Monday, May 23, 2011

Attack on PNS Mehran In Karachi....Why Taliban attacked?

The sad tragic deaths of our naval personnel including a lady doctor has been occurring since last one month.Initial two attacks on the navy buses showed the callousness of the attackers. This attack on the Orion surveillance planes inside a well protected air base shows the audacity of the terrorists to hit a strategic target that would be used to detect their hidden leaders in Sindh or the south regions of Pakistan. Altaf Hussain of MQM  has been warning since  long of their presence in Karachi. This is only half truth. The sad reality is that such forces are dwelling in safe areas of Karachi where the MQM does not hold street power to detect and point out. They are not even ethnically Pushtoon. The similarity between these attacks and those in Manawan , ISI offices in Lahore and GHQ points a finger at Punjabi Taliban or similar groups that operated there. They have a huge and easy network in Karachi where they are hiding behind trading places and residential commercial buildings. The similarity between attacks show that same group is operating under a command that is at war with the state of Pakistan.
It is also a fact that Imran Khan staged a small sit in protest which initially reported to be against Nato tankers,turned against drone attacks later turned against the present government, sitting comfortably on chairs to divert attention away from security in other areas of the city to his staged sit in. He also gives a public face to Taliban to stop operations against militants and terrorists in Waziristan along with Munawwar Hussain of Jamate Islami.
 Their tirade against present government is also directed to divert attention from action against these terrorists. Imran Khan's crowd in Karachi was mainly Jamaat e Islami workers and few students and Pushtoon strong men who are employed by Tehrike Insaaf when they come to Karachi.
The interest of the Taliban aka Al Qaeda in attacking the Orion planes is to avoid detection as they hide and their high value leaders. As UBL hid in Pakistan safely for ten long years these other leaders are also staying in dense areas safely.The Pakistan Navy has all its strategic assets in Karachi and attacking it means that their capability to offer resistance in Karachi and Sindh should be lessened.The same forces that are at war with Pakistan in frontier regions and Punjab are attacking Pakistan |Navy in the south. Whoever sides up with such forces is enemy of Pakistan and its armed forces. To imply that foreign forces like India and US are involved in these attacks is foolish. India and US do not gain anything by weakening Pakistan armed forces. It is other forces  that may get an upper hand if Pakistan is relatively weaker as a state. These are the same forces and their stooges that president Zardari named non-state actors in his speeches. It is the same forces that killed Benazir Bhutto.(Remember her words that UBL is in Islamabad's basement?).
As the Dawn television network gives strange misguided and uninformed analysis by its anchors-turned- analysts  regarding the reasons and the identity of the attackers and a female expert cum analyst Maria Sultan gives her camouflaged extreme right views, implicating US in these attacks on Geo tv, I wonder why the obvious is not being seen or spelt out by these people.That the surveillance planes owned and operated by the Pakistan Navy will be used by Pakistan to detect Taliban alias al Qaeda leaders and terrorists hidden in southern regions of Pakistan and Sindh.

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