Monday, February 2, 2009

The Ostrich Attitude

The Pakistani society is amazing in its variety of prejudices,dogmas,stigmas,and most of all ostrich like behaviour.Here we take pride in ignoring the weakness, tyrranies,injustices and always try our best to brush important issues which make or break  a society under the carpet. By burying our heads under the sand, we think no one will see us.Here are some issues we especially love to hide ;
  • Rape,incest,sexual abuse.These are taboo subjects, if it is happening then just ignore and avoid. Never help a victim. In fact ,shun and ostracize the victim. Take doppatta on heads and start reciting the holy book and nothing will happen to us. The victim and her family if it is poor are especially not likely to be believed. God is only with the holy, virtous, not with poor, depending on your alms and help. I especially despice these nowadays typical upper middle class ladies of defence, who have started the religious teachings as a fashion, yes  I say a fashion .Their mentality of Ostrichism ,deriding the disadvantaged,passing judgements without knowledge and magnanimoty,will never change. Their half baked ideas about religion,badly read opinions, and un- knowledgable fatwas reek of ignorance and arrogance,which The Islamic God so hates.Their male counterparts are a confusing, despicsable mix of pretentious religiosity,virtuosoty,confused modernism, yet rightist behavior. Usually these guys will do adultry,incest, rape at the first instance.
  • Then there is the nouvau rich or in pakistan fuedal ,landed bastards. They are ace actors in rape, incest ,sexual abuse and physical violence. for the religion, education, morality, nothing seems to work. They are truly Maader Pidaar Aazad or in other words bastards of the worst kind. They roam about freely on roads with blackened windows of their Prados,Corrollas,their servants and guards pimping for them ,supplying girls, kidnapping people for ransom, raping and looting freely,unscared of the police or administration. These people usually become more active when elected governments come into power, thinking that nobody will catch them as they are in power. Usually they do not understand that the martial forces are around the corner when things get bad.And God is watching.
  • Then there are ordinary folks who do not know where they stand , they think that the issues which evolve public debate ,legislation, solving are not to be discussed and if any NGO is working in this field, they are unIslamic. As if the prophet( peace be upon him) did not stand for the rights of the oppressed, the poor, the underprivileged,the needy, the mazloom(oppressed) and especially women. They think that by compromising we can pass this life in peace. Oh how ignorant and stupid they are.When the boat sinks everyone sinks!
The society in general made these issues redundant ,accusing the persons who discussed or brought them out as Pariahs. In the end we have these  issues eating up our entire fabric and we do not know what to do.I think it is high time we put our cloaks aside and take our heads out of the sand and discuss these issues threadbare. Only by discussing,debating,finding solutions,sympathising with the victims, and empowering the vulnerable groups through legislation and laws will we be able to be counted as civilised. So far we  are worst than PIGS. God only helps those nations or people that are fair and just, those who treat its old,infirm,disadvantaged and women and children with fairness love, care and respect.

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  1. agreed totally agreed specialy to those anties who through fatwas on people as if they responsible for everything despite the fact that women is not allowed to issue fatwas

    all this because of jahalat, and not only those who cant read or write but those as well who can read and write as well jahel woh nai hota jo sirf likh nai saktha yaa par nai saktha... something different even the educated ones do the extreme things.
    i wish we cud get the kind of Education that our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) taught us