Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nazia Hasan,Runa Laila, Naheed...The Songbirds of Pakistan.

The songbirds of Pakistan, Nazia Hasan , Naheed Akhtar and Runa Laila are always remembred with love and joy. These were original, entertained our generation and will always do it to the younger ones for all times to come.
My earliest memories of Runa are when she was 16 and just started singing on tv in a song program which was original and very entertaining and was kind of new pop music. She would entertain for a whole one hor with her melodious ,lilting voice, with such dexterity, sweetness and artistry that a song bird would not be able to compete. I was so impressed by her style that to this day I remember the pleasure her singing imparted. She is a true artist, not like so many newer ones who just perform for appearance and dances and not real songs.
The other good singer who had an elegant,versatile style is Naheed Akhtar .She also has a unique singing style which creates deep emotions in the listener. Her voice quality is also amazing ,inspite of bieng high pitched. She created quite a stir with her fresh Punjabi looks and her very heart reaching songs.
Nazia hasan captured the hearts with her popular , entertaining disco style songs.
All these singers songs are there on you tube for entertainment.
Zinda Rahain to Keya - Naheed Akhtarh - The most amazing home videos are here
Runa Laila Live @ Ptv in Her Teens - Awesome video clips here
Runa Laila | Dama Dam Mast Qalandar - A funny movie is a click away

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