai 
sar-e daar se
Tu jo Nooh ki malook hai
Tu jo Moosa ki  hai hamsafar
Shayad tera bhi hai koi Khuda
 Muqtadar, Muqtadar
Woh kitaab hai utaarta
Woh bhaag hai sanwarta
Woh hai Muqtadar
Woh hai Muqtadar
Mein kaarobar sameit loon
Joh hai Jabal-e Shar
Mein shayad nijaat pa bhi loon
Mujhe kuch mile ga namaz mein
Tere hosle jo hain beqadar
Kaheen unka bhi kamal ho
Usee sajda-e nasooh mein
Mere zulm ka bhi hisaab ho
Teri aankh ka woh moti
Ho mera zareeai hisaab 
Aye Muqtadar
Aye nang sar
Teri thokaron ke hisaab mein
Mera dil hai ab bujha huwa
Mein hun Muqtadar ke saamne
Mera sar hai ab jhuka huwa.

Translation :
Alas my heart is an idol worshipper
Woe, what my namaz
O my dream maker
O my problem -solver
O my physician
O my Landlord
O my politician
O my ruler
Whence did thou know of my helplessness
O whence did thou know of my destitution
O whence did thou know of my hunger
O whence did thou know of my lost dreams
You are unaware
Alas you do not know
That my heart is broken into numerous shattered pieces
That my heart is bleeding from deep, deep cuts
It is smouldering, sorrowful, 
My weakened body, my hungry existence is just a parody
of life , of existence
O unaware, O unaware.
Where are my dreams, thou should ask
Where are my desires?
Ah, but whence do thou search my heart?
whence do thou probe my dreams?
I am wihout a shade
In this incessant sun
On the pathway
Shelterless, eternally
Landless, eternally.
Yes I follow the mirage of Sindh
Dusty, parched

Those are the earthquakes of my existence
Those are the courage of my fate
That are my fate only
And these are the looters
And these are the dream-makers
False, false
Oh,so false!

These are my Humsafar
They will but hang me on the death hanger
My worldly lords, my dream makers

My abandoned existence on the dusty path
No solace, no helper
This quiet existence , no journey to a dream
 I lie, I lie abandoned.
Alas what solace in prayers will my wretched self get?
Or  will  it? 
Or is this my only hope
Yes my only lifeline is this link to God
 Otherwise ?
I, the beautiful pure Marvi
Stand alone on the Bund
Without scarf, without hope
And lost is my dream- maker
In some faraway dream.
Will these unassailble distances lessen
Do not hope
This dust is but my fate
In this land
My open head and my broken heart
My hope is also gone, lost
What will I get in prayers
Only a fleeting moment of joy?
Only a dark long night of unredeempt hope
And the dry, lustreless pearl of my eye
Is tearless
 Do you see it, O my dream-maker?
What will you get in namaz.
You are but powerful
But O dream-maker you are unaware

The Dream-maker's Answer

Lo and behold I am but an ignorant fool
Pretender, helper, dream-maker
My heart is but an abode of false idols
Here I stand on the bund
On this dusty path
I have no answer to your forlorn queries
Alas I have no accountability
I am not an ardent lover of your sweet, sickly face
O, Marvi
Neither does my heady wine flows for your parched lips
O Marvandi
My heart is but a den of idle idols
What use prayers for me
I am but a prisoner of my  false, fake existence
I can only concerned with my bodily comforts
I am but a prisoner of this intricate worldly life
Alas, my days and nights are
But a mirage
My strife and effort a false pretense
I am oblivious of repentance
I am but shameless
I am but a slave to ignorance
I keep my conscience in a cage, entrapped
Lest it becomes free
My life's intricacies are despicable
I keep them hidden from your eyes
Lest you see them
 Lest the ugly truth be revealed
Huh, what will I get in prayers!
And these nets that I spread for trapping
By my fake existential being
These enhance and strengthen the falsehood
My tyrannical prowess
Huh, What will I get in prayers!
My Hajj, zakat and other silsile
Hide your emaciated existence
From the eyes of the world
Huh; what will I get in prayers!

My idols are different
My wine is but a different flavor
My Kaaba different
My Shiyam different
What will I get in prayers?
I am but ignorant
Of the ultimate accountability
But behold 
Wait O uncovered
I do hear the news
I do smell the smell of accountability
From the site of the hangman's place
Yes you are the wretched poor follower of Noah
Yes you are the journey partner of Moses
Yes you do have a God
Powerful, Almighty
He that sends down the books
He that adorns your ways
He is the powerful
He is the Almighty

let me pack my business
That which is a mountain of evil
Maybe I can find redemption
Maybe I get something in prayer
Your strengths unbound
They should be rewarded
This eternal prostration of redemption
May lead me to freedom from sin
Your dry eyed pearl
should be enough for my redemption
O ,that with uncovered head
O powerful
In your feet I lie
For salvation
My heart is smoldering now
I am in the presence of the powerful 
My head is bowed in front of the Almighty.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What the Floods Revealed in Sindh : Politics, Progress, Governance.

As I wrote the article on the Drug/ Wadera nexus that is destroying Sindh, the floods that washed almost half the area in Sindh and especially the same areas that I mentioned were notorious for poppy cultivation, so many truths about life  in Sindh are coming to light. Some issues I will discuss here.
The areas of Dadu, Shahdadkot, Khairpur Nathan Shah, Jacobabad, are notorious for the dacoities and kidnappings if you are travelling by road. Almost all these areas are no go if you travel without armed escort or local wadera or overlords' cover. The only way to reach or do anything in these areas is by contact with the local overlord or Wadera who also is usually the elected politician. Almost all the people who get elected to seats in provincial and national assemblies are sons, daughters and wives of these overlords. The entire area is owned by these people and the cities are mere extensions of their jaagirs as became clear in the  massive flooding of the entire town of Khairpur Naathan Shah. The elected representative who goes by the name of Imran Leghari and who is supposedly the son of some Zafar Leghari , a supposedly respectable PPP stalwart of yesteryears, came on Sindh television and other Sindhi channels again & again complaining that his town was drowning and the administration was doing nothing and all his crops and lands were drowned. The fact of the matter is that these so called elected representatives, the jaagirdaars and Waderas of Sindh were enjoying almost Pharoahnic power  of Biblical proportions where they not only enjoyed enormous crop wealth but also all the money from taxpayers plus all the development funds plus the various mafia businesses and drug/ poppy cultivation businesses that were the new wave of making enormous money in Sindh.I must add to this the businesses of kidnapping, car thefts and other smuggling like human smuggling.
 All the Kaccha land was bieng ocupied by these drug mafia, who are not foreignours but waderas of the same areas.  I hav efrequently visited the "Bela" areas and Kaccha areas in the past for medical and social work so I am well aware of the demographics and the geography.
What had Mr. Imran Leghari, though young in his years done to devise any plan for protection, evacuation, logistics and preparedness of Khirpur Nathan Shah residents in case any disaster fell upon its residents? What had he planned in case a fire engulfed the market? What had he planned in case an epidemic hit the area? Nothing. He is just talking non-sense blaming other people for these woes. All his concious life he has just been acting like a Prince himself, illiterate, unkind, lording over his subjects. All this has become apparent in total lack of relief and rescue when an entire city which has so much businessmen in its fold was drowned helplessly overnight. This kind of lethargic behaviour is apparent in all towns of Sindh where local communities like business community, agricultural community etc have no citizens development or rotary clubs. All over Sindh there is little or no community behaviour of philanthrophic oversight and citizen participation. The vestiges of local governments which would have cultivated some grassroots participation were abolished by the Wadera/ Elitist/ Politician nexus. This is not negative criticism. This is a fact.
While the Thori bund breaches were taking their toll on other lands the waters re- routed their wrath and like God's wrath they hit this town. Had Mr. Imran Zafar Leghari, the crowned prince alias 'Elected Representative' of Khairpur Nathan Shah had truely and informedly, uncorruptly worked, planned for his people, he would have not appeared so helpless like a poor Sindhi Karo-Karid woman and said that oh the administration failed and we were only helped by army and maybe some by Zulfikar Mirza. There are still several thousands who are sitting shelterless, foodless, helpless, in scorching heat and dust in open areas in Sindh because they are poor. There are still several thousands of the "Riyaya" of these lordly 'Princes" who are helpless, naked and hungry in the parched lands of Sindh, and who do not have "relations" with these waderas and fuedals , who do not have three houses, one in Karachi, one in Hyderabad and one in native town, and who do not have 50 lakh, blackened windowed, air conditioned cars for comfortable travel, frequent raping of underage  girls inside these vehicles ,even in Defence areas of Karachi,(as most of their Karachi houses are in Defence), frequent carrying of murdered people in these vehicles as they are never, ever checked, especially with a party flag displayed.
The thiefs and dacoits are very active looting the flood affectees, their properties and whatever is left in their homes. The Sindh television anchor Mr Manzoor asked as to how they were so active with boats whereas the evacuation was so slow and limited. The answer is simple. The dacoits and theives with boats were always there . They are residing in Sindh towns, Bela and Kaccha areas. They are supported by the local overlords and they are ignored by the administaration and police. By the way the police is insufficient in numbers, corrupt and its lower staff behaves like servants of the local powerful.The non-Sindhi officers who are posted get transferred after a short term on the whims of the local fuedal.
Majority of these so called elected representatives are riding on the backs of the fame of the now dead leaders and are using their names to show or legitimise their claim to power through ballot. Due to complete lack of choice and also illiteracy and poverty, the masses in Sindh have no way of knowing who else to elect. The tragedy is that these younger lot instead of educating themselves , coming down from their occupied 'thrones' and understanding the political economy of a modern state and politics, are whiling away time. The state of Pakistan is bieng termed a "failed state" not becuase it means to finish off its existence but to bring about improvement on its indices on governance, development, corruption, social sectors and justice.
To survive in the modern world the state's apparatus has to be competitive in its thinking, educated and aware in modern statecraft, world politics and the challenges of economy locally and of the world. Unless the people who are aware enough of modern statecraft, economic and political issues are governing Pakistan , we can never come out of this swamp like situation we are in. It is high time that the Pakistan Peoples Party and other political parties in Sindh (and I am specifically addressing the Nationalist parties as they are worst in their political behaviour and obligations to the peopel) understand this fact.[The in-humanitarian behaviour of the so-called Nationalist parties and Sindh Nationalist Party (Mumtaz Bhutto) was seen as they made the flood affectees stay in non-government camps and the people were neither registered and have to suffer because the govt. aid apparatus does not operate there and whatever little help they can get will not be given to them].
The era of dynastic politics is over. It has to be over. If the younger Bhuttos have to think to compete in governance they have to understand that in order to exist on the map, Pakistan, especially Sindh has to come out of "Lordly" politicians and devolve power to the grass roots and they have to find support from eductaed, informed, proactive, honest, middle classes. I think they do exist in Sindh. I am sure that they exist in Sindh. The Sindhi politician has to undergo a major behaviour change for the better and ultimately best or else perish.