Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Lonely Heart Tragedy In USA....What Price Love?

As the tragedy unfolds in USA over the gym shooting and the details come out over the media of the 47 year old gym owner turned killer, it becomes clear what is becoming of modern society in USA. people will be people ,they need love, companionship, friendship and someone to share life with. This guy had improved his style, was physically ok, lots of females came to the gym, yet he could not find a psartner.What really happened? Why did he decide to kill women? I think he behaved like a little boy who when cannot get what he wants, breaks the toys that he is playing with! Yes that is exactly what happened to him.
In the modern western society, loneliness is increasing as the lifestyle of city people is increasingly job oriented. The issues of finding the right partner are also increasing as the desires , expectations are increasing. the media shows glamorous,girls and desirable sexual images. The office jobs are demanding and time is long. Often people are on their own with no parents or relatives. So the concentration is on bars, pubs, discos and clubs. The singles scene is often one night stands, looking for love everyday and being available most of the time. This breeds a kind of appeal advertising sexuality. In olden days , the choice was small, small towns limited expectations,early marraige. Now sex outside marraige is almost normal occurence, so the finding of right partner becomes crusade because each person has his/her own sexual prefernces and desires. Thanls to the widespread available sleezy mags etc available, the mystery, and novely has disappeared. Before usually the folks were content with a single life partner . Now even the loving partner maybe a bore in bed. So the divorce and infidelity rate is rising.
The modern western society is heading towards disaster in sexuality as the human nature is against promiscuityand in favor of bonding, permanence in relationship and sexual choice. This is why we have children and a short life span. By the time they are brought up, we are old and our youth has passed.The intellectual fulfilment of desire is also fulfilled only for a short time period by humans in order to sustain the function of procreation. After this period the goal of achievement will have changed.
The fashion of marraige beaurues as in Asian societies is not there. The culture of "looking for love" is difficult to sustain in a fast society like USA. The attendent problems like HIV AIDS, alcoholism,drugs etc also increase. I think the solution lies in marraige and marraige beauraues as in Asian societies. Here you can register with appropriate data and the solution is with the beauraue. The best part is that matching all background requirements , you can be assured of novelty, surprise, mystery and desire that is so essential for any lasting relationship. Marraige brings bonding to humans in a nurturing way. Justify the desirability of the sexual urge by a safe environment and familiar, reliable condition.
Marraige also helps in building communities in modern world as families come together and then like minded people gather to build the fabric of community. The cities which lack the cohesion in humans, will also be helped by marraige as there will be more family oriented activities in cities.
The idea of marraige is now the key solution to the modern western societies as their population will also increase. The marraiges have more space to structure the requirement of children also. So the new generation will have a more desirable upbringing.This will help the society.
Instead of looking at this from the religious point we should see from anthroplogical point and this maybe more appealing for modern western societies.
The lonely Heart Syndrome is very sad for a society that has plenty. This should not have happened in USA.

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