Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Follow up on resolves for new year

As I had enumerated at least nine resolves, I thought I must see which ones i have started. Here are afew things I am doing;
  • Excercising daily by going to gym for fitness and wellness achievement.
  • Starting with water excercise for reduction of weight and my pains and joints health.
  • Joining the parkinson society for helping out with persons in need.
  • Continuing with charity work as a physician. writing my blogs.
  • Forming support groups like people with depression, anxiety.
  • Continue awarenes of abuse, injustice and rape.
  • Telling adolescents and teenagers about healthproblems and what to do.

One thing I need to start is join a singing class ,lets see when that is done. So how many have you done? Lets hear!


  1. Wow

    You're doing a LOT..!!

    Amazing masha Allah :S
    I wish I could do even half of what you're doing. I mean, you must be feeling so valuable, worthy of living in this society. I feel completely useless.

    Neither have I started getting up early, neither am I doing volunteer work, because I found no organizations needing volunteers in Khi online, and I was too scared to call!!

    I admire you doctor, seriously!

  2. nor* am I doing volunteer work

  3. well i dnt have any such but i m thikning to get a good job as its almost a year since i left my last one, and to learn more and more :)

  4. thats a lot of resolutions.

    I am impressed