Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whats Happening In Libya, To Libya, For Libya?

Ever heard of Libya? You must have but then more of the looney Gaddafi and in his forty plus years rule. Yes you must have heard of the heartless , mindless Lockerbie bombings and then never about Libya, its people, its desires and dreams!So finally thanks to the amazing 18 days Egyptian Revolution against the despotic rule of Hosni Mubarak, Libya may come out of the shadow of Moammar Gaddafi. We may see a Libya that has a population of some 6,597,960 of which 62.7% are in the age group 15 to 64 years.We may come to see that it is a young population country where the population growth rate is 2.064.We may come to see that post lifting of sanctions in 2006 the Libyan economy grew with increased foreign direct investment and use of petrochemicals and other manufacturing products in the agricultural sector. Libya has the highest per capita income in Africa due to small population and large oil reserves.The despotic rule of Moammar Gaddafi has concentrated the wealth in the hands of him and his cronies. The general public at large is not very educated or prosperous. Another large factor in the schisms in Libyan continuity is the landmass. huge areas that are barely habitable make cities such as Tripoli, Benghazi separate.
There is hidden enmity for superiority over resources between various tribes and socio-political groups.
As the US and allied forces tactically decimate Gaddafi's air, naval and eventually land forces and their strongholds, the Libyan army may change its loyalties. The earlier the better for the people as the civil war scenario should be averted. We do not want and especially the US does not want Al-Qaeda like organizations taking the space of the politically or militarily voids. There is a moral and revenge interest of the UK and its forces. Remember the Lockerbie bombing. The naval base is destroyed to first secure free passage to the land through sea. The no-fly zone is conducive in further weakening the assault capacity of Gaddafi. He was bombarding his own civilians. The rag tag opposition army in Benghazi and Marsata can be helped if allied forces supply arms , people and ammunition.
Gaddafi will eventually fall. The writing is on the wall. People of Libya may emerge truimphant. how soon depends on the resistance by Gaddafi. His last days have come to leave the presidency. If in one months time it will be major victory for the people of Libya..
Iran does not want to interfere but it is watching intently. There may however be some innocent blood shed before Gaddafi retires.

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