Monday, May 30, 2011

Pakistan's May Dilemmas.

To qoute Sartre A lost battle is a battle one thinks one has lost.

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Pakistan's ides of March came in May. 2nd May when UBL found and killed by US Navy Seals in dead of night in Abbottabad, a military academy base. 24 rth May, PNS Mehran attack in Karachi on Orion surveillance planes of considerable worth and capability. Both the incidences have left Pakistan without any sheild or veil of decency left both in the diplomacy of International relations and in it's Defence capability. The self proclaimed status of world's third largest army and the number one intelligence agency has fallen apart like broken egg shells. All we are left with are the gaping wounds of shame, uncertainty, ignorance and isolation. How does the nation heal?
The now very parochial looking Nawaz Sharif with a "PUG" has changed his stance from questioning as to how and with whose hospitality was UBL sitting in our populated Abbottabad to "How dare USA attack our sovereignty?". 
He screams his lungs out that we will break the "Kushkol" , the begging bowl of aid. Two things are clear that he wants the army and the ISI to answer the questions regarding May 2 in Abottabad. Also he has no idea of modern economics and what Pakistan's economy is all about at this time and what the people in Pakistan really need and the people of Sindh especially.
Again to qoute Sartre: Everything has been figured out, except how to live
Sindh has seen devastating floods.One year on it is totally destroyed.
It needs help in cash and kind. We cannot talk of anything without acknowledging the misery and pledging help to people who lost in floods especially of Sindh and Baluchistan which saw devastation on massive scale. The agenda for Mr Nawaz Sharif should have been to galvanize support and help for these people and not " breaking the begging bowl " That is mere rhetoric. Gone are the days of rhetoric.People are not fools.
They are free and they can think.
Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.Sartre.
So the winning choice for us would be to have two begging bowls . One to fill our debt servicing , because that is where our aid goes and the other for the poor , unfortunate people who cannot send their kids to schools now that their livelihoods, abodes and schools are destroyed. For the poor people to reconstruct their homes, their lands, their living, their jobs.The Kerry Lugar Fund will be just a drop in the ocean. Why are the Jamaatis and all the rightists opposing it? Because they do not want the poor to have schools, clinics or any semblance of help where they can get some semblance of dignified existence.
The armed forces have to improve their intelligence sharing and cooperation and coordination. They should also give mere access to the civilians/politicians about information into their budget spending and policies. If Pak army is sincerely run by jawans and officers alone who undoubtedly are very sincere and patriotic then why the fat salaries, power and perks to the generals and their children with plots in posh lands  and societies, other benefits. And who will audit the efficiency and effectiveness of command and control? The civilian government cannot even ask simple questions.It is afraid.Why this should be so and this ambiguity regarding its many valid issues should be removed.What kind of commission is Mr Nawaz Sharif talking about?
The law enforcing agencies should also reform and restructure their organisations immediately. They should bring about more transparency and professionalism in public dealings. The Kharotabad incidence has brought about one such glaring example of confusion and corruption.When half of what the LEA staff is doing is running errands for households of their officers, how can there be law and order?
To quote Sartre again in his seminal "Iron In The Soul" he describes how the demoralized French soldiers must fight after the defeat and humiliation of defeat.We as a nation stand defeated by our own ineptitude and incompetence. We stand defeated and in shame by our own refusal to face and strive for truth, for our failure to stand up for the down trodden, dispossessed , the poor. We stand defeated by our injustices and our failure to provide justice to the ones in need. By our conspiracies and foul tricks to gain material strength, and by compromising on principles of justice and equity we have lost this war.India is not our enemy. USA is not our enemy . We must look for and behead the serpent within. We must cleanse our souls. We must provide justice and rights to the poor, the downtrodden , the infirm. Only this way will we find the Iron in our souls. Only through egalitarianism will we be able to be free again. We must bring down elitism. We must recognize our true enemy.It is ignorance and injustice.

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