Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lahore Attacks On Sri Lankan Team.

The din, the noise, the confusion,the mayhem! The shock and utter dismay as I see the TV channels,zoom past the various tv anchors,talk shows, news readers! As an ordinary citizen who is so fond of sports and players, I cannot imagine that this team is attacked and so brutally. The poor Police wallas, dead. The poor guys,literally poor. We as a nation are bewildered. The Swat episode still not a daypast and now this !

I think this is a group for rent ,yes for hire,to whoever wants death and mayhem. Yes I think now there is a Terror Mafia. Terrorism for sale. I think these groups operate for money! Gone are the days of ideology,morality,thinking, perspective! We should not start blaming India ,no. This will be our first mistake! If indians ,some of them only blame us ,we should see what they are saying and see in a cool light. We do have the terrorist mafioso mixture operating on our soil. We should not have this ostrich attitude! I can only recommend the following;
  • We should immediately resolve this politics (Punjab ) issue .
  • We should form a seperate anti-terrorist police force, whose main job should be to avert and anticipate such attacks. This force should have a truly R&D think tank.They should provide specialised input and advice for action.
  • No redundant and already too slow police or security officials.
  • We should devise a national and regional antiterrorist policy.
  • We should own that terrorism is now our fight and not follow American perspective.
  • Theyhave their own ideas which are not very smart for everything.
  • We should identify and unite against the real agrressor,which is not any other country ,sorry, it is within us.
  • Just like cancer tumour, we have to operate and there are specific, highly sophisticated procedures, and new instuments and specialised surgeons.
  • We have to take the new approach to solve this problem at our own level,with our people,our govt., our police.
  • Our police is very underpaid,small in size,we have a massive population.They need help and also increase in number.
  • In the end we have to favor democracy and be against any form of autocracy as a nation.


  1. Meer,


    I'm a Canberra based radio announcer looking for random bloggers to come onto my program on a feature called 'Worldwide Blogger'.

    Thought your musings on the Lahore attack were spot on.

    If you would like to talk further about the prospect of joining me on air, please send me an email.

  2. I agree that we have terrorist elements on our soils yet I don't agree that the foreign involvement factor can be ignored in this case where terrorists killed with sophisticated weapons and so calmly as if they've been very well, professionally, trained for it.