Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Of World Cup, Muralitharan, Sri Lankan game , India &Pakistan.

Muralitharan one of greatest bowlers of all times.

Sri Lankan World Cup Squad 2011

The World cup has entered the exciting semi-finals .With my favorite Sri Lankans taking the semi against New Zealand yesterday and the extremely passionate and exciting match between Pakistan and India is being held at Mohali stadium , India encompassing diplomacy, sportsmanship, love, passion, hate, competition, betting, game excellence, game craft and overall performance!
Pakistan and India have always played against each other with passion and a spirit of tough competition. Both teams undergo tremendous pressure from their huge populations to win.Their performance will have extra pressure this year post Mumbai attacks. The Pakistani prime minister is also watching the match at the Mohali stadium.
My favorite team this year has been Sri Lanka though I do want Pakistan to win the world cup. It will be so good for Pakistan. Its people have suffered tremendously from suicide bombings, floods and so many insecurities and bad news. For them the winning of the World Cup will be like a real breath of fresh air.I hope they win. The joke about the ladies is though that they are praying for Pakistani team to win and those on the Indian side (the Muslims) are praying for Indian team to win. Does God watch cricket?

The Sri Lankan team shows excellent statistics.
Muttiah Muralitharan is world's greatest player from Sri Lanka. I am his and Shane Warne's fan. He will be the star player to attack the opposite team and win World Cup for Sri Lanka. If Pakistan and Sri Lanka face each other in finals, it will be Muralitharan's bowling that threatens Pakistani batsmen. Will Sri Lanka win and get their World Cup this year? The statistics of players performance stand strong in their favor.For Muralitharan it will be great farewell.
Shane Warne with the World Cup 2011

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