Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Resolves for New Year

This new year I would like people to make the following resolves,work out an action plan for achieving the desired goals.By doing these in our own way we will be able to keep our focus.

  • decide what you really want to do;lose weight,switch to a healthier lifestyle,take on a new educational course etc.

  • prioritise your needs and work on a n easily doable plan eg., if need to take admision plan required documentation,obtain refrences etc.

  • Make a time frame to achieve the goals;divide in early middle and later actions,in this way you will achieve each step easily staying focused.

  • Resolve on cultivating moral values like always saying the truth,helping one person with easily doable goals not lofty ideals like opening a university.If you can help start by teaching a poor child some subject that you can. Always commit what you can and stick to will see how good your life becomes in finding a helpful role and what amazing satisfaction you will achieve ,no high whether of alchol or drugs can match this kind of satisfaction.
  • resolve to look after your own health;go to a doctor ,achieve health goals.Get help for resolving health problems like depression.
  • learn anew skill ;music,langauage,crotchette,game.
  • Start going to gym regularly or walking or jogging.Adopt a daily routine for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn and adopt strategies for economic management.
  • Last but not least learn to find peace and a sense of happiness by doing your favorite thhing ;prayers or yoga.


  1. Happy new year to you too :)
    and wow you have a very nice list set for 09 :)

    may you achieve more than that inshallah

  2. thanx and happy new year to you too.

  3. This was lovely :)

    Some goals match mine.. like switching to a healthier lifestyle .. *sigh*.. I REALLY need that...

    Im too much of a couch potatoe.. er, in my case, a laptop chair potato :(

  4. lols at UNI, seriously we students now do nothing except sitting at a chair be it eating food, listening to music, watching tv, gossiping, or studying its chair and us :P bt ofcourse we have to be switching to a healthier life soon have to take some advise from the elders, and get on track a lil earlier :)
    Thanks for the moral building.