Friday, August 28, 2009

More Gory Contents Out Of Pandora's Box...Mud pies Throw Party Galore, Bad Ducking!

What is this Jasmeen Manzoor(Anchor in a shouting mode) of 11th hour ARY one news upto? Shouting shrilly she almost dislodges Mr.Siddiq Al Farooq of PML (N)( see my previous post also.)from his chair or sworn stand . She asks about the 1992 operation and he answers ask president Musharraf ,the dictator who was the head then. she further shrilly shouts that we are talking about1992 and not 1997, he then answers that we want to hang Musharraf because only by doing so we will close gates to all future martial laws and ensure a transparent govt.This discussion has aheading of Who are the 72 big fish who were the so called target by certain people and the MQM was in advertantly involved. she then qoutes an IG police, Punjab (deceased) on his book who has given the names and said that criminals were brought to Lahore to be sent back on a mission as abait for the 72 big fish. Mr. Siddiq al Faruq says that the intellegence officers give false statements, write fact twisting books, (poor guy is not there to defend his stand) and percentage (25% truth when on duty on a mission and 100% lies when on a bigger mission etc, wonder how he arrived at the percentages of truth and lies as operational by intellegence men? Really wonder).so I think mr Siddiq al faru is really tired of continuous juggling tv anchors questions and he is getting disoriented about the time frame and his facts sequence.

enter picture Chaudry Shujaat otherwise decent but I cannot gulp down this that although he was interior minister at the time , how did he miss the 60-70 boys/men bieng killed by the then intellegence or army people and bieng buried under Margalla Hills? I cannot accept this and all the time I have been walking, dancing up margalla when I was newly married. God this was 1990, close to 1992( and once when we were coming down my hubby even had a verbal dual with a young police officer who stopped our car and was aggressive). So Chaudry Shujaat, the head of Pakistan Muslim League, otherwise knowledgeable guy, reasonable guy, cannot answer this simple uestion as to what happened who were the 72 big fish?According to him there are no fishes ,just crocodiles in Pakistan.

Suddenly the contents are getting dirtier,the waters of the political pond murkier. What is really happening and the people have more pressing problems like food, electricity, jobs,water and such.

Headlines about the Justice system A La Pakistan Style;A poor guy has his nose ,ears,and "soft parts" chopped off in a Karo Kari (Very Punjabi ,Sindhi,Baluchi custom) and will soon not recieve any justice or compensation. he will be forgotten just like other such cases, by the way average is atleast 4 per week thanks to the free media, we can count the stats!So this custom is very vehementlly defended by the fuedals and tribals who practice it,even if they are federal minister for education in a modern, secular is allowed to flourish and the male members of the provincial assemblies, even threaten and threateningly deny passage or tabling of any resolutions of bills against Karo Kari or rape by Brave and beautiful people like Humera Alwani

This custom is overwhelmingly ignored and turned away from Ostrich style by the so called Muslim, Ummatis who say that it is only "behayayee" that America is spreading and they are against India, and cannot answer the fact that why a 3 year old girl whose parts are not even mature is raped and killed and why a girl child survivor with whom we work , is now 7 years had her eyes gouged out and body cut in various places when she was 4 years. were these girls provocateurs? So the islamic custodians of Pakistan's UFO's do not want to answer this simple query! The statistics of women and children and especially girl child is even greater than people who die by accidents.No body is bothered ,no one supports!

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