Friday, March 20, 2009

The Curse Of Talibanisation In Pakistan.

We are a nation of extremes! We think in so many ways, destructive mostly and with a safe and snug cover of religion.As a religious scholar on tv said today, and it is so true we are neither understanding what Islam truly stands for ,nor are we practicing it in it's true sense.The morality,the practice and the spirit is forgotten.Another scholar writes in the newspaper that we emphasise more on rituals and ignore the beliefs, which are as much the essentials in Islam as the rituals. Justice ,compassion,tolerance,forgiveness are some of the essential beliefs.The Pakistani society is headed towards massive and very poisonous polarisation within itself based on varied and dogmatic religious beliefs and practice. We snugly think that nothing is happening to us as a nation, but we could not be more wrong!
Where ethnic tolerance was ,we now see naked and deathly tribalism and caste wars. People as many as 200 in a tribal war are killed in Sindh. The butchery and hatred is so much that the enemies corpses are kept by the enemy and the women wail and cry seeing so many young lives wasted. Such was the gory seen which I am unable to erase from my mind shown over Sindh tv news covering a battle between Jatois and their rival clan. All this in this day and age and under constitution of Pakistan. The poor administration finally managed to bring about some peace.
Then there is brutal butchering of poor women and some poor boys in the frontier province, all in the name of cleaning the society. I still cannot forget a helpless poor woman on tv shown by the so called taliban before bieng butchered to death.Her broken sandals still haunt me.
Then there are the little girls and boys, walking over,exploring the debris of their bombed schools! What a pity, little boys and girls who as it is so lack opportunities in education and are so poor, lose the only hope for some semblance of a decent living. Thier parents ,poor parent's dreams shattered!
We the rich aqnd affluent,especially the begumat of rich , upper middle class areas ,going to Quran classes, thinking no end of ourselves and passing judgements on others, cannot see that we will be punished for our support of injustice and dogmatim and bigotry on the day of the judgement.The Jamat e Islami is especially training its younger female activists to disrupt meetings on any topic which involves help and support to women and children. Their point of view and I am sorry to say indirectly Iqbal's poetry has finally culminated in the distorted and forceful Taliban kind of mentality. When Iqbal wrote his poetry ,he was thinking of awakening and that too of the muslim individual. Little did he realize as to what the suffocating cultural influence and interpretation will do to his beautiful theory of Muslim awakening. The same goes for Maulana Maudoodi, his beautiful tafseer /tafhim ul quran, his influence on a large muslim population has turned from reformist interpretation to that of a small, petty ,parochial (at least in Pakistan) dogmatic interpretation. The tragedy of our nation is that the legacy carriers of such great thinkers as Iqbal and Maudoodi are small timing, plasticised and often violent midgets. There is no great leadership for any movement.
The Taliban stand a very good chance of occupiying a large part of Pakistan. They are mostly tribal and dogmatic and as the frontier is now run by Mullas, thanks to the cover given by Musharraf, who made a fool of the Americans and the people of Pakistan, we do not stand a chance in the near future of solving this issue or containing their march or influence. Thanks to Musharraf, his concentration bieng divided, and I think delibrately,between running the whole country single handedly and the army, we are in the messy soup we are in!
His thinking was like a fool! his vision was tunnel. Instead of visualising the technical training requirements of the army to fight the terrorists, he kept on relying on old ,fat army with its redundant methods and weapons. I wonder what happenend to the billions of dollars that we got for war on terror.
Now the American news of drone attacks in Baluchistan! What a timely and wise decision! As it is the American popularity in Pakistan is zero ,now the Taliban will have a great time as their popularity graph will grow! Thanks to our crazy mentality.
By the way I think the American approach has become like that of big multinational corporations. Quick fix solutions!
The poor Pakistani citizen, bewildered and confused. Poverty rising,inflation rising, no education, no food and water, no gas and electricity,no health and social services. Increased maternal mortality,increased child mortality. Only misery and then to top it all Talibanisation!
Where the Islamic values of Adl( justice), Ehsan(compassion) and many more?Where Islam? Where peace?


  1. Thanx for reaing my blog, but I am so uncomfortable with people behind veils. i am adoctor, so I am used to seeing the real side of people and I hate bieng judgemental!