Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Of World Cup, Muralitharan, Sri Lankan game , India &Pakistan.

Muralitharan one of greatest bowlers of all times.

Sri Lankan World Cup Squad 2011

The World cup has entered the exciting semi-finals .With my favorite Sri Lankans taking the semi against New Zealand yesterday and the extremely passionate and exciting match between Pakistan and India is being held at Mohali stadium , India encompassing diplomacy, sportsmanship, love, passion, hate, competition, betting, game excellence, game craft and overall performance!
Pakistan and India have always played against each other with passion and a spirit of tough competition. Both teams undergo tremendous pressure from their huge populations to win.Their performance will have extra pressure this year post Mumbai attacks. The Pakistani prime minister is also watching the match at the Mohali stadium.
My favorite team this year has been Sri Lanka though I do want Pakistan to win the world cup. It will be so good for Pakistan. Its people have suffered tremendously from suicide bombings, floods and so many insecurities and bad news. For them the winning of the World Cup will be like a real breath of fresh air.I hope they win. The joke about the ladies is though that they are praying for Pakistani team to win and those on the Indian side (the Muslims) are praying for Indian team to win. Does God watch cricket?

The Sri Lankan team shows excellent statistics.
Muttiah Muralitharan is world's greatest player from Sri Lanka. I am his and Shane Warne's fan. He will be the star player to attack the opposite team and win World Cup for Sri Lanka. If Pakistan and Sri Lanka face each other in finals, it will be Muralitharan's bowling that threatens Pakistani batsmen. Will Sri Lanka win and get their World Cup this year? The statistics of players performance stand strong in their favor.For Muralitharan it will be great farewell.
Shane Warne with the World Cup 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whats Happening In Libya, To Libya, For Libya?

Ever heard of Libya? You must have but then more of the looney Gaddafi and in his forty plus years rule. Yes you must have heard of the heartless , mindless Lockerbie bombings and then never about Libya, its people, its desires and dreams!So finally thanks to the amazing 18 days Egyptian Revolution against the despotic rule of Hosni Mubarak, Libya may come out of the shadow of Moammar Gaddafi. We may see a Libya that has a population of some 6,597,960 of which 62.7% are in the age group 15 to 64 years.We may come to see that it is a young population country where the population growth rate is 2.064.We may come to see that post lifting of sanctions in 2006 the Libyan economy grew with increased foreign direct investment and use of petrochemicals and other manufacturing products in the agricultural sector. Libya has the highest per capita income in Africa due to small population and large oil reserves.The despotic rule of Moammar Gaddafi has concentrated the wealth in the hands of him and his cronies. The general public at large is not very educated or prosperous. Another large factor in the schisms in Libyan continuity is the landmass. huge areas that are barely habitable make cities such as Tripoli, Benghazi separate.
There is hidden enmity for superiority over resources between various tribes and socio-political groups.
As the US and allied forces tactically decimate Gaddafi's air, naval and eventually land forces and their strongholds, the Libyan army may change its loyalties. The earlier the better for the people as the civil war scenario should be averted. We do not want and especially the US does not want Al-Qaeda like organizations taking the space of the politically or militarily voids. There is a moral and revenge interest of the UK and its forces. Remember the Lockerbie bombing. The naval base is destroyed to first secure free passage to the land through sea. The no-fly zone is conducive in further weakening the assault capacity of Gaddafi. He was bombarding his own civilians. The rag tag opposition army in Benghazi and Marsata can be helped if allied forces supply arms , people and ammunition.
Gaddafi will eventually fall. The writing is on the wall. People of Libya may emerge truimphant. how soon depends on the resistance by Gaddafi. His last days have come to leave the presidency. If in one months time it will be major victory for the people of Libya..
Iran does not want to interfere but it is watching intently. There may however be some innocent blood shed before Gaddafi retires.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Politics Of Fools And Criminals..Punjab,.Pakistan.

Millions of children are exposed to hazard and a life of risk. What is the Punjab government doing for this. We do not need army for improving their lives. Punjab government an do this itself.
Punjab is the largest most populated province in Pakistan. With the largest agricultural base it also defines the most prosperous province. But is it really so. Not if you look at the crimes, the street crimes, the crimes against humanity, rape, murders, kidnapping for ransom, crimes and violence against women, suicide bombings on police and other sensitive agencies, suicide bombings in shrines, mosques and innocent citizens are seen. The ruling or popularly mandated Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz parliamentarians seem to be in a confused, totally vague or some sort of dazed frame of mindset. This is true for the fact that instead of improving the governance , law and order and economic management in their own province for which they are heavily mandated they are calling out for some very vague and stupid calls to the army and a very pressurized Pakistan Peoples Party in the federal government. They are calling for inclusion of the army in general consensus. The army already has its hands full in Waziristan and KPK.The army has no means or mechanism to run an economic agenda for the common man. The politicians need to understand that all means and mechanisms are in their own hands. Who can do anything if they themselves are stupid, incompetent and far behind in economic governance. They themselves have to find and strengthen the institutions and means of  improving economic governance.The army has also never been able to really run a people friendly agenda from the beginning as it is clear from the martial law administrators that it produced and also its larger self interest and survival. Let it do its own work for which it is heavily budgettted even at the expense of the common man. Now that the enemy is inside our own ranks, the Pakistani polity should realize that the Pakistan army is fighting for its own survival.If there is no writ on large chunks of Pakistani soil and if the war from tribal areas is made to enter Punjab , it will become very difficult for Pakistan to survive in such a way.
A four year old boy who was raped and killed.

The rape and murder of a six year old boy in Lahore today again describes the weak police and law and order situation in Punjab.The hair cutting and parading with blackened face of another young woman who had eloped with a young man as her own husband did not live with her describes the blatant violations of the religious edicts and the inhuman nature and behavior of the Muslim society in Punjab. Instead of releasing the woman and wedding her to a man who would live with her , she is humiliated and punished for an instinct of which even God has given her legitimate permission and which is her natural and social right.
The dacoities, looting and kidnapping for ransom are rampant all over Punjab. Due to a very small and badly managed police force, these crimes which make a citizen's life miserable are multiplying.The rural areas are also being affected badly. Also the terrorists are gaining residence all over as is evident from the blowing up in arms dump by a religious leader in madressah in a small mohalla of which some 60 houses were blown up some three years back and the residents are still out on the roads.The ease with which the terrorists gain entrance and do the violent acts as is evident from various Lahore attacks and the last Faisalabad attack shows the complete lack of coordination and cooperation between federal and provincial interior departments and the complete incompetency of the Punjab interior department to politically tackle the issue. There is a need for absolute political will. The blatant and shameful murders of the governor of Punjab and a sitting minister in Islamabad Punjab also show the complete insecurity even to state functionaries and speaks volumes of the inefficiency of the security apparatus in Punjab.By the way both these high profile people belonged to the Pakistan Peoples Party and were very vocal in its organization in Punjab.
The adhocism in the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz governance issues is apparent from the fact that the chief minister has so many camp offices. The two brothers are ruling the province almost in feudal style of which clan funnily they are not part of. Basically their father was an industrialist of sorts but their style of governance is really Chowdary feudal style. Instead of strengthening the institutions for good governance they are "Camping"  to improve the situation. The chief minister has no loyal, dedicated, honest beauracrats to whom he can delegate his work. Are all beauracrats in Punjab corrupt and inefficient? This is a question he himself should answer and sort out for public interest. The abolition of local governance was also part of his very "Chowdary Style" governance of the last century which is unsustainable in the highly competitive modern world.
Blatant murders even of top government governors and ministers belonging to Pakistan Peoples Party in Punjab speaks volumes.

If Punjab has to enter the competitive fast paced economic and social process, it should have highly competent governors, not the old, feudal, Chowdaries and Sharifs that are now obsolete. The PML N should also look inside its own collar and see what it needs to change to survive. It needs party reforms in a practical and modern sense and not sycophant politics. It seems Punjab has lost its political chance at governance and now the obsolete characters on the political stage are crying foul and barking up dazedly at the wrong tree.


Monday, March 7, 2011

The Politics Of Fools And Criminals.. Sindh,.Pakistan.

Sindh is one of the major provinces of Pakistan.With Karachi as its largest city with one third of  entire Sindh's population is also known as the carotid artery of Pakistan.Karachi with its port, the largest business and trading base for the entire country, its concentration of the technocrats, universities, colleges, professors, teachers, intellectuals and professionals occupies the center of Pakistan's progress and development. This is therefore the most important city that the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party  should concentrate on in terms of governance, providing peace and security to its residents, who come for earning from all over the country. but alas this is not to be as the Sindh faction seems to be a faction consisting of fools. This is evident from the fact that the mismanaged and corrupt way the floods issue be it of the dykes and bunds, be it of funds and relief disbursement, be it of health care to flood victims were handled. This is evident from the way after the Ashura bombing the markets were burnt not by the Shia mourners but by the youth gangs from Lyari, whose video record is with the television channels and who not only burnt shops and trading buildings but also the age old KMC building records room, fumigation vehicles of Karachi City District Government which were at the time under control of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement but also did not let the fire tenders come near the burning buildings and infact attacked some fire water hydrants and made them abandon firefighting when they were near the fires.This is evident from the fact that at the time the minister for interior , Sindh was away somewhere in Thatta or Badin and did neither condemn the bombing and loss of precious lives and traders property nor did he issue any arrest of the obvious criminals involved in these blatantly violent massacres.The federal minister had to come and give statements. This is evident from the fact that after the horrible public killings of eleven traders in Sher Shah last year, the criminals even when identified by the witnesses as belonging to the Peoples Aman Committee from Lyari, were exonerated because the witnesses were made to retreat their stance in identification by the criminals by threatening them.This is evident from the fact that targetted killings continue and despite the assurances from the federal interior minister, the innocent targets come from all political parties and all walks of life. The political workers are usually of lower cadres and the innocent people are almost always poor. This is evident from the fact that despite the knowledge that the land mafia and grabbers are destroying the peace of Karachi residents, the Sindh Provincial assembly has passed the land amendment bill 2009 which will eat away all the public spaces like parks, mosques, hospitals, schools, colleges away from the residents of Karachi.
Karachi needs to be managed and governed in the style of any modern megapolis , not as an area gang fiefdom. The sad part is that the co-chairman of the PPP despite his claim to be a businessman of sorts(it is another matter that we never heard of his businesses before Benazir Bhutto came to power) fails to understand the politics of governance in Karachi. The other questionable reason of his keeping the interior minister Sindh with such an obvious friction with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement's leaders and causing major friction with the largest mandated vote bank in Karachi is not known and understood. Why despite repeated statements that flare-up tensions between the two opposing parties and the insistent by the incumbant co-chairman on politics of reconciliation, the interior minister of Sindh is not bieng replaced. It seems obvious now that the politics of PPP in Sindh is a politics of turf wars or so they think and a politics of revenge. By removing the local government and replacimg it with administrators the PPP, thought they would gain control. This is not so. This is not to their advantage as in all other cities and villages except Karachi, Hyderabad and some parts of Sukkur the majoritty is PPP mandate. Karachi mandate for MQM cannot be changed at least not in near future as is evident from the fact that PPP has done nothing to increase its vote in the middle class population of Karachi and stays at the three areas which it represents for the last 30 years. In Sindh PPP is  behaving as an ethnic party. This has been evident from the statements made by the Sindh interior minister in Lyari while standing on stage with noted criminals and threatening the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, an overwhelmingly Punjabi party, not to leave one office of this party in the entire Sindh from Karachi to Kashmore, from Bhaan to Tharparkar, implying destroying violently their offices.This is evident from the fact that in his recent statement he has accepted bieng a criminal if Peoples Aman Committee are criminals and declaring this controversial organization with a criminal past and record as a part of Pakistan Peoples Party.

If this is the way that the party is moving into the very complex, challenging and competitive political, economic,and social future of Pakistan , then I must declare that it surely is the politics of fools. If the PPP leadership is tied by personal loyalties and its second tier leadership which seems to be the entire party after Benazir's death fails to realize that such an important province and such an important city cannot be given in the hands of few uninformed , new politicians destroying its future prospects for a political future, then it is a sad story. Benazir Bhutto would have not sacrificed her life for such a petty cause and such a petty group of people. It seems that the entire future is in the hands of people who for their selfish gains and war lord styles and who have still to answer to Mir Murtaza Bhutto's murder.How sad it will be when in the next election almost half of Sindh will not vote for them and there is a tussle for power in parliament. What will the PPP and its Sindh faction give the answer to its citizens for the lack of justice, failure of law and order and almost no governance and fairplay.
Young Bilawal Bhutto Zardari faces serious challenges in leadership in Pakistan. 
If the twenty year old Bilawal Bhutto Zardari returns to Pakistan and finds this level of maturity in his Sindh province party and when faced with the bitter reality that he is too young, in-experienced and too late, how will he handle the immense challenges. gone are the days of fiefdom, elitist politics. Can they not see the writing on the wall? Can they not see Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya? Can the fools please leave the Pakistan Peoples Party alone and all the matuer politicians raise their hands? Class dismissed!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ah This Political Circus....Pakistan.

Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark
Can I Qoute Here  In The State  Of Pakistan
Ah , A Land That Was Meant To be Pure
For The Pure, Of The Pure
Alas That Was A Dream Not Meant To Be
Something Is Surely Rotten Here
As The Sands Of Freedom Shift From Beneath Our Feet
As The Betrayed Soldiers Fall
In Cold Blood
On The Cold , Cold Roads
I Can See With My Rotted Eyes
Smell The Stench So Foul
Of Rotting Bodies
Of Rotting Souls
As The Specters Of Freezing Cold Zombies From The Graves Rise
I Can Feel The Lancinating Pain Of The Death Of The Kind Souls
In My Putrid Body
A Body So Rotten
Like The Dead Meat Eaten By Vermin
The Stench Of Hatred  Fills Our Rotten Souls
All Of Us Like Vampires Come To Rest and Rejoice 
In The Stench Filled Graveyard That Is Now Our Home, Our Country
Blood Not a Gory fluid But A Favored Drink
A Ghastly Drink To Be Savored By Our Religious Souls
Rotten Souls
Souls So Ghoulish That Even The Ghouls Cringe And Flinch From
Can There Be Healing
Can There Be The Balm For All Our Pain
As I Ask These Questions 
To Keep My Sanity
As I Grope For A Lifeline
No Matter how Broken, No Matter How Shaken
I Wish And Hope That God Will Look This Way Someday
As I  Put Roses And Lilies 
On Graves Of The Fallen Soldiers Of Love
Soldiers Of Freedom
I Hope And I Wish 
That God Will Look Our Way Someday.