Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Issues in Governance by Akhtar Ali.

Akhtar Ali writes in Business Recorder  on Issues in improving governance in Pakistan. In part 1 he gives a very humanistic and pragmatic outlook .  He writes
 "A good governance system is expected to be effective and efficient in overseeing, guiding and regulating economic activity and social development, with democracy, consensus, participation of the people, in a transparent manner, keeping people informed of it's decision, under a set of rules and laws to be adjudicated by an independent judiciary, and having a role for media, NGOs, civil society etc. Good government has to be protective and mindful of the religious and ethnic minorities. It should not rule by brute majority and force. It should be sensitive to the historical and heritage issues of its people. It should also be able to conduct itself with its neighbouring countries and participate constructively in the international system, meet its obligations under conventions, treaties and UN resolutions."

Monday, May 28, 2012

Issues in Constituency Delimitation in Pakistan.

Akhtar Ali in his bold and candid article in the Business Recorder newspaper discusses the issues and solutions of constituency delimitation in Pakistan.
"Holding of census is a constitutional requirement and the honorable Supreme Court has also not taken any notice.
Word goes by, that the delimitations' basic work was done by the security/intelligence agencies, which usually have all the data, even on voting patterns of Mohallas.
There appears to be some merit in the word that goes by; more the reason to revise the constituency delimitation to eliminate the shadows of Musharraf regime ala Baqiate Zia-ul-Haq
Reportedly, voting lists have been improved by Nadra and are in the process of final compilation.
Constituency delimitation can be done based on voters' list as well.

This time it ought to be done more scientifically and fairly respecting the voting strengths of the constituencies and minimising the variations in size as has been discussed."