Friday, September 18, 2009

Jumatul Wida Mubarak To All My Pakistani Brothers and Sisters and Children.

Yesterday a strange and good thing happened to me. Day before I was bieng small, yes having a small heart.(mere shoher ne mujhe tok diya ke biryani kyoon kha rahee ho, unhon ne mutton chops banwai the, jo mein naheen khatee is liye ke sirf kam khana hota hai aur us ke saath aur cheesain bhi khani partee hain. Ab mehengai bohat hai aur wasey bhi aur log to bhooke hain aur ham khakha kar dumba aur mein Panda bun rahee hoon)I was asked not to eat Biryani which I love, Without explaining anything I got angry and was upset the whole night and did not even listen to the tarweeh recitation from Kaaba which I do at night. I took my anti hypertensive tab and slept. Next morning I woke up and opened Dawn newspaper which I have been doing ever since I was a baby.Lo and behold, there was a message.(See metropolitan of Dawn )yesterday.The message was loud and clear.Hazrat Ali (Alaihi Assalam) says in his beautiful Nehjul Balagha (translation here)" O Ammar! Grieve Not If The Pleasures Of This World Are Kept Away From You.Honey The Best And Sweetest Food , Is The Saliva Of An Insect , The Bee". This seemed to me a clear message from Allah Subhan ahu Taala. In the Quran, also there is a mention many times of "Ayatul Bayaeenat" meaning clear signs. When you look around you see what message is there for you everyday. This day for me it seemed that my real name is Ammara. So I looked up the Arabic dictionary. Ammara is female of Ammar and Ammar means fathful, believing,pious,godly,religious, tolerant,indulgent,grave,sedate,solemn, mason, builder.
Then I looked for the real Ammar life history and found that Hazrat Ammar (razi Allah hu anhu) was one of the most trusted sahaabi of the prophet(peace be upon him) and built a mosque also, (see Islamic sites for full information ).
This strange and Imaan Afreen Experience made me realize waht Allah intends me to do in future and whole heartedly. I was following or building up my spiritual side but it was haphazard. Now I have the traits laid down clearly in front of me which I have to cultivate and cherish and grow inside of me for as long as I live. This is true Juhd. Self realization of what you can do for Allah and improving your own relationship with Him. My dear Pakistani brothers and sisters and young people and children. Only follow the right path (Sirat e Mustaqeem) This only belongs to Allah. Fear only Allah. Follow the path through Taqwa. Only for Allah. Islam means peace and bowing to the Will of Allah. Shun violence forever. Only think that "Muslims are those from whose tongues and hands others are safe" and shun violence. Only take Taqwa as your ideal. Remember that Allah is "Ghafoor Ul Raheem" He will forgive your sins when you ask for His forgiveness(Taubatul Nasooh)He asks you to take care of :Huquq ul Ibaad" which on the day of judgement you will be asked about. So before you utter a single word, be it to any one as small as a child of the housemaid, or the little boy begging outside your car window,stop and think. What am I saying to him? Will Allah like this and most of all what if I am really in his place. So fear Allah only. Allah says "whoever kills one man kills all of humanity". Think how detested violence in in Islam. Take the path of Taqwa only. Taqwa will lead you to salvation. Decide now at once, you never know when death strikes you,as the ill fated women and children and old men who went to get a bag of flour or rice and never returned. Strive to bow to His will only, strive to find your real name as He wills . Look around for the clear signs of Allah. May Allah bless Pakistan, May Allah Bless all young Pakistanis with His way to peace!

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