Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Mother's Prayer...Maa Ki Dua.

Poem by Meherzaidi

Aye Allah Parwardigaar Pak Rab
Meri nanhi si gudrya sada sukhi rahe

Aye hamd ke haqdaar Paalenhaar
yeh naari har aanch se bachi rahe

Eishwar sab ko deney waaley
Is ke bhojan mein koi na kami rahe

Har Qismet ko chamkane waaley
Meri gudriya sone chandi mein sajee rahe

Aye merey Paak Rabb e Ghani
Meri gudriya har dam sada sukhee rahe

(This poem was written in Urdu,Roman Font)

English Translation:

O Allah, The Nurturer, Pristine Maker
May my little doll be happy forever

O,Praiseworthy, Divine Creator
May this girl be saved from Fire

Eishwar, Giver to all and sundry
May your Ganga never run dry

O Shiner of all true fates
May my doll be adorned by your Grace

O my Pristine Lord of Benevolance
May her world be filled by Your Reverence

(I wrote this poem in Urdu in 'Hamd' form,praise poetry to Allah and 'Dua' ,poetry asking God's benovelence in 'Hindustani'Urdu'.India is known as 'Hindustan' in vernacular although it is home to the second largest Muslim community after Indonesia and Bangladesh.The divisions based on religion are no longer relevant to peace in the world especially the subcontinent of South Asia. Pakistan is also multicultural and multi - religious country but is seeing rampant violence and death due to intolerance which is not feasible for modern existence as a country. It should shun its sole claim to Muslim majority and should cultivate tolerance, egalitarian justice and peaceful coexistence for a better future for its young ones.)