Friday, March 11, 2011

The Politics Of Fools And Criminals..Punjab,.Pakistan.

Millions of children are exposed to hazard and a life of risk. What is the Punjab government doing for this. We do not need army for improving their lives. Punjab government an do this itself.
Punjab is the largest most populated province in Pakistan. With the largest agricultural base it also defines the most prosperous province. But is it really so. Not if you look at the crimes, the street crimes, the crimes against humanity, rape, murders, kidnapping for ransom, crimes and violence against women, suicide bombings on police and other sensitive agencies, suicide bombings in shrines, mosques and innocent citizens are seen. The ruling or popularly mandated Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz parliamentarians seem to be in a confused, totally vague or some sort of dazed frame of mindset. This is true for the fact that instead of improving the governance , law and order and economic management in their own province for which they are heavily mandated they are calling out for some very vague and stupid calls to the army and a very pressurized Pakistan Peoples Party in the federal government. They are calling for inclusion of the army in general consensus. The army already has its hands full in Waziristan and KPK.The army has no means or mechanism to run an economic agenda for the common man. The politicians need to understand that all means and mechanisms are in their own hands. Who can do anything if they themselves are stupid, incompetent and far behind in economic governance. They themselves have to find and strengthen the institutions and means of  improving economic governance.The army has also never been able to really run a people friendly agenda from the beginning as it is clear from the martial law administrators that it produced and also its larger self interest and survival. Let it do its own work for which it is heavily budgettted even at the expense of the common man. Now that the enemy is inside our own ranks, the Pakistani polity should realize that the Pakistan army is fighting for its own survival.If there is no writ on large chunks of Pakistani soil and if the war from tribal areas is made to enter Punjab , it will become very difficult for Pakistan to survive in such a way.
A four year old boy who was raped and killed.

The rape and murder of a six year old boy in Lahore today again describes the weak police and law and order situation in Punjab.The hair cutting and parading with blackened face of another young woman who had eloped with a young man as her own husband did not live with her describes the blatant violations of the religious edicts and the inhuman nature and behavior of the Muslim society in Punjab. Instead of releasing the woman and wedding her to a man who would live with her , she is humiliated and punished for an instinct of which even God has given her legitimate permission and which is her natural and social right.
The dacoities, looting and kidnapping for ransom are rampant all over Punjab. Due to a very small and badly managed police force, these crimes which make a citizen's life miserable are multiplying.The rural areas are also being affected badly. Also the terrorists are gaining residence all over as is evident from the blowing up in arms dump by a religious leader in madressah in a small mohalla of which some 60 houses were blown up some three years back and the residents are still out on the roads.The ease with which the terrorists gain entrance and do the violent acts as is evident from various Lahore attacks and the last Faisalabad attack shows the complete lack of coordination and cooperation between federal and provincial interior departments and the complete incompetency of the Punjab interior department to politically tackle the issue. There is a need for absolute political will. The blatant and shameful murders of the governor of Punjab and a sitting minister in Islamabad Punjab also show the complete insecurity even to state functionaries and speaks volumes of the inefficiency of the security apparatus in Punjab.By the way both these high profile people belonged to the Pakistan Peoples Party and were very vocal in its organization in Punjab.
The adhocism in the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz governance issues is apparent from the fact that the chief minister has so many camp offices. The two brothers are ruling the province almost in feudal style of which clan funnily they are not part of. Basically their father was an industrialist of sorts but their style of governance is really Chowdary feudal style. Instead of strengthening the institutions for good governance they are "Camping"  to improve the situation. The chief minister has no loyal, dedicated, honest beauracrats to whom he can delegate his work. Are all beauracrats in Punjab corrupt and inefficient? This is a question he himself should answer and sort out for public interest. The abolition of local governance was also part of his very "Chowdary Style" governance of the last century which is unsustainable in the highly competitive modern world.
Blatant murders even of top government governors and ministers belonging to Pakistan Peoples Party in Punjab speaks volumes.

If Punjab has to enter the competitive fast paced economic and social process, it should have highly competent governors, not the old, feudal, Chowdaries and Sharifs that are now obsolete. The PML N should also look inside its own collar and see what it needs to change to survive. It needs party reforms in a practical and modern sense and not sycophant politics. It seems Punjab has lost its political chance at governance and now the obsolete characters on the political stage are crying foul and barking up dazedly at the wrong tree.


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  1. Look at the lions of the Punjab, the Sharifs. If only some of their vitriol and made-for-camera indignation could be redirected toward extremists. Sharif the Elder will take on the government over the National Reconciliation Ordinance, separation of powers with respect to the judiciary, the Charter of Democracy (R.I.P.), and his own 10 commandments directing the government how to do its business, but when it comes to extremism, it is an evil of which he shall not speak.

    Sharif the Younger doesn’t like the term “Punjabi Taliban,” because it clashes with the narrative of “good governance” in the province he rules. It’s just too bad that the militants who are operating with impunity in the Punjab call themselves that, the Punjabi Taliban. The few times that interior minister Rehman Malik actually does his real job and informs the public about the Punjabi Taliban, Sharif gets huffy. The hobnobbing of PML-N with Taliban is threatening most populating province of Pakistan. The slogan of good governance in Punjab have become a dream.