Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Year Resolutions...climbing up the peak!

Hey guys, just wanted to all the young and young at heart older ones! Buck Up! I had an accident and the hidden injury surfaced after months. Then I was bed ridden for one and a half months . When I got up, could not even stand for 20 seconds and could not even straighten my back. Thanks to my new year resolutions , I started excercising, including water excercises and lo and behold....I can stand straght, without stick! So enthusistic was I that I took part in a protest by women yesterday for giving security to women by police and administration in Defence ,Clifton ,Karachi. So, all you guys and gals get up and start excercising. Get yourself fit.Start making daily chores,priority list.
Stick to your short term goals and keep doing things to achieve long term goals. If you are sincere, God will help you. And never forget those in need. Always learn to lead a fulfilling life. If you are a housewife and cannot give much time,look after the poor people working for you. Give charity in regular ways,kidney center,TB center, Educational foundations. SADA welfare in NICH Karachi is one such project working with TB, blood bank, medicines for very poor and deserving children. If you cannot give large contributions always save and give small ones.
Pakistan Education Foundation is another such project. Always find out on internet about the institutions you are likely to give charity to. See that they are registered. You can give zakaat too.
The patient's welfare association of DOW Medical College is also a deserving association. The Imran Khan Cancer Hospital is also deserving.
One thing one needs to understand that nothing big needs to be done, always start small,something you can do and if you have enough passion and commitment ,things will grow.

In the end keep smiling!


  1. small and sweet pieces of good advices :) may you always stay Happy Inshallah Amen

  2. Thanx for reading my posts. I appreciate and feel encouraged!

  3. It was inspiring to read your post, and a pleasure to know that you are well and fit Masha Allah :)

    I have no idea how to incorporate exercising in my schedule :(

    God Help me!