Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brown,Free Market Economy-Morality..Blah, Blah, Blah...Whither Western Civilisation!

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall,Humpty dumpty Had A Great Fall, All the King's Horses and All the king's men (or MIDGETS) ould not SAVE HUMPTY DUMPTY AGAIN!
Hee , Haw , Hum. in this day and age of fast Tv programs, twittering, image or farce creating, GLOSSIZING, here comes another Pudding speech from this English prime minister. A Sermon on morality,a whirling, gabbing ,lecture on the new Western morality of sorts or so he thinks will be the impression. Now I feel like saying UP YOUR ...like a rebellious or er? wise little brat or bitch for my gender!
Loot the people and all their savings gone thanks to Madoff, the rich and Beverly Hills crowd also felt the pinch. Is this Madoff guy the same about whom one American journalist wrote about as to how he rose from shining shoes on Wall street to most trusted, Charles Dickens kind of character? I will have to revisit that write up! So here is a society of fools , where whole Banks, Saving societies, ironically of Jews ,who run Banks all over the world were sweeped clean by our Mr. Madoff. So doesnot it simply express the simple human nature, findinbg comfort in fools like yourself! We Pakistanis are so wrongly ridiculed and now ostracised for following the herd!
So what about big shot banks, and so many Wise investment companies? I am dderiving sadistic pleasure in this as they had Ghettoised their exclusive golf clubs and boutiques. An ordinary worker, yeah auto worker has no right to play golf! his little kids either should play in neighbourhood parks or drug infested,playgrounds. Sh....!
Sorry,oops,sorry for the language but this is the only word for this.
I am pained by the loss to the ordinary folk! So Mr. brown has spun a new web of majic ,where Mr. keynes is not to be followed, and the spin is Moralise ,yes moralise your financial actions, teaching private sector to behave as "We do in our families"! I cannot believe this . Where is the pope ,he ought to hear this "New Economic Sermon".
Mr Obama will come tomorrow and talk about some Vague formula of regulation to bring the disaster hit economy back and Mr. Brown with his pastry, pudding kind of suggestions about not regulating but then WHAT?!
As an ordinary terrorist Bitten female from Pakistan, I am shouting, stop this materialistic, chauvanistic, hypocritical thinking and be HONEST to yourself and the world Mr. Brown! Just like you would be to your family, your kids!
listen to the poor guys and girls hanging outside in the park in front of your G20 SMMIT or SUM IT! Listen and be fair and not lassiz fiar to the poor, wretched, othe fools of the world. Not The Poor as an adjective or well Expletive!
Let's be honest. What really hav e the western civilisation made the young ones. I go on net to see their behaviour! we are educating the kids only for the giant, teethy mouths os of Multinationals, without a soul, without spirit, without empathy, without compassion. All Christian values eh?
So you think, Mr Brown all English families are functional, moral?Or what you think is moral behaviour! Sans muslims or such people with future terrorist tendencies,mixing up terrorist with different,?social justice, or ?egalitarian tendencies,guys or gals, with different behaviour. I feel i am experiencing a convent or boarding school environment! So right! I have aheadache. You don't even play the innings and feel you have won! so who gives Mr Brown a moral right to give anew moral theory of Economics. Sorry if I am too hard in my speech,but the question is too big. So back to western civilisaation, here comes the dilemma; American multinationals kind of economy and mindset and the other Poor(Non-expletive" )kind of mindset. So what is an ordinary American, ordinary European thinking? Are they agreed on the New Solutions or PLUGs to their crises. That is the question!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mister Mittens' Big Adventure

Feel like a cat, enjoy,looking through. I love this ! great Work!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Obama Strategy- What Does A Common Pakistani Percieves

As the horrible news of so many people bieng killed in suicide bomb attack in a mosque in Frontier was bieng digested by us, the new strategy bombshell exploded above our reeling heads!What does one understand from the war against Al Qaeda bieng fought decisively or so Obama thinks on our soil? Many Pakistani ambassadors and analysts are giving varying explainations. I think they themselves do not know what this strategy really means! As for me I see hope and despair at the same time! If I take his words literally, then it means that the war ground will definitely shift from Afghanistan and Iraq to Pakistan. It is a matter of implementing war tactics that is the only thing we are not aware of. So far it has been consistently identifying enemy,finding them on ground and killing them one by one by drone attacks.No ground forces in reality. Then there is the frequent collateral damage of Pakistani citizens which has made the Americans very unpopular.So what exactly will the New strategy do to change this ? For one they can increase the targetting and attacking the enemy targets, they may increase their areas of operation for example to Baluchistan.What will really happen, in the short run, Pakistanis will become more vocal and perhaps violent in their opposition. But who will be more active? It seems the right wing political parties have no choice now but to come out in the open and express and side up with whom they have covertly bieng operating with! They are favoring Taliban, similar groups and indirectly Al Qaeda. They pretend they are sincere with the ideology of Pakistan but infact they are not!
They have not openly declared their allegiance to this Taliban or other pseudo philosophy but now they will be pushed finally in a corner.The ordinary people of Frontier did not vote for them, so now it is clear tha the Taliban who are now occupying many areas are opposing the writ of the government.There has been no clear cut policy debate in Frontier about choosing between Pakistan government or the occupying Taliban, although the ordinary folks have given clear mandate to progressive political parties.
The intellegensia and the academics to this date have not debated and clarified the difference between the ideology of Pakistan and that of Islamists and rightist political parties and the clear cut different ideology of Al Qaeda. Most people confuse Al Qaeda/Islamists ideas as that of Islam per se and tend to identify with them though wrongly!
The ideology of islamists and Al Qaeda is against the very foundations of that of the state of Pakistan, which we so love and cherish.We all love Pakistan, whether we are muslims or christians etc., We love pakistan as its citizens. It has got nothing to do with religion. These Islamists are mostly foriegnors and have the aim of occupying Pakistan and destroying its polity.
Where does America stand on this . They have made it clear that Al Qaeda is thier enemy no 1 and they will try to finish it. Easier said than done. They have managed to contain it's activities in Iraq but then what about taliban in Afghanistan. Troops surge there will not really help as Taliban are ruling there mostly and the puppet Karzai government has a writ hardly. The new government will again be without any writ. Eventually they will have to establish links and deal with the Taliban.
Now back to Pakistan. If Amereica fights in Pakistan and manages to achieve a reasonable cleaning out of foreinors and AlQaeda, we will be still left with the Pakistani Taliban. We do not want them killed as they are Pakistani ,so this war in Pakistan will be bloodier and deadlier than elsewhere in the world.
Bad times are ahead for Pakistan. It is not as rosy that the money will come and development will take place and democracy will flourish. Thanks to the short sighted ,tunnel vision of the previous government and the despotic ruler, we have now a dirty bag of worms all over our face!
So far the PPP government appears to make the right moves for America and whether we like it or not for Pakistan too, but mark my words, the road ahead is bloody and not easy at all!
We have to really pray for Pakistan!We have to though clearly pledge our allegiance to the ideology of Pakistan and not of the Islamists and Al Qaeda! I hope I survive after this post! Long Live Pakistan! Eternal Peace for Pakistanis ,be they be Muslims, Christians or Hindus.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


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Learn to fly sky high my babe!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Curse Of Talibanisation In Pakistan.

We are a nation of extremes! We think in so many ways, destructive mostly and with a safe and snug cover of religion.As a religious scholar on tv said today, and it is so true we are neither understanding what Islam truly stands for ,nor are we practicing it in it's true sense.The morality,the practice and the spirit is forgotten.Another scholar writes in the newspaper that we emphasise more on rituals and ignore the beliefs, which are as much the essentials in Islam as the rituals. Justice ,compassion,tolerance,forgiveness are some of the essential beliefs.The Pakistani society is headed towards massive and very poisonous polarisation within itself based on varied and dogmatic religious beliefs and practice. We snugly think that nothing is happening to us as a nation, but we could not be more wrong!
Where ethnic tolerance was ,we now see naked and deathly tribalism and caste wars. People as many as 200 in a tribal war are killed in Sindh. The butchery and hatred is so much that the enemies corpses are kept by the enemy and the women wail and cry seeing so many young lives wasted. Such was the gory seen which I am unable to erase from my mind shown over Sindh tv news covering a battle between Jatois and their rival clan. All this in this day and age and under constitution of Pakistan. The poor administration finally managed to bring about some peace.
Then there is brutal butchering of poor women and some poor boys in the frontier province, all in the name of cleaning the society. I still cannot forget a helpless poor woman on tv shown by the so called taliban before bieng butchered to death.Her broken sandals still haunt me.
Then there are the little girls and boys, walking over,exploring the debris of their bombed schools! What a pity, little boys and girls who as it is so lack opportunities in education and are so poor, lose the only hope for some semblance of a decent living. Thier parents ,poor parent's dreams shattered!
We the rich aqnd affluent,especially the begumat of rich , upper middle class areas ,going to Quran classes, thinking no end of ourselves and passing judgements on others, cannot see that we will be punished for our support of injustice and dogmatim and bigotry on the day of the judgement.The Jamat e Islami is especially training its younger female activists to disrupt meetings on any topic which involves help and support to women and children. Their point of view and I am sorry to say indirectly Iqbal's poetry has finally culminated in the distorted and forceful Taliban kind of mentality. When Iqbal wrote his poetry ,he was thinking of awakening and that too of the muslim individual. Little did he realize as to what the suffocating cultural influence and interpretation will do to his beautiful theory of Muslim awakening. The same goes for Maulana Maudoodi, his beautiful tafseer /tafhim ul quran, his influence on a large muslim population has turned from reformist interpretation to that of a small, petty ,parochial (at least in Pakistan) dogmatic interpretation. The tragedy of our nation is that the legacy carriers of such great thinkers as Iqbal and Maudoodi are small timing, plasticised and often violent midgets. There is no great leadership for any movement.
The Taliban stand a very good chance of occupiying a large part of Pakistan. They are mostly tribal and dogmatic and as the frontier is now run by Mullas, thanks to the cover given by Musharraf, who made a fool of the Americans and the people of Pakistan, we do not stand a chance in the near future of solving this issue or containing their march or influence. Thanks to Musharraf, his concentration bieng divided, and I think delibrately,between running the whole country single handedly and the army, we are in the messy soup we are in!
His thinking was like a fool! his vision was tunnel. Instead of visualising the technical training requirements of the army to fight the terrorists, he kept on relying on old ,fat army with its redundant methods and weapons. I wonder what happenend to the billions of dollars that we got for war on terror.
Now the American news of drone attacks in Baluchistan! What a timely and wise decision! As it is the American popularity in Pakistan is zero ,now the Taliban will have a great time as their popularity graph will grow! Thanks to our crazy mentality.
By the way I think the American approach has become like that of big multinational corporations. Quick fix solutions!
The poor Pakistani citizen, bewildered and confused. Poverty rising,inflation rising, no education, no food and water, no gas and electricity,no health and social services. Increased maternal mortality,increased child mortality. Only misery and then to top it all Talibanisation!
Where the Islamic values of Adl( justice), Ehsan(compassion) and many more?Where Islam? Where peace?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

http://www.partonwords.blogspot.com/This is an interesting blog from Canberra , Australia!

Monday, March 16, 2009

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A New Dawn Breaks Over Pakistan!

As a new dawn breaks over Pakistan, a country of over 160 million people, my hope in democracy and the power of the people is finally restored! As a radio anchor from Canberra , Australia was asking me yesterday that many people in the west are thinking Pakistan to be a failed state, I was wondering what so little we are doing for people to get this impression. But then the dynamics in our country and this region are so overwhelming and so different! Hope and aspirations of a people so diverse in their culture but unified by a dream and a religion , so pure, simple and peaceful! No after this morning's announcement after a crazy, momentous, yes literally momentous 24 hours, we see that Pakistan's elected prime minister has given us finally what all political parties,excepting one (for what reason we do not know!) wanted.He has restored the judiciary.
The heavy and popular mandate of the Muslim League (Nawaz) is also seen on streets. The lifting of section 144 in all provinces also shows that elected governments, and true political leaders like Yusuf Raza Gilani, if allowed to prevail will make good decisions. There was no need to take the draconian clamping of civil liberties in Pakistan. The movement by the lawyers was ironically given a fast forward momentum by these police forced measures. As for Mr Salman Taseer the funny yet damaging, governor with dark glasses, his horrible decision to allow Basant (kite -flying) festival in lahore, while the police was busy elsewhere resulted in death of five children. Two were electrocuted and three died if throat cutting injuries. This happens because the wire to fly kites is coated with metal and glass. The use of such material is banned but the enforcers of this law were busy beating and fighting with political workers and lawyers. So much for the governor in dark glasses!
Back to Punjab, I do hope that Mr Nawaz Sharif also shows some sense and forms some sort of friendly alliance with Muslim League(Q) as soon as posible. They should practice the politics of forgive and forget and give others also a chance to show their leadership. People like Mr. Javed Hashmi who have suffered jail cofinement and also other workers should be brought forth in political leadership teir. This is the only wqay these political parties will go into the rfuture. This old system of fiefdom like, politics should be over with.
Mr Zardari should also leave his presidency and concentrate on building up his party on democratic lines and on the pattern of modern parties. There is no need to feel threatened of losing his Bhutto label. He should also understand that his party has a good mandate in all regions of pakistan and a good infrastructure. All the workers and leaders of the party have stuck loyally. Their loyalty is beyond doubt. He should concentrate on building democratic mechanisms in his party to bring about new leadership for future. His son naturally enjoys popularity. He will come back in Pakistan politics with a glow! His mother is enough as an institution in democratic behaviour in itself! He should now sieze the opportunity to distance himself from direct governance and let the prime minister handle the governance issue. He should now concentrate on building party for future on an institutional basis . That will be his chance to Glory!
As far as judiciary is concerned, they should now seriously stop politicizing and playing up to the masters as so many of them have done for so many years in the past.They should now bring about the much needed reforms and in their behaviour too!
The armed forces should also and maybe they already do realize and concentrate on their professional duties. As it is their challenges are huge ang mind bogling. Only this way they will gain the full confidence of the people who, are so simple and love them so much.
I as an ordinary citizen see a bright star shining above Pakistan! Long live Pakistan!Long live it's beatiful people.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whither Pakistani Politics?

Today as the entire police force seems to be busy in Punjab and Sindh , arresting political workers, lawyers, judges, civil society persons, a big question is looming large on the horizon. What has become of our ruling elite? It now seems to be really showing it's true colours! Immaturity, lack of leadership, lack of political acumen and understanding! The Sharif brothers have lost the game as their failure to bring about the Muslim League factions together has clearly shown their selfishness and parochial attitude. The people were hoping and expecting of them to rise above family and bring other leadership in their party to fore and improve their strength and strengthen democracy. Their utter failure to take PML (Q) in confidence has now made the Punjab and eventually national politics a different flavored dish. The pakistan Peoples Party , was as it is heading meteorically towards disintegrative politics, both internally and externally, as Benazir's untimely and sad assasination had taken it's toll. As Benazir was out of country for so long, her return and that too in terms of some arrangement with Musharraf, was a thorn in the finger. Her untimely death did not give any time to her influence and her democratic vision to be installed in the new set up. Mr Zardari, with limited experience and questionable or controversial personal reputation at once took leadership , both of the party and the country. He not only did not honour the charter of democracy, but also did not bring about repeal of article 58- 2b which deals with removal of elected prime minister. He runs the entire country as he would a fiefdom or an household, a tribal one at that! His advisors are his pals of limited experience and sagacity. take example of the advisor on home affairs. He was an ex-FIA official. So far I thought he was not doing any harm as he was not doing any major blunders. Today by giving orders at all these unwanted arrests and apparently panicky behaviour , both in Punjab and Sindh, he has shown his vision and political acumen.
There was no need to take action on lawyers and even political workers. The movement would have gone on it's own momentum. The Sharif brothers behaviour was creating disappointment in many people. Their government dismissal and the Governor rule in Punjab, and that too by a governor , who is not so reputable in Pakistan Peoples's Party itself was in itself a kind of quicksand. There was no need for this kind of politics by Mr. Zardari. But then if you have not done aeronautical engineering, how can you repair or make a plane!
So again we are standing at the same volcano mouth! Taliban , Al-Qaeda kind of forces ready to inflict damage, schoolboy troopers kind of leadership and the poor ordinary folks. To top it all the very Panicky and FIA, CIA run leadership advisors of the so called elected American government!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lahore Attacks On Sri Lankan Team.

The din, the noise, the confusion,the mayhem! The shock and utter dismay as I see the TV channels,zoom past the various tv anchors,talk shows, news readers! As an ordinary citizen who is so fond of sports and players, I cannot imagine that this team is attacked and so brutally. The poor Police wallas, dead. The poor guys,literally poor. We as a nation are bewildered. The Swat episode still not a daypast and now this !

I think this is a group for rent ,yes for hire,to whoever wants death and mayhem. Yes I think now there is a Terror Mafia. Terrorism for sale. I think these groups operate for money! Gone are the days of ideology,morality,thinking, perspective! We should not start blaming India ,no. This will be our first mistake! If indians ,some of them only blame us ,we should see what they are saying and see in a cool light. We do have the terrorist mafioso mixture operating on our soil. We should not have this ostrich attitude! I can only recommend the following;
  • We should immediately resolve this politics (Punjab ) issue .
  • We should form a seperate anti-terrorist police force, whose main job should be to avert and anticipate such attacks. This force should have a truly R&D think tank.They should provide specialised input and advice for action.
  • No redundant and already too slow police or security officials.
  • We should devise a national and regional antiterrorist policy.
  • We should own that terrorism is now our fight and not follow American perspective.
  • Theyhave their own ideas which are not very smart for everything.
  • We should identify and unite against the real agrressor,which is not any other country ,sorry, it is within us.
  • Just like cancer tumour, we have to operate and there are specific, highly sophisticated procedures, and new instuments and specialised surgeons.
  • We have to take the new approach to solve this problem at our own level,with our people,our govt., our police.
  • Our police is very underpaid,small in size,we have a massive population.They need help and also increase in number.
  • In the end we have to favor democracy and be against any form of autocracy as a nation.