Saturday, November 8, 2008

Whither Pakistan Politics?

After listening to few current afairs programs on Pakistan tv channels a few things struck me ; The comperes were deliberately trying to bring in topics that would lead to making the current political dispensation look inefficient,foolish,only representative of the elites and liable to be removed by a revolution or maybe another martial law.This line of discussion appears foolish and a sure formula for self destruct mode as the elected government and another elected party have won a heavy mandate.By choosing the guests for discussions these comperes specially manouver the program towards bringing in alternatives for governance.This is a highly dangerous trend and appears to serve a vested agenda.Away from people and more towards fascism.This at a time when Pakistan is already fighting against militancy,religious dogmatism,fanaticism,ethnic intolerance,moral corruption and a highly polarised society.The mandate given by the people to major political parties is there for all to see.It is for peoples representatives to govern under all cuircumstances.Not a few king maker groups.This time if the USA does interfere with its half baked policies in the garb of slogans Pakistan may not be able to take the assault,The consequences will be bad for everyone including India.There will be a domino effect .Russia is keenly watching so is China. If India thinks it can have some kind of benefit from chaos in Pakistan it is sadly mistaken.We are not part of the now totally failed and corrupt,out of sync establishment.We are not part of the elitist groups either. We are ordinary folks who havePakistans stability and of the worlds at heart.

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