Saturday, September 12, 2009

Electrifying Exchanges In Electricity Debates!

As Kashif Abbassi looks on the two heavy weights in Pakistani political scene from Punjab, Raja Pervez Ashraf ,now minister of electricity and Faisal Swaleh Hayat, MNA Previously in Pakistan Peoples Party switched to Musharraf side and previous minister, fight it out on ARY TV program,Off The Record for two days. The main issue is the rental power plants that the federal govt., is acuiring to ease out the load shedding and electricity crises facing Pakistan now. according to the govt., the shortage will be quickly overcome in short time and provide relief to peole and industry and agriculturists. Mr Faisal smells a rat and sees doomsday picture of corruption. he says that the rental plants are dilapidated, at exhorbitant costs,
qouted much above real price by dubious parties.The govt., version is opposite but somehow even the audience is not convinced. Mr Kashif Abbasi was not able to provide a real result to audience who are as confused as ever. It seems that Mr Faisal has an axe to grind and Mr Raja Pervez wont accept defeat from an ex- PPPian.
Electricity issues are grave in Pakistan and need much solutions.(See Pakistan Energy Forum

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