Friday, December 17, 2010

The World Is A Spin:Pakistan, Afghanistan, U.S Foreign Policy Crises.

What did the US attack on post 9/11 attack on Afghanistan achieve? No clear answer? There is one! It started a clean up though late, slow, messy and entangled of the massive dirt that was left post "Jihad" Afghanistan and Pakistan of the 80's. Neither the cleanup is complete nor is it easy. What is the deadline? Only time will tell.
So let us start with the initial US "dirtying " our clean and tolerant country with its smart ideas of inserting and cooking up th "Jihadi" dish with our deranged CO(late) and all the Osama bin Ladens and other fools in Peshawar which became a city with dollars, guns, foreigners and criminals of all creed and color to boost up the so called "Mujahideen" to chase the Soviets out. Post Soviet departure and US  flaccid interest in that Pakistan, all the little monsters , snakes in religious garbs who could only sustain their venomenous existence through clandestine operations and funding started spreading their fangs and tentacles into the "dis-educated" "poor" Pakistani society where least literate children started to learn the "Fazail" or the advantages of "Jihad". This meant any other race, colour, country or religion. So much so that the sectarian divisions which in Islam are naturally many were not tolerated and were included in the enemy list.So the religious ethnic intolerance reared its ugly head again and by this time the Afghan Taleban and the foreignours who were given built up religious sanctuaries in FATA and NWFP, and whose ideology was a particular Sunni sect became more organised and powerful. Poor Pakistani government! At this time it was again led by a dictatorial army general who after all could not cut its own feet, hence the Taleban(Pakistan & Afghan ) with their criminal networks continued to grow/ the Punjab factions of the militants also managed to strengthened under the Musharraf era who continued to fool Mr. Bush and his entire government with his antics of cooperation. Post Musharraf regime when the elected government came into power and Mr Zardari who was previously named Mr 10 % managed to disentangle the web somehow and ordered a kind of crackdown in areas such as Swat because both the army and the US wanted it too, the Nizame Adal farce was seen by all.
Two years later and some of the militant setups cleared in Pakistan, the Pakistani forces and government are facing the internal terrorist attacks and because the civilian casualties are so many and difficult to prevent with these resources this effort may take a long time. the militant organizations have done a clever move. They are now organizing themselves into a political force and are  using the Aasiya Bibi blasphemy  case and the "Khatame Nabuwat" (The last prophet seal). This is  a clever move as the larger segment of the Punjab population is sensitive to these issues. The already in the fold religious parties and right wing parties like the Jamaate Islami and the Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) will be backing these issues. The slippery JUI-F will blackmail the government for their own monetary interests. If the militants gain political sympathy and vote which they will , the issues of the nuclear arsenal falling in the hands of the terrorist will come true.The Pakistan Army has a very crucial role to play here. Its not Obama or the US war it has to fight. It is Pakistan's war. It is high time that it took its heroic role this time and came out of the post Zia entangled mess clean.
The floods have devastated the economy. It is not that the government of PPP is corrupt. It is that the entire nation is corrupt. So add to it the victory of terrorists in politics and this scene is a bigger nightmare for the West than the Al Qaeda, if there is any big network left. Add to it the primitive Afghan Taleban gaining control in Afghanistan  and nuclear arsenal what option is left? We do not want a nuclear attack on a region that is so densely populated with big nations like India and China in the neighborhood but with the conservatives already in one of the houses and Mr Obama's popularity wavering , who knows what the US may finally opt for?

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