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Mike Mullen, Why Are Americans So Unpopular?

Admiral Mike Mullen appears to hit the nail right! the "Intellectual " questions he asked about policy defecits and the issues to be put right and addressed in context of American defence policy and strategic issues are really their own dilemma. We in Pakistan need to describe, define, discuss, debate and then clearly implement these following issues;

  • The future strategy and policy direction after US, foreign troops' withdrawal from Afghanistan.We need to clearly discuss and debate these issues as of now with all stake holders like political parties, army, expert think tanks, civil society groups like human rights organisations, religious groups ,lawyers,educationists etc.The Pakistan government needs to take an initiative on this immediately and open forums and discussions and devise strategy.
  • We should develop consensus building on nation building like the future form of federation,provincial autonomy ,local government,etc.
  • We should completely do away with loopholes and constitutional flaws and intrusions where a non-democratic setup can take over government.The institutional implementation of constitution should be put in place solidly.Indian example should be studied.
  • We should solve this immediate Taliban issue amicably, without dislodging the present tribal system and pitting the tribes against Taliban fighters. This serves only the interest of anti Pakistan forces and will further enhance the Al Qaeda strategic interest. The Pakistani taliban should be seperated from Afghan taliban in a transparent manner and reintegrated in our society and not as a clandestine manouver by the army/ intellegence.
  • The establishment should remove it's cobwebs and try to re -integrate into the Pakistan Polity in a respectable way. This idea of conspiratorial ruling the country should be immediately abandoned.
  • The idea and actions taken in "National Interest" should be only done after open public debate.National interest should always be arrived after debate and consensus and not as a conpiratorial action.
  • The truth and reconciliation commission actions should be defined and we should have a permanent structure or judicial body or tribunal for this . The problem of destabilising the country by such activity when serious issues like mass murders, implementation of martial laws etc will be averted if a permanent body is there and issues have a constitutional cover for people to resort to.

Admiral Mike Mullen asked his own people as to how they addressed their policy direction issues.Why are they failing to devastate Afghan Taliban and Al Qaeda, which is growing stronger inside Afghanistan. The US troops surge and presence will never really solve this problem. This is an administrative problem ,not an ideological one. He is right in stating that US thinkers have never really understood the undercurrents and the thinking in these muslim societies. The irony is that even the muslim population itself does not understand itself, what it wants, what really defines it's aspirations and desires.

On the one hand is the "Ummah" concept so easily used by such varied people like militants like Al Qaeda (if that is any whole organisation), kings like Abdullah of Saudi Arabia,religious leaders who identify with militants and the govt., both and on the other hand the ordinary people of all religious sects and countries who just want to live in the modern world practicing their religion of Islam as in their families and communities.(By the way there are 72 or so sects in Muslims now) Muslim countries and cultures are also vastly varied.The muslims are mainly poor and have low education.

If in an ideal situation where all muslims are one whole and there are no divisions that exist,exists will it help the larger world interests or not? Who's interest is the conspiracy theory amongst Muslims helping?Is it helping the larger world interests or a very small party whose interest lies in armed conflicts and who cannot exist without war.Do countries who spend billions of dollars in armed conflicts losing their money and men in the process gaining or losing? Does one particular country lose or gain in prolonged armed conflict?

Just as Americans are questioning their past actions/?follies, and trying to find answers and solutions to their dilemmas, we Muslim people also need to address the following issues:

  • Why are we confusing the concept of "Ummah" with the contemporary vested interest label of "Khilafat " .The concept of Khilafat has been presented by Islamic scholars such as Maulana Maudoodi in his seminal writings, and ideologically idolised by his various followers , mostly Pakistanis.The last Caliph of the Turkish dynasty also was a "Khalifa" for whom the Indian muslims also mistimed the Khilafat movement.The so called Al Qaeda view is also a "Khilafat" concept.( though I really have to see this organisation as such except a few still life pictures of Aiman Al Zwahery appearing with various statements on tv.) The Ummah is defined in the holy book as a whole polity of people. This is not an ideal state. Many scholars also look at it in a political state like Khilafat.Khilafat may also be taken as an ideological state as defined in holy book of muslims but in contemporary context of Islamic militancy it is taken as a political ideal.So now in Pakistan especially we need to clearly demarcate and decide whether we are in favor of Pakistan state or in favor of a militant ideology that is spread to wrest control out of the hands of the Pakistanis into an unknown,clandestine group.
  • We clearly need to address and understand our region,it's people and aim for a peaceful coexistence. For this we will have to clearly reorganise our thinking with regards to India. The entire Pakistani media, state, now sees India as the enemy number one and usually any action of violence occuring on our soil is blamed on India. The other militants benefit from this.We need to clearly define our policies regarding our posture towards India, shifting from a government and military centric focus to people centric focus, where we increase trade, cooperation in social sector development such as health( India has also improved it's class and cultural homicide issues).Only by seeing the people of India as our neighbors will we able to move forward.
  • We need to address the Afghan foreign policy also in the same people friendly context. This country has a very deep bond with Pakistan in the Pashtun context. We simply cannot operate with them in a military context only. Here also improving trade,helping rebuilding Afghanistan,improving relations with the people directly will help. Post foreign troops withdrawal and if we have already worked on this , we will stand a better chance of addressing the violence issue.

Why Do Some Towns Thrive? and Other Questions | Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural

Why Do Some Towns Thrive? and Other Questions | Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural

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More Gory Contents Out Of Pandora's Box...Mud pies Throw Party Galore, Bad Ducking!

What is this Jasmeen Manzoor(Anchor in a shouting mode) of 11th hour ARY one news upto? Shouting shrilly she almost dislodges Mr.Siddiq Al Farooq of PML (N)( see my previous post also.)from his chair or sworn stand . She asks about the 1992 operation and he answers ask president Musharraf ,the dictator who was the head then. she further shrilly shouts that we are talking about1992 and not 1997, he then answers that we want to hang Musharraf because only by doing so we will close gates to all future martial laws and ensure a transparent govt.This discussion has aheading of Who are the 72 big fish who were the so called target by certain people and the MQM was in advertantly involved. she then qoutes an IG police, Punjab (deceased) on his book who has given the names and said that criminals were brought to Lahore to be sent back on a mission as abait for the 72 big fish. Mr. Siddiq al Faruq says that the intellegence officers give false statements, write fact twisting books, (poor guy is not there to defend his stand) and percentage (25% truth when on duty on a mission and 100% lies when on a bigger mission etc, wonder how he arrived at the percentages of truth and lies as operational by intellegence men? Really wonder).so I think mr Siddiq al faru is really tired of continuous juggling tv anchors questions and he is getting disoriented about the time frame and his facts sequence.

enter picture Chaudry Shujaat otherwise decent but I cannot gulp down this that although he was interior minister at the time , how did he miss the 60-70 boys/men bieng killed by the then intellegence or army people and bieng buried under Margalla Hills? I cannot accept this and all the time I have been walking, dancing up margalla when I was newly married. God this was 1990, close to 1992( and once when we were coming down my hubby even had a verbal dual with a young police officer who stopped our car and was aggressive). So Chaudry Shujaat, the head of Pakistan Muslim League, otherwise knowledgeable guy, reasonable guy, cannot answer this simple uestion as to what happened who were the 72 big fish?According to him there are no fishes ,just crocodiles in Pakistan.

Suddenly the contents are getting dirtier,the waters of the political pond murkier. What is really happening and the people have more pressing problems like food, electricity, jobs,water and such.

Headlines about the Justice system A La Pakistan Style;A poor guy has his nose ,ears,and "soft parts" chopped off in a Karo Kari (Very Punjabi ,Sindhi,Baluchi custom) and will soon not recieve any justice or compensation. he will be forgotten just like other such cases, by the way average is atleast 4 per week thanks to the free media, we can count the stats!So this custom is very vehementlly defended by the fuedals and tribals who practice it,even if they are federal minister for education in a modern, secular is allowed to flourish and the male members of the provincial assemblies, even threaten and threateningly deny passage or tabling of any resolutions of bills against Karo Kari or rape by Brave and beautiful people like Humera Alwani

This custom is overwhelmingly ignored and turned away from Ostrich style by the so called Muslim, Ummatis who say that it is only "behayayee" that America is spreading and they are against India, and cannot answer the fact that why a 3 year old girl whose parts are not even mature is raped and killed and why a girl child survivor with whom we work , is now 7 years had her eyes gouged out and body cut in various places when she was 4 years. were these girls provocateurs? So the islamic custodians of Pakistan's UFO's do not want to answer this simple query! The statistics of women and children and especially girl child is even greater than people who die by accidents.No body is bothered ,no one supports!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fast forward Pandora's Box,Humpty Dumpties Telerama !

From yesterday to today, things are moving between various television channels at a spinning pace. so fast the spin wheel is moving that guys like Andrew Sullivan and Nico Pitney will have their cervical vertebras dislodged just by changing channels with a remote.
Brig Imtiaz sagorama;he comes on express news (urdu) channel and almost re turns his version as if a surgeon ,almost as a second after thought opens up the stitches he had so carefully put. Says the newly lime lighted guy; The operation was started to destabilise the Nawaz Sharif govt., and nawaz Sharif did not know that the operation will take a turn against MQM. now this after almost a long day full of MQM crying and lamenting and poor Mr. Siddiq Al Farooq (PML N spokesperson) almost juggling his comments ,on air , in car, on telephone, between various channels. Thank God twitter hasn't captured the television communication market,we are still saved! So he went on giving explanations as reported in my last post and MR. Altaf Hussain cried with the lady audiences and anchors with him a s usual(these Indian/Pakistani females want to cry all the time, the only expression that is allowed to them by their respective religions.)Brigadiere (retired)Imtiaz has now revised his version as I think he realised that too much polarisation will end up every body making a punchbag out of him.
Musharraf tragedy in making update; The supreme court has returned the case that was filed against retired general Musharraf with some objection. This also seems like an after... well I can't say more!
Now the really good news for Mr. Nawaz Sharif and all those against the 17th amendment excluding the double playing and later apoligising fat people! mr Raza Rabbani says that the nation may hear good news about consensually agreed 18th amendment!
Baluchistan update; Shaukat Tareen says National finance Award will be decided and Baluchistan will be compensated. good news. But why did the baluch blew up their own things and killed and fired and wounded their own boys in Quetta yesterday on the death anniversary of Mr. Bugti? Will violence solve the problems?This kind of violence also gives bad impression to people of other areas.
Meanwhile all over the country except Karachi people are bieng beaten by sticks, slapped on their faces , in long ques, come sunshine or rain( as in Rawalpindi) for atta , bieng inadequately, mismanagedly provided by provincial govts.,Old and frail are fainting and the Punjab chief minister is asking difficult and "important " questions in Bachat Bazars like "why are the people not questioning as to who were the people who ate up billions of rupees and were later given posts and ministries and let of by NAB? says the ever vigilant Punjab chief minister, "why were you not protesting on this aspect? and the poor hungry, wretched "Riyaya"( subjects) look at him ,not hearing his plea, or request a la order, faint in the intense heat of the que.
The honorable chief minister of Sindh, who so wants the local govt., to go. also answered a strange reply to a question that why was sugar or atta not given in certain locality of Shahdadkot,"the administrator who was supposed to start the sale was lazy, started late!" Good example of administrator's governance, in lieu of local govt., representatives.
Ramzan mubarak and stop trying to juggle everything at the same time . delegate , devolve, let people handle their own affairs, stop mafiasation, stop cartelsation, stop your bad governance.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Humpty Dumpties' And Princess Pandora In Pakistan!

This is not a fairy tale as in fairy tales. Well so many stories, and so many rats, oh well I was not talkin' of Pied Piper but then who is this guy Brigadiere Imtiaz, with blue eyes? nicely retired in a comfortable Punjabi style house, all the time in his hands to spill the beans and now such a favorite pastime of every body politicians, retired generals, tv anchors or not , ordinary people like me ,not so ordinary people and of course ,thanks to relatively free and now almost unethical,out of bounds media , journalists!
So the recent blast of Pied Piper, brigadiere retired Imtiaz of Intellegence beaurau, comes on ARY digital tv and sings away as to why there was an army operation in 1992, against the MQM, a large urban, Karachi, Hyderabad, Khairpur based political party with 15 seats in national assembly.It is alleged that 15000 innocent party people were tortured and killed during this opertation. The MQM chief, Mr Altaf Hussain almost broke down in tears when discussing this with Jasmeen Manzoor in her 11th hour on 24 august.Brig., Imtiaz blames the then president for bringing about the operation against the MQM, of which he says the prime minister knew. On the same program, the then core commander came and said that the operation was against the criminal elements and not against the party in particular.So the Pandora's box is opened!
The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) , now the second largest mandated party in assembly ,headed by Mr. Nawaz Sharif, who was the then prime minister, is now clarifying it's position by saying that he did not know at the time as to army launching any operation and their spokesman who is frequenting all tv channels by popular demand , is blaming the MQM to open this issue in order to divert attention from article 6 for the treason charge on general(retired) Pervez Musharraf, for subversion of the constitution, which the PML(N) is desperately trying to lodge.
Mr Altaf Hussain, chairman MQM, in his emotional telefonic, video address to his party members demanded the chief justice Supreme Court to probe inquiry in thi this issue and start the invocation of this article in all cases from general Zia ul Haq's era. The PML (N) spokesman says MQM is also trying to divert attention from the tragedy of May 12,2007 when 50 people were brutally murdered on Karachi roads (See Utube videos for both sides footage) and for whose trial the Sindh High Court has issued notices to Mr Altaf Hussain and general (retired) Musharraf.
Spilled beans, rats' infestations,Pandora's box contents: what is happening?so many questions, Pakistanis going crazy, spinning heads!
  • PML(N) pressurizing Zardari, Gilani government to finish off 17th amendment to the constitution,as agreed in charter of democracy by Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif.Mr Zardari has passed this on to 27 member comittee of parliament which is sitting on it.(Here maybe the HUmpty Dumpty fable entry).
  • The PML(N) increasing pressure,( the pressure cooker lid may blow off!) by asking govt., (Gilani) to invoke article 6 of constitution to hang the retired general for subverting the constitution and commiting high treason. this they say will eventually block the way for future martial laws.(You should listen to the incoherent Chaudry Shujaat of the now badly, centrifugally divided PML(Q) who emphasises the inability of "any thing" in Pakistan to prevent martial laws).
  • The PML(N) bringing about an outright assault on local governments and asking for their abolition and after much appearances in tv shows and show of force by all nazims and people in the whole country, conceding to change the system away from Musharraf"s sytem to the real local govt., system.Their recommendations to president are not made public, the chief minister (Punjab) continues to visit Ramzan Bachat Bazars in a whirlwind tours galore, to check ,punish, control prices and commodities provision to people in a magical, do it all way. Funny style of governance. All nazims and councillors were corrupt so here I am the intensely night awakener giving good governance in my personal magical style all over Punjab.Sorry what if you have intense diarrhoea or have to go to London for say a cardiac checkup and the next in line may not have this magical energy, or maybe "corrupt" ?What about proper local govt., after elections immediately on party basis? Would not they be able to control/check/provide provisions and commodities by institutional behaviour, mechanism. We will not need "JUST ONE" magic wand!And this will be for the whole country or has Pakistan shrunk to Punjab only.
  • The poor Cinderella like Mr Asif Zardari, who has so far managed to handle his party's affairs and also affairs of the coalition, is in a very tight corner, but thanks to his personality, he shows immense dexterity, sauveness and just the right amount of humility in taking all the actors(Some actors on Pakistan stage) together. His successful ingress into militants' strong and strange strangle holds, his almost successful consensus building amongst all political parties on these issues are apparent.
  • The lack of coherence in policies and price/ inflation/commodities issues seems at the level of provincial governments in Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan. the reasons are many and varied but in Punjab and Sindh it is apparent that poor governence style, lack of institutional mechanisms,appear to be the underlying reasons for all the trouble.

So if we want to spread magic and put everything right in on star spangled adabbra cadabra we must, let the Pandora's box remain closed, let Humpty Dumpty sit comfortably on his wall, let the Gulliver conquer the strange midgets in their hornets' nests,and improve Governance at local level, provincial ,level and let the incumbent government complete it's period.We must remain united lest we fall!

Almost post script,maybe the future headline; Mr Bugti 's murder FIR lodged in Chaman, Baluchistan against Retired general Musharraf.

What really happened here?What was the story behind the propakistan Bugti to ebecome the target for "They will not know what hit them"? What will be the enough evidence, including an intact pair of eyeglasses in a bombed out operation? Who will identify the body as family was not allowed to see the body before burial? Who bombed the cave in which Mr. Bugti was supposedly residing? Why were the companions who were killed with him not named?Why was the army involved in a clandestine operation?What are the institutional mechanisms of check and balances by which the army operates in such cases? why did the elected parliament and the prime minister not question such an operation? This is the Pandora's box which will have to be opened if we want to save Baluchistan and the future of federation. Another Pandora's box is Benazir Bhutto's murder. This has to be opened too. It cannot remain closed. This is too serious a problem not to be brought out in the open.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Local Government Dilemma In Pakistan.

Pakistan faces many challenges in governance and democracy.The elected federal and provincial governments have not even completed their second year and many dangerous problems are arising and many poisonous brews are brewing. As the sword of Democles hangs over the new democratic setup so many unimportant in the sense of urgency ,issues are taken up by political parties, not realizing that too much pressure at the wrong time on the federal setup may bring about disastrous results.
The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has brought up many issues to the fore which may be very dangerous and seem to be opening a seemingly Pandoras box . the issue of article 6 of high treason against Musharraf seems most vocally put forward.The other of dissolving local body govt., in all of Pakistan and appointing administrators instead for a period of one year. The Sindh and Punjab govts., are very keen on this but the Mutahida Qaumi Movement, who have run these local govts., successfully are opposing this dissolution. The Pakistan muslim League (Q) now Pervez Elahi faction is also resisting dissolution. Another very vocal supporter of local govts., is Danyal Aziz , who has formed the United union councils, Pakistan, a forum for all the representatives of local govt., he says which are around 80, 000. He favors the continuation of this system and questions the Punjab govt., especially on their sincerity towards devolution of power and their capacity for good governance. he presents facts and figures favoing this system and also as to why the audit reports were not submitted by DMG group officers for evaluation and why the current Punjab govt., is failing to bring the corruption charges against the nazims and councillors forward. He is openly accusing the Punjab govt., of paving way by attacking the current system, for getting hold of future funds and eliminating any audit and accountability which is given at the local level.
The PML(Nawaz) is opposing the continuation of the current system it says , because it was made by General Parvez Musharraf to sideline the elected ,popular parties and as he would hold the non-party electedrepresentatives(Nazims) under his direct control by giving them massive funds and they were not even answerable to provincial and fedreal parliaments. This did happen and many corruption cases seem to stem from this . The Mutahida Qaumi Movement(MQM) has used these funds to a good use especially in Karachi where they have built bridges, flyovers, roads, parks etc. The areas in Hyderabad have also been improved. As the behaviour as an organisation of lower and middle class urbanites this party has always taken interest in civic affairs and whether in govt., or not, their workers always clean roads, areas and organise civic activities. For them local govt., system is second nature.Mr. Altaf Hussain has strongly urged the govt., to continue with the system and call for new elections and opposed dissolution.
The Sindh govt., is favoring dissolution and urging the appointment of administrators and putting the issue before provincial asssembly when need arises. They strongly believe that in this way they can dent the working and popularity of MQM and as one elected, old PPP executive comittee member told me personally to finish off MQM.The blame PPP councillors are giving that MQM is not giving their councillors any developmental funds. The other blame they put on MQM is that they are urban and they will not let the rural areas develop. They also blameMQM for corruption.The MQM has answered all these satisfactorially.
Mr Zardari is sitting on a recommendation sent to him by provincial govts.,which favors dissolution. Mr Zardari does not seem to favor dissolution , at least for now.
Th political problems it is posing for him are many and may become serious in the immediate future. if we believe the conspiracy theories bieng hatched, and they are rampant then he may lose support of MQM and other parties which are not directly against him. Indirectly the PML (N) may succeed in tightening the noose against him. The other manouver, by mixing the issue
of article 6 at the same time may bring about the idea of mid term elections, and mr Altaf Hussain has said vocally that if local govts., are dissolved and no new elections called then assemblies should also be dissolved.

It seems that these theories maynot be so unfounded after all. Mr Zardari seems aware of this also.He maybe more dexterous in handling this than we think.

The issue of local government should be looked in the context of good governance and devolution of power to the grass root level only. All modern cities, especially megacities like Karachi cannot be even run for a single month if the local govt., system is abolished. The 18 towns that are bursting with people will be cut down to three or four, the mayor will be the sole authority. It will be simply unmanageable in all affairs. As it is the city district govt., has so far only worked on infrastructure and needed to improve transport, solid waste management, education and health on an urgent priority basis.
If the big political parties call for elections for local govt., and on a party basis , instead of appointing administrators and changing or maybe in Punjab, abrogating the whole system altogether, they will be doing themselves a favor. It is high time that people of Pakistan are given their true legitimate share in governence instead of a dust in the eyes by vested interests, tribals and fuedals.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nazia Hasan,Runa Laila, Naheed...The Songbirds of Pakistan.

The songbirds of Pakistan, Nazia Hasan , Naheed Akhtar and Runa Laila are always remembred with love and joy. These were original, entertained our generation and will always do it to the younger ones for all times to come.
My earliest memories of Runa are when she was 16 and just started singing on tv in a song program which was original and very entertaining and was kind of new pop music. She would entertain for a whole one hor with her melodious ,lilting voice, with such dexterity, sweetness and artistry that a song bird would not be able to compete. I was so impressed by her style that to this day I remember the pleasure her singing imparted. She is a true artist, not like so many newer ones who just perform for appearance and dances and not real songs.
The other good singer who had an elegant,versatile style is Naheed Akhtar .She also has a unique singing style which creates deep emotions in the listener. Her voice quality is also amazing ,inspite of bieng high pitched. She created quite a stir with her fresh Punjabi looks and her very heart reaching songs.
Nazia hasan captured the hearts with her popular , entertaining disco style songs.
All these singers songs are there on you tube for entertainment.
Zinda Rahain to Keya - Naheed Akhtarh - The most amazing home videos are here
Runa Laila Live @ Ptv in Her Teens - Awesome video clips here
Runa Laila | Dama Dam Mast Qalandar - A funny movie is a click away

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Lonely Heart Tragedy In USA....What Price Love?

As the tragedy unfolds in USA over the gym shooting and the details come out over the media of the 47 year old gym owner turned killer, it becomes clear what is becoming of modern society in USA. people will be people ,they need love, companionship, friendship and someone to share life with. This guy had improved his style, was physically ok, lots of females came to the gym, yet he could not find a psartner.What really happened? Why did he decide to kill women? I think he behaved like a little boy who when cannot get what he wants, breaks the toys that he is playing with! Yes that is exactly what happened to him.
In the modern western society, loneliness is increasing as the lifestyle of city people is increasingly job oriented. The issues of finding the right partner are also increasing as the desires , expectations are increasing. the media shows glamorous,girls and desirable sexual images. The office jobs are demanding and time is long. Often people are on their own with no parents or relatives. So the concentration is on bars, pubs, discos and clubs. The singles scene is often one night stands, looking for love everyday and being available most of the time. This breeds a kind of appeal advertising sexuality. In olden days , the choice was small, small towns limited expectations,early marraige. Now sex outside marraige is almost normal occurence, so the finding of right partner becomes crusade because each person has his/her own sexual prefernces and desires. Thanls to the widespread available sleezy mags etc available, the mystery, and novely has disappeared. Before usually the folks were content with a single life partner . Now even the loving partner maybe a bore in bed. So the divorce and infidelity rate is rising.
The modern western society is heading towards disaster in sexuality as the human nature is against promiscuityand in favor of bonding, permanence in relationship and sexual choice. This is why we have children and a short life span. By the time they are brought up, we are old and our youth has passed.The intellectual fulfilment of desire is also fulfilled only for a short time period by humans in order to sustain the function of procreation. After this period the goal of achievement will have changed.
The fashion of marraige beaurues as in Asian societies is not there. The culture of "looking for love" is difficult to sustain in a fast society like USA. The attendent problems like HIV AIDS, alcoholism,drugs etc also increase. I think the solution lies in marraige and marraige beauraues as in Asian societies. Here you can register with appropriate data and the solution is with the beauraue. The best part is that matching all background requirements , you can be assured of novelty, surprise, mystery and desire that is so essential for any lasting relationship. Marraige brings bonding to humans in a nurturing way. Justify the desirability of the sexual urge by a safe environment and familiar, reliable condition.
Marraige also helps in building communities in modern world as families come together and then like minded people gather to build the fabric of community. The cities which lack the cohesion in humans, will also be helped by marraige as there will be more family oriented activities in cities.
The idea of marraige is now the key solution to the modern western societies as their population will also increase. The marraiges have more space to structure the requirement of children also. So the new generation will have a more desirable upbringing.This will help the society.
Instead of looking at this from the religious point we should see from anthroplogical point and this maybe more appealing for modern western societies.
The lonely Heart Syndrome is very sad for a society that has plenty. This should not have happened in USA.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Punjabi Taleban, Gojra Massacre,Administrative Ostrich's,Whither Pakistan's Politics? The massive tragedy that has shaken the robust Punjab town of Gojra where a Christian and Muslim population lived peacefully for the last 60 years side by side has again raised the huge and repulsive spectre of terrorism, taleban style,religious zealotry gory style and the deep polarisation of false ideologies ingrained in Pakistani society after the Zia era and the Afghan jehad.
In the quiet of night on a normal day, about 45 houses were burnt in a village of Koriyan ,some 8 km from Gojra. As most of the men were away on some police inquiry after an incident of blasphemous religious act was reported in this village in a Christian wedding.A group of masked men entered the village and literally burnt it down. They all escaped unhindered. The next day everything except on tv channel(Express TV) was reporting this incident. All the other channels were busy reporting the judges case. The BBC and CNN were amazingly quiet on this issue. the next day a mob of about 3000-4000 persons as alleged by some reporters but not confirmed by any govt.,or independent sources gathered at Gojra a little distance from the residences of the Christian community. The people about 6-8 from the Christian community fired in the air to repulse any desire by the mob to approach. In return there was firing by unknown people , and a girl and few other muslims were injured. As the tv footage of live firing shows and reports and pictures in Dawn show, young men came inside the Christian residences and brought out their belongings and set fire to them and then to the houses. Many women and children were burnt some alive and many were injured. The police and administration were insconspicuos by their absence. At the end a few policemen were seen extinguishing the fires with utensils. women and children were bieng carried in push carts to hospitals in critical state. All the houses(some say60) were burnt down. I saw on tv muslim men sobbing and helping the Christian neghbors. Later many gave eyewitness accounts of the horrible incidence and reported that outsiders had come and occupied a mosque and were active since last few months. They held them responsible for the tragedy. Many are saying it is the banned organisations in Punjab who are now converted to Punjabi Taleban and organise such acts of hatred and violence. In the last few years of Musharraf era these banned militant organisations have reorganised themselves,forged links with militants in Waziristan and are now quite ready to organise attacks on Pakistan. They use the power of religious coercion to spread the hatred for other communities to achieve their foul ends.They are happy ,thanks to the turn the face and Ostrich attittude of the establishment to religious pretenders,they can freely operate. People like Imran Khan justify openly to stop operation against militants and terrorists and pretend to be very patriotic Pakistani and modern muslim.
The tragedy is that the govt has too many fronts to fight and the people are helpless.
Such tragedies have to be foreseen and avoided.