Tuesday, May 3, 2011



Philosophy is odious and obscure;
Both law and physic are for petty wits;
Divinity is basest of the three,
Unpleasant, harsh, contemptible, and vile.
'Tis magic, magic that hath ravished me.

The man who brought hatred, death , destruction to the modern, contemporary world, the world so modern where internet and remote technology made real look magic and magic look real, a world where thither met thence, a world where Biblical was contemporary in terms of natural disasters and human tragedies. The man who made Mephistopheles pale in comparison to his own image and persona, a man who brought death, poverty, destruction and sheer hopelessness to the millions of Muslims in the world, a man who single handedly damaged the good name of Islam and the millions of Muslims who follow this peaceful religion.
For the western brought up young people and all those involved in fighting the "War on Terror" his life and death may just seem a statistic/analysis/strategic win etc but for a human being who sees her beloved country people killed, maimed, handicapped, widowed, orphaned every day by his followers (Tehrik-e Taliban , Pakistan , Jamaate Islami and other similar organizations in Pakistan )on a daily basis, where the deaths and destruction are justified by media and their affiliate groups everyday, where people just turn their faces away when a widow or orphan wails, it is the truth revealed as in the words of Marlowe we are all people who sold their souls to the devil. Yes Zia ul Haq, who was the great devil worshipper, and at the behest of the US, made UBL a hero.So in Marlowe's words
Go bear these tidings to great Lucifer:
Seeing Faustus hath incurred eternal death,
By desperate thoughts against Jove's deity,
Say he surrenders up to him his soul,
So he will spare him four and twenty years,
Letting him live in all voluptuousness,
Having thee ever to attend on me,
To give me whatsoever I shall ask;
To tell me whatsoever I demand;
To slay mine enemies, and aid my friends,
And always be obedient to my will.

We all sold our souls to the devil; and we all pay the price, the ordinary the poor, the widows, the orphans and the children. The Muslims in West pay the price with discrimination, targeting and ostracizing. The religion of Islam pays the price by being maligned and detested.
For those who justify violence and the ugliest kind that UBL preached, here is an array of pics that you will love and really want your own loved ones to go through, especially in Pakistan. Follow UBL and follow Mephistopheles, sell your soul to the devil.

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