Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whither European Egalitarian Justice?

Once again the controversy about hijab(headgear) for muslim school girls is tearing this supposedly egalitarian European country apart.Many questions come to mind. For people who believed that Europe was more free, fair and egalitarian this myth is shattered. It seems that the polarisation between the concept of integration into the country concept is also a farce. If you are of a particular type, say Christian or maybe even white European type you are integrated.So the integration model is more of a Us and Them concept. Is this a secular, egalitarian society ? I was never in favor of anyone to make anyone wear anything to identify with a certain group or section of society but now it seems that people who pretend to be secular and fair are after all not so. Post 9/11 I think this polarisation vis a vis islamic dress code and European secular pretensions regarding dress has come into sharp focus. Almost making people like me cringe in revulsion at the thought that the base violent groups in islam will really overtake the moderate peaceloving people if Europe continues it's assault on the muslim dress code. But then who are we calling out to? People who have wrecked havoc to the muslim populations in Europe and America will have the last laugh and upper hand when people like us sink in the shameful ,paralytic slump of mud that the so called liberal Europe and white America is making for all muslims.It seems now that this assimilation business was always a farce. Go, get out, back to your own kind of mentality even in the so called secular Europe. Now I see no difference between the flogging, suicide bombing happy, anti women Taleban and such groups and these European fascists. So the school girls are targetted. If they do not attend school ,as asked by the grand Imam and I think he will not be listened to by the policy makers , how will they be able to keep with the education system?
Here in Pakistan the Taleban blew up and keep on blowing up girls' schools so that since they are not educated, the girls should also not recieve education. Funny!Taleban dont want western education and want women covered up for regression and suppression.French and Belgians dont want women to wear headscarves so they cannot go to school and don not recieve any education. So inadvertantly the Europeans are helping the fascist Islamists by suppressing muslim women and taking away the right to education.In Islam Hijab is essential. When a muslim woman is out she has to wear hijab and jilbab. If Belgian girls give up hijab, they will be defying God as envisaged in their religion. Cant the stupid Europeans see that what will be their choice and how unfair it is to deprive them of their basic human right.
If Europe has to stand for women's emancipation in muslim societies, it has to allow them their right to dress code. Only this way will they be able to truely educate them and assimilate them in their own societies. Poor muslim women, one side is extremist, primitive, illiterate muslim males and the other side is the pretentious so called secular, liberal West. Where does she go? To Venus?

How long will this polarisation last? I think forever. inspite of all the education, enlightened moderation, art and culture it seems that the West is as small minded, rigid,and stupid as any Taleban or so called primitive Islamist. Finally, destructive ideologies like Al Qaeda are winning through a distorted, perverted logic. Europe is now reeking of Racism, Hate, religious Intolerance and down right aparthied.People like us, who are muslims and who donot necessarily cover their heads are now forced to wear hijab in order to identify with religious freedom, women's emancipation.I never was in favor of forced religious expression and did not favor Burka as with face cover, but now I can see the bigotry and double standards Europe is practising. It is the irony that what happened in France with the poor people burning Paris was not a lesson seriously taken.
If these assimilation issues are not resolved with an open mind the muslim girls will be at a disadvantage which is human rights violation in itself

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