Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai blasts ,Marriot blasts.Whither war against terrorism?

AS the bombing ,shooting and hostage drama continues we are forced to think about the war on terror or war against terrorism.Is the war changing course,yes it is bieng mixed with fight against injustice,freedom struggles,underground or criminal activity,idealism,The older people in charge are not in tune with the activity logistics of terrorists.The phenomenon of celling,incubating and then attacking after identifieng with a cause is now a well followed tactic of these groups.The new war strategists have now to think out of the bix and plan defence.India is now failing totally in preventing these attaccks as recent history shows .So now their policy of expansionism,keeping smaller neighbours under their hegemony has to change. The whole world is changing.The war against terror will have to be fought under new directions,with new guidelines.State level containement is now to be completely changed with regional and international level.Manmohan Singh is totally out of sync when he blames Pakistan for these attacks.It is local deccan mujahideen who have taken responsibility.Look at their statement is
better to die once than again and again.The injustices against muslims have to stop once and for all.Look at their actions ,bombings,indiscriminate firing,target places Oberoi hotel,Taj hotel,hospital.

It points at the facts that muslim women are bieng used as prostitutes in India .In hotels like Oberoi and Taj this kind may be supplied.It is amazing that Indian police is ignoring this fact or deliberately hiding it.This for the detriment of their own society.We must all now be honest if we really have to be safe and provide people a sense of security.It is horrible,this mayhm and torture of innocent people.This must stop.We must cooperate against terrorists .

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Whither Pakistan Politics?

After listening to few current afairs programs on Pakistan tv channels a few things struck me ; The comperes were deliberately trying to bring in topics that would lead to making the current political dispensation look inefficient,foolish,only representative of the elites and liable to be removed by a revolution or maybe another martial law.This line of discussion appears foolish and a sure formula for self destruct mode as the elected government and another elected party have won a heavy mandate.By choosing the guests for discussions these comperes specially manouver the program towards bringing in alternatives for governance.This is a highly dangerous trend and appears to serve a vested agenda.Away from people and more towards fascism.This at a time when Pakistan is already fighting against militancy,religious dogmatism,fanaticism,ethnic intolerance,moral corruption and a highly polarised society.The mandate given by the people to major political parties is there for all to see.It is for peoples representatives to govern under all cuircumstances.Not a few king maker groups.This time if the USA does interfere with its half baked policies in the garb of slogans Pakistan may not be able to take the assault,The consequences will be bad for everyone including India.There will be a domino effect .Russia is keenly watching so is China. If India thinks it can have some kind of benefit from chaos in Pakistan it is sadly mistaken.We are not part of the now totally failed and corrupt,out of sync establishment.We are not part of the elitist groups either. We are ordinary folks who havePakistans stability and of the worlds at heart.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Reflections on women rights and status in Pakistan

After the post election results in American presidential elections a few thoughts come to mind about the situation of pakistani women and its slutions.As the womens rights and struggles evolved in USA in the last two centuries we can learn lessons .We find ourselves in a unique situation where we are in the twentyfirst century and pre American civil war situation as well.The complex issues of women political rights, such as voting bieng allowed and di sallowed at the same time, polio vaccination bieng given and rejected by certain population at the same time,the children bieng given modern education and schools bieng burnt in the name of talibanisation ,women attending offices parliament as members and women bieng killed inthe name of honor.The dillemma remains as how do we clear this mess of polarization of our society.The American society went through periods of change in a gradual and ladderstep fashion.We have a huge convoluted mass ,entangled snakepit of issues.We need to dis entangle it ourselves.If we use catch phrases as Bush and Musharraf did we will mess things further.Look at the mess of Iraq war and Afghanistan war America finds itself.It was this catchphrase war mentality that has put America back many centuries.We also must desist from this.The new solutions will be difficult but simple for Pakistan.We must reduce poverty and corruption,we must start simplicity in everything we do, maybe lean more towards left, we must expand middle class but do not follow consumerism and capitalism, maybe some form of Islamic socialism.WE must emphasize on values of liberty,fraternity,develop strong alliances with neighbours such a China, India,Iran,even Russia.Our foreign policy shift should reflect on our internal scene.We must start dialogue internally with a fresh clean slate.Talibanisation is a reflection of poverty, injusctice and warlording of groups in pakistan. This can only be solved by building a just society.The poor in the hills do not see an opportunity of sucess in this corrupt society so they follow extremist ideologies.Thanks to the Zia regime the adhoc military training of jihadis resulted in this mayhem.It is hoped that the new elected Pkistani legislators will understand the voice of the masses and help them overcome this horrible wave of violent self immolation of our society.