Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fast forward Pandora's Box,Humpty Dumpties Telerama !

From yesterday to today, things are moving between various television channels at a spinning pace. so fast the spin wheel is moving that guys like Andrew Sullivan and Nico Pitney will have their cervical vertebras dislodged just by changing channels with a remote.
Brig Imtiaz sagorama;he comes on express news (urdu) channel and almost re turns his version as if a surgeon ,almost as a second after thought opens up the stitches he had so carefully put. Says the newly lime lighted guy; The operation was started to destabilise the Nawaz Sharif govt., and nawaz Sharif did not know that the operation will take a turn against MQM. now this after almost a long day full of MQM crying and lamenting and poor Mr. Siddiq Al Farooq (PML N spokesperson) almost juggling his comments ,on air , in car, on telephone, between various channels. Thank God twitter hasn't captured the television communication market,we are still saved! So he went on giving explanations as reported in my last post and MR. Altaf Hussain cried with the lady audiences and anchors with him a s usual(these Indian/Pakistani females want to cry all the time, the only expression that is allowed to them by their respective religions.)Brigadiere (retired)Imtiaz has now revised his version as I think he realised that too much polarisation will end up every body making a punchbag out of him.
Musharraf tragedy in making update; The supreme court has returned the case that was filed against retired general Musharraf with some objection. This also seems like an after... well I can't say more!
Now the really good news for Mr. Nawaz Sharif and all those against the 17th amendment excluding the double playing and later apoligising fat people! mr Raza Rabbani says that the nation may hear good news about consensually agreed 18th amendment!
Baluchistan update; Shaukat Tareen says National finance Award will be decided and Baluchistan will be compensated. good news. But why did the baluch blew up their own things and killed and fired and wounded their own boys in Quetta yesterday on the death anniversary of Mr. Bugti? Will violence solve the problems?This kind of violence also gives bad impression to people of other areas.
Meanwhile all over the country except Karachi people are bieng beaten by sticks, slapped on their faces , in long ques, come sunshine or rain( as in Rawalpindi) for atta , bieng inadequately, mismanagedly provided by provincial govts.,Old and frail are fainting and the Punjab chief minister is asking difficult and "important " questions in Bachat Bazars like "why are the people not questioning as to who were the people who ate up billions of rupees and were later given posts and ministries and let of by NAB? says the ever vigilant Punjab chief minister, "why were you not protesting on this aspect? and the poor hungry, wretched "Riyaya"( subjects) look at him ,not hearing his plea, or request a la order, faint in the intense heat of the que.
The honorable chief minister of Sindh, who so wants the local govt., to go. also answered a strange reply to a question that why was sugar or atta not given in certain locality of Shahdadkot,"the administrator who was supposed to start the sale was lazy, started late!" Good example of administrator's governance, in lieu of local govt., representatives.
Ramzan mubarak and stop trying to juggle everything at the same time . delegate , devolve, let people handle their own affairs, stop mafiasation, stop cartelsation, stop your bad governance.


  1. I think its a good democratic exercise,at least when the characters of the story are alive and can tell us the truth :)

  2. Thanks for reading my post. It is funny yet so sad that all our politicians fight and the intriguers play tricks to destabilise democracy.