Thursday, September 3, 2009

Asalam Ramzan...So What Good Deeds You will do this Ramzan?

When Ramzan arrives for muslims it is a month to vouch for promises to do good deeds and pray and fast. Overseas Pakistanis and it is seen that muslims from all over the world are good philanthrophists and contribute much to the good of humanity. Post earth quake in Pakistan we saw this generosity from all over the world.Here are some things that we will find helpful in finding a purpose to give to humanity and make a contribution. I have listed a few goodcauses to take up and find close to your heart then volunteer and collect funds and favor for them in some way. ( The source of account numbers is taken from their advertised numbers in the Daily Dawn. . I have listed websites and addresses for check and info).

  • You can easily volunteer time effort,money or simply awareness about some good welfare organisations in Pakistan like Hospitals; Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is a state of the art facility in Pakistan. It is bieng run in a non-profit basis and requires much donations, volunteers. You can spread awareness about it's activities and help it generate support and funds.Another very good effort , also totally free with state of art facilities and nursing school is Indus hospital in Korangi, Crossing, Karachi. This also needs much financial support. I send my poor, lower midddle class totally free patients here. They get medical advice, free tests, often operations.Please spread awareness about this hospital also as they are only one and a half years old and need much support.
  • The organisations doing health charitable work are many but I am linking an organisation working with children and in need of much financial support. They work ceaselessly in tuberculosis treatment,blood donations and medical drugs provision with national Institute Of Child Health , Karachi and Dow Medical College Hospital. karawane hayat ,Baitul Sakoon working with cancer patients,a unqiue organisation.
  • Edhi Welfare Foundation is the most famous in Pakistan This selfless worker organisation needs all the financial and other help it can. The Citizen's foundation providing quality education to thousands of children free. Child Aid Association(childhood cancers) .This organisation has also helped thousands of children from all over Pakistan. The Zindagi Trust working for providing quality education to poor is also a good cause to favor.
  • Care and Kindness Society has the following activies; Blindness prevention activities, free clinics, free checkup, treatment and surgeries,free eye camps all over Pakistan,free intra- ocular lenses,medicines,and equipment for eye diagnostics, and operations.They also intend to establish a full state of the art eye centre at Indus Hospital , Karachi.Zakat account ;01-8688176-01,Donation account;01-8688184-01.
  • Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, Civil Hospital Karachi, a state of art, totally free, center of excellence in Karachi for people all over Pakistan is a good choice for financial support.All banks in Pakistan recieve thier funds in all major branches.You can make a cheque /bank draft/pay order out to SIUT TRUST and send to SIUT, Civil Hospital, 74200 Karachi, Pakistan.Cash donations can be made (111=366-283) ,a representative will pick up.
  • Cancer is curable. Send your Zakat/donation to Children Cancer Foundation Pakistan Trust ;Zakat acc no; 081-001536-01-3, donation acc no;081-001535-01-2, bank Al habib Ltd.,(Water pump Branch, FB Area) swift code BAHL.PKKA, Address; Children Cancer Hospital, ST-1/C, Block 10, Ayesha Manzil, FB Area, Karachi.Phone; 0213-6369160, 0213-6369170, fax; 9221-36361966.
  • A pioneering institution which has cured millions with eye diseases and working in Sindh but benefitting people from all over Pakistan is The Layton Rehmatullah Benevolant Trust . This also needs all the support for prevention and treatment of blindness in millions of people.
  • Another pioneering institution and one of its kind in Karachi is Society for Children In Need of Special Attention (SCINOSA) .Since 1960 it works with kids disabled by Down's syndrome and mental retardation.Please send you donations, zakat,fitra,sadaqat to; MCB Bank Ltd., PLS A/C No, 1984-6 Corporate Branch, Shahra e Faisal, Karachi, PLS A/C No, 3400-6, North Nazimabad Branch, Karachi. Bank Al Habib Ltd., A/C No, 24989-01-3, Zamzama Branch Karachi. A/C No, 11221-01-5, MA Jinnah Road Karachi.
  • A good institute with teaching and training facilities is The Kidney Centre, Karachi. .This also needs much financial support as it caters to a large population and provides dialysis to people from all over Pakistan.

If we decide to take up one organisation and continue to volunteer for them then we have done a good deed this Ramzan . May Allah give us the courage to do a good ,honest deed and find His salvation and blessing!

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