Friday, September 25, 2009

Colnel Gaddafi,?New Libyan Realism?Are You Serious?

Well well well! CNN anchors Richard Roth and the cute little new girl,tried to give us a sensibly put jist of the amazingly paper flying, booklet showing, prolonged monologous speech of the Libyan President and Supreme Commander.They tried hard to explain as to what he really said, frequently, as they are trained to analyze and comment but that wasn't enough. The translator fainted before the last 20 minutes and was replaced by head of the translating service. He,he! Colonel Gaddafi is a strange world in himself. He puts up his lodging in a tent outside in the lawns of the hotel he is staying in. Cute style!But I am sure a headache for the hosts. As most people inside the hall listened at first somberly, then incrediously, then amusingly and finally aghast at his all encompassing, history, geography, economics, morality, differnt civilisations, etc.,speech, outside there was a contrasting gathering of the Lockerbie Bombing victims' families' supporters and the members of groups like The Nation Of Islam.This shows how the world is divided in groups and how people percieve the Libyan president differently.
The Lockerbie tragedy in which a commercial airliner was bombed in which more than 200 innocent people died cannot be fogiven. Mizrahi was released and was given a hero"s welcome in Libya. If after so many years and so much pain to the people whose families lost their loved ones Libyans still think this guy is a hero for what he did, then I fail to understand that how are these people will be called civilised y the west.But then maybe they do not care as so many others in the arab and muslim world.
As for the guys and folks from the Nation of Islam, do they realise that just bieng African American and having that lineage and bieng Muslim does not qualify you to support acts of violence. I can also start this speech that so many areas of the world were colonised and looted by the West but it still does not justify me blowing up innocent lives. Islam does not permit violence.
So the Gaddafi rant says some things which I found interesting and also which find representation in the Third World;
The looted riches ,resources taken by colonial powers which made large areas in Asia, Africa, Latin America poor. he praised Italy for returning some to Libya.
The stopping of migration from these areas to West as they will be happier back home.
The shifting of UN headquarters out of USA to areas where most of the world will be comfortable. He is sure that in those areas no security will be required. Funny. Here in Pakistan we cannot go shopping without bieng sure we will be blown to smithereens.
The dismantling of Security council and it's reconstitution with unions and fora from all over the world.
The most important from my point of view and of Pakistani interest, recognising and helping Taleban win in Afghanistan.
I also could not follow the speech in entirety,was exhausted after one hour and some minutes and prayed after that.
What he said is representative of a large population of muslims and other Asians in the world. He is not crazy, just different. The west should see seriously as to what he is saying.
As far as I am concerned I detest and shun violence and will always condemn acts in which innocent people are killed. Islam does not permit it and whoever does it in the name of religion cannot be termed a Muslim.

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