Monday, February 9, 2009

Achieving Goals ;one step at a time

I was always so frustated when things such as mobile snatching,purse snatching,physical violence,sexual harassment,sexual assault happened to people,especially women,but they could not find any help or even a "listening ear".I first worked towards becoming a member of WAR, an organisation which is working in the field of assault,sexual violence,rape and domestic violence for the last twenty years.As I live in defence area of Karachi, I always wanted that there should be a crises center for such complainents and victims here as happens in Canada, where you can contact support groups and crises centers.This opportunity arose ironically and unfortunately, After the white toyota criminals went beserk and were finally arrested by police. the police called a meeting with residents and it was seen that the ordinary folks even when they are so influential ,rich and also powerful are totally helpless in facing such crimes as they have no confidence in police and there are no crises and support centers.I have worked on this for the last one week and managed to form a crises and support core group for defence residents.I have had a meeting with the home minister in this regard, thanks to a political PPP MPA,whom I met at a a rally against these criminals. So if you really want some thing done for an honest purpose,people will help you, whether they are political or non-political.I managed to form this group and spread the word through to the residents via a newsletter.This will be a crises core group of its kind, unlike the commitees appointed by government which never work.I will keep you posted on its formation,activities,aims and objectives,teething problems.Today I have managed to enlist four activ women who will work in this group, as I was the only one yesterday.
The idea is appealing to the residents but they had no idea as to the mechanism. I have to stick to the goals and Godwilling will be able to proudly show you the work in near future.

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