Friday, September 25, 2009

Colnel Gaddafi,?New Libyan Realism?Are You Serious?

Well well well! CNN anchors Richard Roth and the cute little new girl,tried to give us a sensibly put jist of the amazingly paper flying, booklet showing, prolonged monologous speech of the Libyan President and Supreme Commander.They tried hard to explain as to what he really said, frequently, as they are trained to analyze and comment but that wasn't enough. The translator fainted before the last 20 minutes and was replaced by head of the translating service. He,he! Colonel Gaddafi is a strange world in himself. He puts up his lodging in a tent outside in the lawns of the hotel he is staying in. Cute style!But I am sure a headache for the hosts. As most people inside the hall listened at first somberly, then incrediously, then amusingly and finally aghast at his all encompassing, history, geography, economics, morality, differnt civilisations, etc.,speech, outside there was a contrasting gathering of the Lockerbie Bombing victims' families' supporters and the members of groups like The Nation Of Islam.This shows how the world is divided in groups and how people percieve the Libyan president differently.
The Lockerbie tragedy in which a commercial airliner was bombed in which more than 200 innocent people died cannot be fogiven. Mizrahi was released and was given a hero"s welcome in Libya. If after so many years and so much pain to the people whose families lost their loved ones Libyans still think this guy is a hero for what he did, then I fail to understand that how are these people will be called civilised y the west.But then maybe they do not care as so many others in the arab and muslim world.
As for the guys and folks from the Nation of Islam, do they realise that just bieng African American and having that lineage and bieng Muslim does not qualify you to support acts of violence. I can also start this speech that so many areas of the world were colonised and looted by the West but it still does not justify me blowing up innocent lives. Islam does not permit violence.
So the Gaddafi rant says some things which I found interesting and also which find representation in the Third World;
The looted riches ,resources taken by colonial powers which made large areas in Asia, Africa, Latin America poor. he praised Italy for returning some to Libya.
The stopping of migration from these areas to West as they will be happier back home.
The shifting of UN headquarters out of USA to areas where most of the world will be comfortable. He is sure that in those areas no security will be required. Funny. Here in Pakistan we cannot go shopping without bieng sure we will be blown to smithereens.
The dismantling of Security council and it's reconstitution with unions and fora from all over the world.
The most important from my point of view and of Pakistani interest, recognising and helping Taleban win in Afghanistan.
I also could not follow the speech in entirety,was exhausted after one hour and some minutes and prayed after that.
What he said is representative of a large population of muslims and other Asians in the world. He is not crazy, just different. The west should see seriously as to what he is saying.
As far as I am concerned I detest and shun violence and will always condemn acts in which innocent people are killed. Islam does not permit it and whoever does it in the name of religion cannot be termed a Muslim.

Pollution On Seafront In Karachi

Some years ago there was a massive oil spill in Karachi as an oil tanker Tasman Spirit broke while trying to enter the Karachi Port channel.Post spill no information was given to the residents who reside along the beach(Population of Karachi is 8 million).Many years have passed, but I still see massive oil pollution of the Clifton beach.As the waters of the Arabian sea churn and toss in summer(from May to September), much oil comes to surface and fumes are in the air. I have observed this much at the time of the high tide, which means that there s considerable oil at the bottom which comes up with high tide.I live by the sea, so I have observed this personally every year.This year the sea, which usually becomes much calmer by the end of September seems more restless as the Monsoons in this part of Sindh also are gone by the end of September. Is this occurring because of global warming?
The sea in Karachi is massively polluted, due to oil thrown by ships and tankers, untreated waste and garbage, thrown by the industry and city,a natural dusty area surrounding the city with low water in deltaic area coming down from river Indus. This is so cumbersome that the visibility for tankers and ships and for Pakistan navy is bieng reduced and this is a menace.There is no effort on the part of any responsible authority to address this messy state of affairs.The information to public is not provided by the responsible authorities but only if some journalist makes a story feature we are informed of some situation.
Another source of pollution on the seafront is the aerial pollution that is carried with fumes, very irritating and pungent which come from the Korangi Industrial Area situated close by.The industrial area also is responsible for massive pollution in Karachi. Most of the industry is neither treating and discharging their pollutants, nor do they follow any regulations. The immediate residents and the residents of more expensive areas are equally exposed to this pollution. Most of the elite clubs like the Golf club, Creek club, Marina club where the elites of Karachi come and relax are under direct assault by these poisonous fumes so much so that the pungent smell is frequently irritating while on the jogging tracks or courts.
No one is bothered at direct action to remove or curtail this menace, there is no public pressure as the elites are the ones running or owning industry and the representation in local government is bogged down with different area issues. There is a dire need for the awareness spreading in elitist society to take a more proactive role in tackling civic and pollution issues.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jumatul Wida Mubarak To All My Pakistani Brothers and Sisters and Children.

Yesterday a strange and good thing happened to me. Day before I was bieng small, yes having a small heart.(mere shoher ne mujhe tok diya ke biryani kyoon kha rahee ho, unhon ne mutton chops banwai the, jo mein naheen khatee is liye ke sirf kam khana hota hai aur us ke saath aur cheesain bhi khani partee hain. Ab mehengai bohat hai aur wasey bhi aur log to bhooke hain aur ham khakha kar dumba aur mein Panda bun rahee hoon)I was asked not to eat Biryani which I love, Without explaining anything I got angry and was upset the whole night and did not even listen to the tarweeh recitation from Kaaba which I do at night. I took my anti hypertensive tab and slept. Next morning I woke up and opened Dawn newspaper which I have been doing ever since I was a baby.Lo and behold, there was a message.(See metropolitan of Dawn )yesterday.The message was loud and clear.Hazrat Ali (Alaihi Assalam) says in his beautiful Nehjul Balagha (translation here)" O Ammar! Grieve Not If The Pleasures Of This World Are Kept Away From You.Honey The Best And Sweetest Food , Is The Saliva Of An Insect , The Bee". This seemed to me a clear message from Allah Subhan ahu Taala. In the Quran, also there is a mention many times of "Ayatul Bayaeenat" meaning clear signs. When you look around you see what message is there for you everyday. This day for me it seemed that my real name is Ammara. So I looked up the Arabic dictionary. Ammara is female of Ammar and Ammar means fathful, believing,pious,godly,religious, tolerant,indulgent,grave,sedate,solemn, mason, builder.
Then I looked for the real Ammar life history and found that Hazrat Ammar (razi Allah hu anhu) was one of the most trusted sahaabi of the prophet(peace be upon him) and built a mosque also, (see Islamic sites for full information ).
This strange and Imaan Afreen Experience made me realize waht Allah intends me to do in future and whole heartedly. I was following or building up my spiritual side but it was haphazard. Now I have the traits laid down clearly in front of me which I have to cultivate and cherish and grow inside of me for as long as I live. This is true Juhd. Self realization of what you can do for Allah and improving your own relationship with Him. My dear Pakistani brothers and sisters and young people and children. Only follow the right path (Sirat e Mustaqeem) This only belongs to Allah. Fear only Allah. Follow the path through Taqwa. Only for Allah. Islam means peace and bowing to the Will of Allah. Shun violence forever. Only think that "Muslims are those from whose tongues and hands others are safe" and shun violence. Only take Taqwa as your ideal. Remember that Allah is "Ghafoor Ul Raheem" He will forgive your sins when you ask for His forgiveness(Taubatul Nasooh)He asks you to take care of :Huquq ul Ibaad" which on the day of judgement you will be asked about. So before you utter a single word, be it to any one as small as a child of the housemaid, or the little boy begging outside your car window,stop and think. What am I saying to him? Will Allah like this and most of all what if I am really in his place. So fear Allah only. Allah says "whoever kills one man kills all of humanity". Think how detested violence in in Islam. Take the path of Taqwa only. Taqwa will lead you to salvation. Decide now at once, you never know when death strikes you,as the ill fated women and children and old men who went to get a bag of flour or rice and never returned. Strive to bow to His will only, strive to find your real name as He wills . Look around for the clear signs of Allah. May Allah bless Pakistan, May Allah Bless all young Pakistanis with His way to peace!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Huh, Del Petro, determination...Wins Over Federer!

As the stunning victory of Del Petro is watched the world over, we realize tht sheer determination may also help to win over a superior player. Now a new star arises.Excitement abounds.Federer's game still a treat to watch.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Abdul Sattar Edhi,the greatest person in Pakistan Is Right!

As we are watching the ugly and unbelievable news of 18 women and one girl child dead in a stampede in Khori Garden, one of the densest,trading area in Karachi,we are struck by Abdul Sattar Edhi's words. He is a social worker par excellence, not only for 17 million Pakistanis but for people all over the world. Said he" the profiteers and corrupt rich people do looting the nation all the year round and in Ramzan they take out ration and some charity to pretend their religious tenets fulfilment, like "Bheek" to beggars. They should be awarded death penalty".He is so right !
Pakistan is a society now brimming with religious, moral, social and complete economic corruption. The people are poor and hungry. The population is increasing. Child labour with no protection or rights is rampant. As Shehla Reza said that these women queing for free ration also have an attitude problem ,they bring kids and girls to such places to get as much as they can. But then what choice do they have, these kids are hungry and they have to be fed.
Here there is much mismanagement when such free things are distributed.Such a practice is common in Karachi for a long time. This time there is more rush as seen all over Pakistan as Mr Altaf Hussain rightly said that there is too much Atta (wheat) powder shortage.The government is trying to give as much as possible and in Karachi there is no shortage but due to the rush and sheer panic such a tragedy occured. The distribution should be professionally handled next time , maybe through volunteers and also charitable organisations and govt., should streamline and verify distribution. A permit system should be issued and govt should provide space for proper distribution .
It has been observed that a large population of illegal workers such as Bengalis, Nepalese, Afghans have added to the already burgeoning population of residents in Karachi. I have observed extreme poverty in these women and children. A large number of Pathan women and children living in slums are also suffering from unguarded , risky labour, poverty and food shortage in slums of Karachi like Shireen Jinnah Colony. There is no relief from any nationalistic or religious party or organisation for them. I will write a full post about the discrimination and problems they face.
It is understandable how these poorest of poor run and suffer for a bag of charity. I feel so sad that our civic and moral barometers have come so down that we have just become zombies in a corrupt society and such bad occurence has just become headline news for a day for us.We really need to look at our behaviour and if each person takes one woman and her children as a social and moral resposibility for food, health and their education I see that there will be no such tragedies ever. Why donot we support charities and organisation that are doing good work. We sgould just adopt one family around us and the prosperity will come. The educated and affluent should institutionalise their behaviour. They should learn about volunteerism and how to help others and be serious about this each and everyday. Only this way Pakistan will improve.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whither European Egalitarian Justice?

Once again the controversy about hijab(headgear) for muslim school girls is tearing this supposedly egalitarian European country apart.Many questions come to mind. For people who believed that Europe was more free, fair and egalitarian this myth is shattered. It seems that the polarisation between the concept of integration into the country concept is also a farce. If you are of a particular type, say Christian or maybe even white European type you are integrated.So the integration model is more of a Us and Them concept. Is this a secular, egalitarian society ? I was never in favor of anyone to make anyone wear anything to identify with a certain group or section of society but now it seems that people who pretend to be secular and fair are after all not so. Post 9/11 I think this polarisation vis a vis islamic dress code and European secular pretensions regarding dress has come into sharp focus. Almost making people like me cringe in revulsion at the thought that the base violent groups in islam will really overtake the moderate peaceloving people if Europe continues it's assault on the muslim dress code. But then who are we calling out to? People who have wrecked havoc to the muslim populations in Europe and America will have the last laugh and upper hand when people like us sink in the shameful ,paralytic slump of mud that the so called liberal Europe and white America is making for all muslims.It seems now that this assimilation business was always a farce. Go, get out, back to your own kind of mentality even in the so called secular Europe. Now I see no difference between the flogging, suicide bombing happy, anti women Taleban and such groups and these European fascists. So the school girls are targetted. If they do not attend school ,as asked by the grand Imam and I think he will not be listened to by the policy makers , how will they be able to keep with the education system?
Here in Pakistan the Taleban blew up and keep on blowing up girls' schools so that since they are not educated, the girls should also not recieve education. Funny!Taleban dont want western education and want women covered up for regression and suppression.French and Belgians dont want women to wear headscarves so they cannot go to school and don not recieve any education. So inadvertantly the Europeans are helping the fascist Islamists by suppressing muslim women and taking away the right to education.In Islam Hijab is essential. When a muslim woman is out she has to wear hijab and jilbab. If Belgian girls give up hijab, they will be defying God as envisaged in their religion. Cant the stupid Europeans see that what will be their choice and how unfair it is to deprive them of their basic human right.
If Europe has to stand for women's emancipation in muslim societies, it has to allow them their right to dress code. Only this way will they be able to truely educate them and assimilate them in their own societies. Poor muslim women, one side is extremist, primitive, illiterate muslim males and the other side is the pretentious so called secular, liberal West. Where does she go? To Venus?

How long will this polarisation last? I think forever. inspite of all the education, enlightened moderation, art and culture it seems that the West is as small minded, rigid,and stupid as any Taleban or so called primitive Islamist. Finally, destructive ideologies like Al Qaeda are winning through a distorted, perverted logic. Europe is now reeking of Racism, Hate, religious Intolerance and down right aparthied.People like us, who are muslims and who donot necessarily cover their heads are now forced to wear hijab in order to identify with religious freedom, women's emancipation.I never was in favor of forced religious expression and did not favor Burka as with face cover, but now I can see the bigotry and double standards Europe is practising. It is the irony that what happened in France with the poor people burning Paris was not a lesson seriously taken.
If these assimilation issues are not resolved with an open mind the muslim girls will be at a disadvantage which is human rights violation in itself

Jacob Lew -, a Wash Post Co

Jacob Lew -, a Wash Post Co

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Electrifying Exchanges In Electricity Debates!

As Kashif Abbassi looks on the two heavy weights in Pakistani political scene from Punjab, Raja Pervez Ashraf ,now minister of electricity and Faisal Swaleh Hayat, MNA Previously in Pakistan Peoples Party switched to Musharraf side and previous minister, fight it out on ARY TV program,Off The Record for two days. The main issue is the rental power plants that the federal govt., is acuiring to ease out the load shedding and electricity crises facing Pakistan now. according to the govt., the shortage will be quickly overcome in short time and provide relief to peole and industry and agriculturists. Mr Faisal smells a rat and sees doomsday picture of corruption. he says that the rental plants are dilapidated, at exhorbitant costs,
qouted much above real price by dubious parties.The govt., version is opposite but somehow even the audience is not convinced. Mr Kashif Abbasi was not able to provide a real result to audience who are as confused as ever. It seems that Mr Faisal has an axe to grind and Mr Raja Pervez wont accept defeat from an ex- PPPian.
Electricity issues are grave in Pakistan and need much solutions.(See Pakistan Energy Forum

Jacob Lew with Moeed Pirzada On Dunya TV....US Engages Pakistan.

Moeed Pirzada took an insightful interview with US undersecretary of state Jacob Lew.This provides a clear view of the US engagement policy towards the Pakistani people as envisaged by the Obama administration.
Many doubts and apprehensions were cleared but the sad part is that most of the Pakistani people and many media people have incomplete, uninformed and strange ,often contradictory views about US actions and intentions.This interview may give some education to a few but many more such media information efforts are needed to remove misunderstandings.
The US undersecretary emphasised that economic and social help will be a priority and the administration will be working in future towards engaging the people directly' The Kerry Lugar Bill will also ensure financial asssistance to improve the economic and social indicators in Pakistan. In Frontier province the establishment of RAZs will ensure economic recovery and improvement in poverty alleviation measures. They are linking this with War on Terror as according to them terrorism in these areas is directly linked with poverty and lack of viable economic activity. The US maybe right here but the real results will only come about after action. With regards to Afghanistan such an opportunity was lost by the Bush government as qouted by Mr Hasan Askari. This has worsened the situation in Afghanistan. I hope this does not happen in Pakistan. Post Swat operation a lot of rebuilding of infrastructure is required. Frontier govt., will need much help in this.The sad aspect is that many people in Pakistan are seeing US as the villain and not the other people who have made a real problem for the muslims all over the world in general and Pakistanis in particular.
Mr Jacob emphasised the fact that US will not send in any unlawful force and there is no increase in marines' population in Pakistan.I think the increase or fortification of US embassy maybe only for logistics in relation to their Afghan presence. Pakistanis are seeing conspiracy theories behind such moves and are apprehensive about companies like Blackwater bieng lodged in Pakistan.
Mr Jacob appreciated the Swat operation effort by the Pakistan army.
It remains to be seen what the US engagement with Pakistani people results will be and how fast they are able to achieve them.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shahzad Roy's Zindagi Trust...A way for young people volunteerism!

The Zindagi Trust is a great effort by young Pakistani singer Shahzad Roy. He is a unique role model for young people to follow as he has the right mix of passion, love for his country and it's people and a unique humaneness. His passion to put things right for young people, giving them a clean, advantageous chance in life by improved ,quality education is a first in this trust's agenda. There is no hidden agenda and as misinformation spread by a certain quarter there is no bad intentions.It would be a good example if people helped in ways to raise funds for this trust.The video explains what we can do with a little caring.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Vegan Pineapple Right Side Up Cupcake

This kind of bakery is good ,just eat it and well fly to the stars!

Whither Pakistan Politics And War?

The Swat people return to their homes. The operation continues against terrorists, armed militants, criminals, mafias and other anti state elements. Many areas are now back under civilian control with the help of the army. People are generally trying to put their lives together. Govt., is trying to repair infrastructure and bring back the daily lives' necessities in place. The questions keep on arising in our minds as to "why" and "how" such a large scale problem, under the "sharp" eyes of the chief of the army staff and president , who ruled the ordinary civilians single handedly was allowed to occur? It seems that due to disenfranchisement of the real polity and a kind of pseudo representation, the real people were coerced and because as in case of Swat they were urban and peaceloving ,were allowed to be forcibly acquiesed into accepting obedience to this psuedo religious, quasi -terror groups. All this seems to occur because apparently, the army has no clear cut anti terrorist and anti-insurgency policy. There has never been a clear debate on these issues and a final consensual policy formulated by the armed forces after all civilian groups representation.A clear disconnect was seen also as the army operation was reluctantly favored by pro taliban religious political parties like Jamaat E Islami and JUI- F of maulana FazluRahman. Inspite of an apparent excercise in parliament . These parties claimed after the operation Rahe Rast started in Malakand and Swat that this was not agreed to. The current debate about invoking article 6 against Musharraf is sidelining the much needed clear policy debate on what really happened in Swat and what future institutional and policy matters we need to decide in an open and transparent manner which will prevent such future quagmire.
so far the army is doing fine, trying to take this operation to it's logical conclusion but this is an expensive, long and arduous task.Meanwhile the misguided terrorists keep on targetting our security forces and ordinary Pakistanis cannot believe that they would murder their fellow religionists at Iftar time in the holy month of Ramzan.The foreign element theories abound. The Frontier govt., has also not given any clear perspective on this aspect.
After Ramzan the army may increase it's operations in Waziristan and lend facilityb to "pincer" action as envisaged by General Stanley Mc Crystal .this will further cause displacement and extreme difficulty to civilians. It maybe much needed to drive the foreign influences out but the real benefit to Pakistan will be if we can bring the arrangement of civilian participation in governence as in all other regions of Pakistan. It is high time that we extended adult franchise and govt., as in other provinces and totally abolish the political agent system. Local bodies elections in these areas will give adequate representation to all the tribes.People like Imran Khan can work much in this area to facilitate and create an environment of facilitation in bringing about these reforms in governance in NWFP.
After these military operations are over, we will be in a better position to reintegrate this region in the larger map of Pakistan both politically and morally.We must also find ways to let the mlitants surrender with dignity and reintegrate into our system as most of the young people are also poor and uneducated.The economic life and infrastructure of NWFP must be developed on a priority basis and also education and health be looked into. The religious political parties should find these educational and health facilities development and their contribution to reintegration as a cause.They need to rephrase their "Jehad" concept as the real need of the hour for these people, away from violence and towards social and economic progress.
We must emphasise on, educate and give hope to our people towards progress, institutional reforms,grass root level empowerment, good enfranchised governance, and finally everlasting peace . This is necessary to defeat the defeatest "Foreign" ideologies that have recked havoc with our centuries old peaceful and beautiful regions and it's beautiful people.We should learn to see, say and work towards a no to "War" whether in any language!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Asalam Ramzan...So What Good Deeds You will do this Ramzan?

When Ramzan arrives for muslims it is a month to vouch for promises to do good deeds and pray and fast. Overseas Pakistanis and it is seen that muslims from all over the world are good philanthrophists and contribute much to the good of humanity. Post earth quake in Pakistan we saw this generosity from all over the world.Here are some things that we will find helpful in finding a purpose to give to humanity and make a contribution. I have listed a few goodcauses to take up and find close to your heart then volunteer and collect funds and favor for them in some way. ( The source of account numbers is taken from their advertised numbers in the Daily Dawn. . I have listed websites and addresses for check and info).

  • You can easily volunteer time effort,money or simply awareness about some good welfare organisations in Pakistan like Hospitals; Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is a state of the art facility in Pakistan. It is bieng run in a non-profit basis and requires much donations, volunteers. You can spread awareness about it's activities and help it generate support and funds.Another very good effort , also totally free with state of art facilities and nursing school is Indus hospital in Korangi, Crossing, Karachi. This also needs much financial support. I send my poor, lower midddle class totally free patients here. They get medical advice, free tests, often operations.Please spread awareness about this hospital also as they are only one and a half years old and need much support.
  • The organisations doing health charitable work are many but I am linking an organisation working with children and in need of much financial support. They work ceaselessly in tuberculosis treatment,blood donations and medical drugs provision with national Institute Of Child Health , Karachi and Dow Medical College Hospital. karawane hayat ,Baitul Sakoon working with cancer patients,a unqiue organisation.
  • Edhi Welfare Foundation is the most famous in Pakistan This selfless worker organisation needs all the financial and other help it can. The Citizen's foundation providing quality education to thousands of children free. Child Aid Association(childhood cancers) .This organisation has also helped thousands of children from all over Pakistan. The Zindagi Trust working for providing quality education to poor is also a good cause to favor.
  • Care and Kindness Society has the following activies; Blindness prevention activities, free clinics, free checkup, treatment and surgeries,free eye camps all over Pakistan,free intra- ocular lenses,medicines,and equipment for eye diagnostics, and operations.They also intend to establish a full state of the art eye centre at Indus Hospital , Karachi.Zakat account ;01-8688176-01,Donation account;01-8688184-01.
  • Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, Civil Hospital Karachi, a state of art, totally free, center of excellence in Karachi for people all over Pakistan is a good choice for financial support.All banks in Pakistan recieve thier funds in all major branches.You can make a cheque /bank draft/pay order out to SIUT TRUST and send to SIUT, Civil Hospital, 74200 Karachi, Pakistan.Cash donations can be made (111=366-283) ,a representative will pick up.
  • Cancer is curable. Send your Zakat/donation to Children Cancer Foundation Pakistan Trust ;Zakat acc no; 081-001536-01-3, donation acc no;081-001535-01-2, bank Al habib Ltd.,(Water pump Branch, FB Area) swift code BAHL.PKKA, Address; Children Cancer Hospital, ST-1/C, Block 10, Ayesha Manzil, FB Area, Karachi.Phone; 0213-6369160, 0213-6369170, fax; 9221-36361966.
  • A pioneering institution which has cured millions with eye diseases and working in Sindh but benefitting people from all over Pakistan is The Layton Rehmatullah Benevolant Trust . This also needs all the support for prevention and treatment of blindness in millions of people.
  • Another pioneering institution and one of its kind in Karachi is Society for Children In Need of Special Attention (SCINOSA) .Since 1960 it works with kids disabled by Down's syndrome and mental retardation.Please send you donations, zakat,fitra,sadaqat to; MCB Bank Ltd., PLS A/C No, 1984-6 Corporate Branch, Shahra e Faisal, Karachi, PLS A/C No, 3400-6, North Nazimabad Branch, Karachi. Bank Al Habib Ltd., A/C No, 24989-01-3, Zamzama Branch Karachi. A/C No, 11221-01-5, MA Jinnah Road Karachi.
  • A good institute with teaching and training facilities is The Kidney Centre, Karachi. .This also needs much financial support as it caters to a large population and provides dialysis to people from all over Pakistan.

If we decide to take up one organisation and continue to volunteer for them then we have done a good deed this Ramzan . May Allah give us the courage to do a good ,honest deed and find His salvation and blessing!