Saturday, February 28, 2009

Memories Of Iranian Revolution And Ayatollah Khomeni

Long time back,my mind wanders. I used to be in People's Medical College, Nawabshah hostel ,in my teens. I used to listen to Ayatollah Khomeini on Paris radio and did not really know what it was all about but then I was always interested in current affairs,history,world politics. I remember my roomate, a Bahai student who lived in Karachi, telling me about the Shah locking up Mullas in Iran and street demos in Teheran. Then came the revolution. By this time I had struggled for a migration to Karachi and was in Karachi.The revolution seemed like a far fetched adventure story. No sides taken. Really could not understand anything at the time.Then the Khomeini magic took hold for some time as his speeches became available in Karachi with urdu translations.I used to read the pamphlets in cheap ,low cost paper. I was always fascinated by his speeches. So many years on I look at the fascination to revolution,maybe youth was the driving force. Now revolutions seem such a waste of human energy! No need for bloodshed,then again do humans really understand the futility of imposing their experimental ideas on others!

How true when Allah says in His Book " Do not force religion or righteousness, it is only We Who give guidance" ( contextual qoute). when I look at these self centered power hungry,ignorant so called religious scholars I am amazed at their arrogance ! The Ayatollah was never like that. He was truly a great man, a leader who could judge the mood ,the pulse of the people.The Shah was despotic, who had made himself king, thinking as if this was really true. went out at the last minute.

So many years later the other mullas of Iran have become like the Shah, despotic, thinking that they have a right to hold on to power no matter what the cost. Iran has to move forward. The students have to study. The dogmatic,tyrranical edicts have to go!

Iran found Ayatollah and moved to a new aspiration and way. It will find its own way . It is a beautiful, dynamic nation. It will find its own momentum. No Mullas or Shahs can hold it back and it will find its own glory,does not need western civilisation to dictate it any way!

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  1. I totally agree!! Iran's ajami spirit is restless - it'll find it's way amid a changed world. The forced regime would be over soon - infact a change is in the air. Things would be different in the coming years not far from our days.