Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brown,Free Market Economy-Morality..Blah, Blah, Blah...Whither Western Civilisation!

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall,Humpty dumpty Had A Great Fall, All the King's Horses and All the king's men (or MIDGETS) ould not SAVE HUMPTY DUMPTY AGAIN!
Hee , Haw , Hum. in this day and age of fast Tv programs, twittering, image or farce creating, GLOSSIZING, here comes another Pudding speech from this English prime minister. A Sermon on morality,a whirling, gabbing ,lecture on the new Western morality of sorts or so he thinks will be the impression. Now I feel like saying UP YOUR ...like a rebellious or er? wise little brat or bitch for my gender!
Loot the people and all their savings gone thanks to Madoff, the rich and Beverly Hills crowd also felt the pinch. Is this Madoff guy the same about whom one American journalist wrote about as to how he rose from shining shoes on Wall street to most trusted, Charles Dickens kind of character? I will have to revisit that write up! So here is a society of fools , where whole Banks, Saving societies, ironically of Jews ,who run Banks all over the world were sweeped clean by our Mr. Madoff. So doesnot it simply express the simple human nature, findinbg comfort in fools like yourself! We Pakistanis are so wrongly ridiculed and now ostracised for following the herd!
So what about big shot banks, and so many Wise investment companies? I am dderiving sadistic pleasure in this as they had Ghettoised their exclusive golf clubs and boutiques. An ordinary worker, yeah auto worker has no right to play golf! his little kids either should play in neighbourhood parks or drug infested,playgrounds. Sh....!
Sorry,oops,sorry for the language but this is the only word for this.
I am pained by the loss to the ordinary folk! So Mr. brown has spun a new web of majic ,where Mr. keynes is not to be followed, and the spin is Moralise ,yes moralise your financial actions, teaching private sector to behave as "We do in our families"! I cannot believe this . Where is the pope ,he ought to hear this "New Economic Sermon".
Mr Obama will come tomorrow and talk about some Vague formula of regulation to bring the disaster hit economy back and Mr. Brown with his pastry, pudding kind of suggestions about not regulating but then WHAT?!
As an ordinary terrorist Bitten female from Pakistan, I am shouting, stop this materialistic, chauvanistic, hypocritical thinking and be HONEST to yourself and the world Mr. Brown! Just like you would be to your family, your kids!
listen to the poor guys and girls hanging outside in the park in front of your G20 SMMIT or SUM IT! Listen and be fair and not lassiz fiar to the poor, wretched, othe fools of the world. Not The Poor as an adjective or well Expletive!
Let's be honest. What really hav e the western civilisation made the young ones. I go on net to see their behaviour! we are educating the kids only for the giant, teethy mouths os of Multinationals, without a soul, without spirit, without empathy, without compassion. All Christian values eh?
So you think, Mr Brown all English families are functional, moral?Or what you think is moral behaviour! Sans muslims or such people with future terrorist tendencies,mixing up terrorist with different,?social justice, or ?egalitarian tendencies,guys or gals, with different behaviour. I feel i am experiencing a convent or boarding school environment! So right! I have aheadache. You don't even play the innings and feel you have won! so who gives Mr Brown a moral right to give anew moral theory of Economics. Sorry if I am too hard in my speech,but the question is too big. So back to western civilisaation, here comes the dilemma; American multinationals kind of economy and mindset and the other Poor(Non-expletive" )kind of mindset. So what is an ordinary American, ordinary European thinking? Are they agreed on the New Solutions or PLUGs to their crises. That is the question!

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