Friday, May 20, 2011

The Machiavellian World of Pakistan.

Just after UBL was caught dead in Abottabad,Pakistan the broken egg shell around the almost tattered moral cum political fabric of Pakistani people fell apart suddenly overnight. Geo television anchor Kamran Khan who was questioning as to how was UBL hiding conveniently in a military town in two days time reversed his entire line of questioning to a tirade against US and left the real questions back  and quickly too. Machiavelli will be intrigued?By Pakistan and it's army,by Pakistan and its politician and by Pakistan and its foolish/naive/innocent /illiterate /uneducated people. The questions that arise in his mind will be:
How will  a stable state of political affairs occur? What will be the paradigm/definition/hologramic image of a stable political system?
Who will define this stability and how? army? ISI? Politicians of various flavors? Does anyone know the favored political stability that Machiavelli described? He should have been around  to have a real "test state Republica Pakistana"!
Like the description given by Bernard Crick of Machiavellian thinking that "Political stability is a value more important than the princely or republican rule itself " seems to come back to haunt Pakistan again and again. martial laws or "personal, princely"rules again and repeatedly in Pakistan in order to bring stability fail to weave a fabric of strength and endurance. Experiments in to bring in a new order with political stability by "personal rule" bring in more chaos unlike the "republican " rule as cherished and favored by Machiavelli .
 Huh! We are all Machiavellian here in Pakistan ;wanting the republic passionately and being denied again and again,
The fault my dear lies in our stars. Unread, unexposed to world politics and such complex politics now we stand and fall unprepared. From Raymond Davis case to Kerry Lugar bill, from drone strikes killing foreign terrorists and now doing un -controllable collateral damage(Consensually, scandalously leaked by WikiLeaks to Dawn Media Group),to the US Seals strike and killing of UBL in a military town,our philosophy of life , religion, theory of existence stands exposed. To be questioned by all and sundry. Machiavellian thinking , thoughts exposed to confusion in politics, power play.
Imran Khan, a third force so vocal in questioning the authenticity and truth of Nawaz Sharif PML-N attacking the status quo,the army. Nawaz Sharif asking as to we will ask all the questions and "arrive| at the truth as to how the US attacked |our sovereignity" and killed UBL? and poking army in the process and Imran Khan today declaring that "what good is the resolution passed in the assembly as they, both Nawaz League and the Pakistan Peoples Party are in league with the US". The listener and the "political man" is confused. What and how is Imran Khan cutting or undermining the "political/Republican" process and yet attacking the "system".
Here he is the ant-hero of Machiavellian thinking as described by Bernard Crick. Or is he attempting to thwart the republican stability by bringing in some sort of chaos and instability by negating and weight lessening the skewed verbal attack on establishment ala army by Nawaz Sharif?
 The show goes on, the fabric tatters further. It is a difficult situation. We try to find try truth,Like Machiavelli,"who in a most disorderly, incoherent way, stumble upon certain truths which are important in understanding human society in its political forms " and yet remain placid in ignorance and become fools in ignorance while the world closes in on us. We refuse to be Spartan and united. We refuse to be truly republican and egalitarian.
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