Friday, September 25, 2009

Pollution On Seafront In Karachi

Some years ago there was a massive oil spill in Karachi as an oil tanker Tasman Spirit broke while trying to enter the Karachi Port channel.Post spill no information was given to the residents who reside along the beach(Population of Karachi is 8 million).Many years have passed, but I still see massive oil pollution of the Clifton beach.As the waters of the Arabian sea churn and toss in summer(from May to September), much oil comes to surface and fumes are in the air. I have observed this much at the time of the high tide, which means that there s considerable oil at the bottom which comes up with high tide.I live by the sea, so I have observed this personally every year.This year the sea, which usually becomes much calmer by the end of September seems more restless as the Monsoons in this part of Sindh also are gone by the end of September. Is this occurring because of global warming?
The sea in Karachi is massively polluted, due to oil thrown by ships and tankers, untreated waste and garbage, thrown by the industry and city,a natural dusty area surrounding the city with low water in deltaic area coming down from river Indus. This is so cumbersome that the visibility for tankers and ships and for Pakistan navy is bieng reduced and this is a menace.There is no effort on the part of any responsible authority to address this messy state of affairs.The information to public is not provided by the responsible authorities but only if some journalist makes a story feature we are informed of some situation.
Another source of pollution on the seafront is the aerial pollution that is carried with fumes, very irritating and pungent which come from the Korangi Industrial Area situated close by.The industrial area also is responsible for massive pollution in Karachi. Most of the industry is neither treating and discharging their pollutants, nor do they follow any regulations. The immediate residents and the residents of more expensive areas are equally exposed to this pollution. Most of the elite clubs like the Golf club, Creek club, Marina club where the elites of Karachi come and relax are under direct assault by these poisonous fumes so much so that the pungent smell is frequently irritating while on the jogging tracks or courts.
No one is bothered at direct action to remove or curtail this menace, there is no public pressure as the elites are the ones running or owning industry and the representation in local government is bogged down with different area issues. There is a dire need for the awareness spreading in elitist society to take a more proactive role in tackling civic and pollution issues.

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