Monday, September 14, 2009

Abdul Sattar Edhi,the greatest person in Pakistan Is Right!

As we are watching the ugly and unbelievable news of 18 women and one girl child dead in a stampede in Khori Garden, one of the densest,trading area in Karachi,we are struck by Abdul Sattar Edhi's words. He is a social worker par excellence, not only for 17 million Pakistanis but for people all over the world. Said he" the profiteers and corrupt rich people do looting the nation all the year round and in Ramzan they take out ration and some charity to pretend their religious tenets fulfilment, like "Bheek" to beggars. They should be awarded death penalty".He is so right !
Pakistan is a society now brimming with religious, moral, social and complete economic corruption. The people are poor and hungry. The population is increasing. Child labour with no protection or rights is rampant. As Shehla Reza said that these women queing for free ration also have an attitude problem ,they bring kids and girls to such places to get as much as they can. But then what choice do they have, these kids are hungry and they have to be fed.
Here there is much mismanagement when such free things are distributed.Such a practice is common in Karachi for a long time. This time there is more rush as seen all over Pakistan as Mr Altaf Hussain rightly said that there is too much Atta (wheat) powder shortage.The government is trying to give as much as possible and in Karachi there is no shortage but due to the rush and sheer panic such a tragedy occured. The distribution should be professionally handled next time , maybe through volunteers and also charitable organisations and govt., should streamline and verify distribution. A permit system should be issued and govt should provide space for proper distribution .
It has been observed that a large population of illegal workers such as Bengalis, Nepalese, Afghans have added to the already burgeoning population of residents in Karachi. I have observed extreme poverty in these women and children. A large number of Pathan women and children living in slums are also suffering from unguarded , risky labour, poverty and food shortage in slums of Karachi like Shireen Jinnah Colony. There is no relief from any nationalistic or religious party or organisation for them. I will write a full post about the discrimination and problems they face.
It is understandable how these poorest of poor run and suffer for a bag of charity. I feel so sad that our civic and moral barometers have come so down that we have just become zombies in a corrupt society and such bad occurence has just become headline news for a day for us.We really need to look at our behaviour and if each person takes one woman and her children as a social and moral resposibility for food, health and their education I see that there will be no such tragedies ever. Why donot we support charities and organisation that are doing good work. We sgould just adopt one family around us and the prosperity will come. The educated and affluent should institutionalise their behaviour. They should learn about volunteerism and how to help others and be serious about this each and everyday. Only this way Pakistan will improve.

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