Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ah This Political Circus....Pakistan.

Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark
Can I Qoute Here  In The State  Of Pakistan
Ah , A Land That Was Meant To be Pure
For The Pure, Of The Pure
Alas That Was A Dream Not Meant To Be
Something Is Surely Rotten Here
As The Sands Of Freedom Shift From Beneath Our Feet
As The Betrayed Soldiers Fall
In Cold Blood
On The Cold , Cold Roads
I Can See With My Rotted Eyes
Smell The Stench So Foul
Of Rotting Bodies
Of Rotting Souls
As The Specters Of Freezing Cold Zombies From The Graves Rise
I Can Feel The Lancinating Pain Of The Death Of The Kind Souls
In My Putrid Body
A Body So Rotten
Like The Dead Meat Eaten By Vermin
The Stench Of Hatred  Fills Our Rotten Souls
All Of Us Like Vampires Come To Rest and Rejoice 
In The Stench Filled Graveyard That Is Now Our Home, Our Country
Blood Not a Gory fluid But A Favored Drink
A Ghastly Drink To Be Savored By Our Religious Souls
Rotten Souls
Souls So Ghoulish That Even The Ghouls Cringe And Flinch From
Can There Be Healing
Can There Be The Balm For All Our Pain
As I Ask These Questions 
To Keep My Sanity
As I Grope For A Lifeline
No Matter how Broken, No Matter How Shaken
I Wish And Hope That God Will Look This Way Someday
As I  Put Roses And Lilies 
On Graves Of The Fallen Soldiers Of Love
Soldiers Of Freedom
I Hope And I Wish 
That God Will Look Our Way Someday. 

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