Monday, May 30, 2011

Pakistan's May Dilemmas.

To qoute Sartre A lost battle is a battle one thinks one has lost.

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Pakistan's ides of March came in May. 2nd May when UBL found and killed by US Navy Seals in dead of night in Abbottabad, a military academy base. 24 rth May, PNS Mehran attack in Karachi on Orion surveillance planes of considerable worth and capability. Both the incidences have left Pakistan without any sheild or veil of decency left both in the diplomacy of International relations and in it's Defence capability. The self proclaimed status of world's third largest army and the number one intelligence agency has fallen apart like broken egg shells. All we are left with are the gaping wounds of shame, uncertainty, ignorance and isolation. How does the nation heal?
The now very parochial looking Nawaz Sharif with a "PUG" has changed his stance from questioning as to how and with whose hospitality was UBL sitting in our populated Abbottabad to "How dare USA attack our sovereignty?". 
He screams his lungs out that we will break the "Kushkol" , the begging bowl of aid. Two things are clear that he wants the army and the ISI to answer the questions regarding May 2 in Abottabad. Also he has no idea of modern economics and what Pakistan's economy is all about at this time and what the people in Pakistan really need and the people of Sindh especially.
Again to qoute Sartre: Everything has been figured out, except how to live
Sindh has seen devastating floods.One year on it is totally destroyed.
It needs help in cash and kind. We cannot talk of anything without acknowledging the misery and pledging help to people who lost in floods especially of Sindh and Baluchistan which saw devastation on massive scale. The agenda for Mr Nawaz Sharif should have been to galvanize support and help for these people and not " breaking the begging bowl " That is mere rhetoric. Gone are the days of rhetoric.People are not fools.
They are free and they can think.
Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.Sartre.
So the winning choice for us would be to have two begging bowls . One to fill our debt servicing , because that is where our aid goes and the other for the poor , unfortunate people who cannot send their kids to schools now that their livelihoods, abodes and schools are destroyed. For the poor people to reconstruct their homes, their lands, their living, their jobs.The Kerry Lugar Fund will be just a drop in the ocean. Why are the Jamaatis and all the rightists opposing it? Because they do not want the poor to have schools, clinics or any semblance of help where they can get some semblance of dignified existence.
The armed forces have to improve their intelligence sharing and cooperation and coordination. They should also give mere access to the civilians/politicians about information into their budget spending and policies. If Pak army is sincerely run by jawans and officers alone who undoubtedly are very sincere and patriotic then why the fat salaries, power and perks to the generals and their children with plots in posh lands  and societies, other benefits. And who will audit the efficiency and effectiveness of command and control? The civilian government cannot even ask simple questions.It is afraid.Why this should be so and this ambiguity regarding its many valid issues should be removed.What kind of commission is Mr Nawaz Sharif talking about?
The law enforcing agencies should also reform and restructure their organisations immediately. They should bring about more transparency and professionalism in public dealings. The Kharotabad incidence has brought about one such glaring example of confusion and corruption.When half of what the LEA staff is doing is running errands for households of their officers, how can there be law and order?
To quote Sartre again in his seminal "Iron In The Soul" he describes how the demoralized French soldiers must fight after the defeat and humiliation of defeat.We as a nation stand defeated by our own ineptitude and incompetence. We stand defeated and in shame by our own refusal to face and strive for truth, for our failure to stand up for the down trodden, dispossessed , the poor. We stand defeated by our injustices and our failure to provide justice to the ones in need. By our conspiracies and foul tricks to gain material strength, and by compromising on principles of justice and equity we have lost this war.India is not our enemy. USA is not our enemy . We must look for and behead the serpent within. We must cleanse our souls. We must provide justice and rights to the poor, the downtrodden , the infirm. Only this way will we find the Iron in our souls. Only through egalitarianism will we be able to be free again. We must bring down elitism. We must recognize our true enemy.It is ignorance and injustice.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Attack on PNS Mehran In Karachi....Why Taliban attacked?

The sad tragic deaths of our naval personnel including a lady doctor has been occurring since last one month.Initial two attacks on the navy buses showed the callousness of the attackers. This attack on the Orion surveillance planes inside a well protected air base shows the audacity of the terrorists to hit a strategic target that would be used to detect their hidden leaders in Sindh or the south regions of Pakistan. Altaf Hussain of MQM  has been warning since  long of their presence in Karachi. This is only half truth. The sad reality is that such forces are dwelling in safe areas of Karachi where the MQM does not hold street power to detect and point out. They are not even ethnically Pushtoon. The similarity between these attacks and those in Manawan , ISI offices in Lahore and GHQ points a finger at Punjabi Taliban or similar groups that operated there. They have a huge and easy network in Karachi where they are hiding behind trading places and residential commercial buildings. The similarity between attacks show that same group is operating under a command that is at war with the state of Pakistan.
It is also a fact that Imran Khan staged a small sit in protest which initially reported to be against Nato tankers,turned against drone attacks later turned against the present government, sitting comfortably on chairs to divert attention away from security in other areas of the city to his staged sit in. He also gives a public face to Taliban to stop operations against militants and terrorists in Waziristan along with Munawwar Hussain of Jamate Islami.
 Their tirade against present government is also directed to divert attention from action against these terrorists. Imran Khan's crowd in Karachi was mainly Jamaat e Islami workers and few students and Pushtoon strong men who are employed by Tehrike Insaaf when they come to Karachi.
The interest of the Taliban aka Al Qaeda in attacking the Orion planes is to avoid detection as they hide and their high value leaders. As UBL hid in Pakistan safely for ten long years these other leaders are also staying in dense areas safely.The Pakistan Navy has all its strategic assets in Karachi and attacking it means that their capability to offer resistance in Karachi and Sindh should be lessened.The same forces that are at war with Pakistan in frontier regions and Punjab are attacking Pakistan |Navy in the south. Whoever sides up with such forces is enemy of Pakistan and its armed forces. To imply that foreign forces like India and US are involved in these attacks is foolish. India and US do not gain anything by weakening Pakistan armed forces. It is other forces  that may get an upper hand if Pakistan is relatively weaker as a state. These are the same forces and their stooges that president Zardari named non-state actors in his speeches. It is the same forces that killed Benazir Bhutto.(Remember her words that UBL is in Islamabad's basement?).
As the Dawn television network gives strange misguided and uninformed analysis by its anchors-turned- analysts  regarding the reasons and the identity of the attackers and a female expert cum analyst Maria Sultan gives her camouflaged extreme right views, implicating US in these attacks on Geo tv, I wonder why the obvious is not being seen or spelt out by these people.That the surveillance planes owned and operated by the Pakistan Navy will be used by Pakistan to detect Taliban alias al Qaeda leaders and terrorists hidden in southern regions of Pakistan and Sindh.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Machiavellian World of Pakistan.

Just after UBL was caught dead in Abottabad,Pakistan the broken egg shell around the almost tattered moral cum political fabric of Pakistani people fell apart suddenly overnight. Geo television anchor Kamran Khan who was questioning as to how was UBL hiding conveniently in a military town in two days time reversed his entire line of questioning to a tirade against US and left the real questions back  and quickly too. Machiavelli will be intrigued?By Pakistan and it's army,by Pakistan and its politician and by Pakistan and its foolish/naive/innocent /illiterate /uneducated people. The questions that arise in his mind will be:
How will  a stable state of political affairs occur? What will be the paradigm/definition/hologramic image of a stable political system?
Who will define this stability and how? army? ISI? Politicians of various flavors? Does anyone know the favored political stability that Machiavelli described? He should have been around  to have a real "test state Republica Pakistana"!
Like the description given by Bernard Crick of Machiavellian thinking that "Political stability is a value more important than the princely or republican rule itself " seems to come back to haunt Pakistan again and again. martial laws or "personal, princely"rules again and repeatedly in Pakistan in order to bring stability fail to weave a fabric of strength and endurance. Experiments in to bring in a new order with political stability by "personal rule" bring in more chaos unlike the "republican " rule as cherished and favored by Machiavelli .
 Huh! We are all Machiavellian here in Pakistan ;wanting the republic passionately and being denied again and again,
The fault my dear lies in our stars. Unread, unexposed to world politics and such complex politics now we stand and fall unprepared. From Raymond Davis case to Kerry Lugar bill, from drone strikes killing foreign terrorists and now doing un -controllable collateral damage(Consensually, scandalously leaked by WikiLeaks to Dawn Media Group),to the US Seals strike and killing of UBL in a military town,our philosophy of life , religion, theory of existence stands exposed. To be questioned by all and sundry. Machiavellian thinking , thoughts exposed to confusion in politics, power play.
Imran Khan, a third force so vocal in questioning the authenticity and truth of Nawaz Sharif PML-N attacking the status quo,the army. Nawaz Sharif asking as to we will ask all the questions and "arrive| at the truth as to how the US attacked |our sovereignity" and killed UBL? and poking army in the process and Imran Khan today declaring that "what good is the resolution passed in the assembly as they, both Nawaz League and the Pakistan Peoples Party are in league with the US". The listener and the "political man" is confused. What and how is Imran Khan cutting or undermining the "political/Republican" process and yet attacking the "system".
Here he is the ant-hero of Machiavellian thinking as described by Bernard Crick. Or is he attempting to thwart the republican stability by bringing in some sort of chaos and instability by negating and weight lessening the skewed verbal attack on establishment ala army by Nawaz Sharif?
 The show goes on, the fabric tatters further. It is a difficult situation. We try to find try truth,Like Machiavelli,"who in a most disorderly, incoherent way, stumble upon certain truths which are important in understanding human society in its political forms " and yet remain placid in ignorance and become fools in ignorance while the world closes in on us. We refuse to be Spartan and united. We refuse to be truly republican and egalitarian.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Philosophy is odious and obscure;
Both law and physic are for petty wits;
Divinity is basest of the three,
Unpleasant, harsh, contemptible, and vile.
'Tis magic, magic that hath ravished me.

The man who brought hatred, death , destruction to the modern, contemporary world, the world so modern where internet and remote technology made real look magic and magic look real, a world where thither met thence, a world where Biblical was contemporary in terms of natural disasters and human tragedies. The man who made Mephistopheles pale in comparison to his own image and persona, a man who brought death, poverty, destruction and sheer hopelessness to the millions of Muslims in the world, a man who single handedly damaged the good name of Islam and the millions of Muslims who follow this peaceful religion.
For the western brought up young people and all those involved in fighting the "War on Terror" his life and death may just seem a statistic/analysis/strategic win etc but for a human being who sees her beloved country people killed, maimed, handicapped, widowed, orphaned every day by his followers (Tehrik-e Taliban , Pakistan , Jamaate Islami and other similar organizations in Pakistan )on a daily basis, where the deaths and destruction are justified by media and their affiliate groups everyday, where people just turn their faces away when a widow or orphan wails, it is the truth revealed as in the words of Marlowe we are all people who sold their souls to the devil. Yes Zia ul Haq, who was the great devil worshipper, and at the behest of the US, made UBL a hero.So in Marlowe's words
Go bear these tidings to great Lucifer:
Seeing Faustus hath incurred eternal death,
By desperate thoughts against Jove's deity,
Say he surrenders up to him his soul,
So he will spare him four and twenty years,
Letting him live in all voluptuousness,
Having thee ever to attend on me,
To give me whatsoever I shall ask;
To tell me whatsoever I demand;
To slay mine enemies, and aid my friends,
And always be obedient to my will.

We all sold our souls to the devil; and we all pay the price, the ordinary the poor, the widows, the orphans and the children. The Muslims in West pay the price with discrimination, targeting and ostracizing. The religion of Islam pays the price by being maligned and detested.
For those who justify violence and the ugliest kind that UBL preached, here is an array of pics that you will love and really want your own loved ones to go through, especially in Pakistan. Follow UBL and follow Mephistopheles, sell your soul to the devil.