Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Issues in Governance by Akhtar Ali.

Akhtar Ali writes in Business Recorder  on Issues in improving governance in Pakistan. In part 1 he gives a very humanistic and pragmatic outlook .  He writes
 "A good governance system is expected to be effective and efficient in overseeing, guiding and regulating economic activity and social development, with democracy, consensus, participation of the people, in a transparent manner, keeping people informed of it's decision, under a set of rules and laws to be adjudicated by an independent judiciary, and having a role for media, NGOs, civil society etc. Good government has to be protective and mindful of the religious and ethnic minorities. It should not rule by brute majority and force. It should be sensitive to the historical and heritage issues of its people. It should also be able to conduct itself with its neighbouring countries and participate constructively in the international system, meet its obligations under conventions, treaties and UN resolutions."

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