Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whither Pakistani Politics?

Today as the entire police force seems to be busy in Punjab and Sindh , arresting political workers, lawyers, judges, civil society persons, a big question is looming large on the horizon. What has become of our ruling elite? It now seems to be really showing it's true colours! Immaturity, lack of leadership, lack of political acumen and understanding! The Sharif brothers have lost the game as their failure to bring about the Muslim League factions together has clearly shown their selfishness and parochial attitude. The people were hoping and expecting of them to rise above family and bring other leadership in their party to fore and improve their strength and strengthen democracy. Their utter failure to take PML (Q) in confidence has now made the Punjab and eventually national politics a different flavored dish. The pakistan Peoples Party , was as it is heading meteorically towards disintegrative politics, both internally and externally, as Benazir's untimely and sad assasination had taken it's toll. As Benazir was out of country for so long, her return and that too in terms of some arrangement with Musharraf, was a thorn in the finger. Her untimely death did not give any time to her influence and her democratic vision to be installed in the new set up. Mr Zardari, with limited experience and questionable or controversial personal reputation at once took leadership , both of the party and the country. He not only did not honour the charter of democracy, but also did not bring about repeal of article 58- 2b which deals with removal of elected prime minister. He runs the entire country as he would a fiefdom or an household, a tribal one at that! His advisors are his pals of limited experience and sagacity. take example of the advisor on home affairs. He was an ex-FIA official. So far I thought he was not doing any harm as he was not doing any major blunders. Today by giving orders at all these unwanted arrests and apparently panicky behaviour , both in Punjab and Sindh, he has shown his vision and political acumen.
There was no need to take action on lawyers and even political workers. The movement would have gone on it's own momentum. The Sharif brothers behaviour was creating disappointment in many people. Their government dismissal and the Governor rule in Punjab, and that too by a governor , who is not so reputable in Pakistan Peoples's Party itself was in itself a kind of quicksand. There was no need for this kind of politics by Mr. Zardari. But then if you have not done aeronautical engineering, how can you repair or make a plane!
So again we are standing at the same volcano mouth! Taliban , Al-Qaeda kind of forces ready to inflict damage, schoolboy troopers kind of leadership and the poor ordinary folks. To top it all the very Panicky and FIA, CIA run leadership advisors of the so called elected American government!

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