Thursday, December 25, 2008

Quaid- e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah's Birthday;some thoughts

As the dawn breaks on the blue december sea kissed Karachi beach I stroll and think about the thoughts,sacrifices and passions for the creation of pakistan.As a fellow blogger said long live pakistan.This is all what we want.We love our country ,our freedom.I read an enlightening article in Dawn by Shariful Mujahid an authority on The Quaid.Says he;It would not be wrong to say that Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a liberal,par excellence.In tandem with his liberal ethos and his consuming concern with human rights was his burgeoning passion for reversing the "wretched" conditionof women,who stood marginalised,not only in pre-modern east,but also in the modern west,in the later half of the twentieth century.He goes on to say that Jinnah took Fatima Jinnah ,his younger sister on official journies to tribal NWFP and Baluchistan.,where decision making process especially by women was unheard of.When inquired about the foundations of our state bieng laid on conservatism,he emphasised that Pakistan will be a progressive country in the building of which women will be seen working shoulder to shoulder with men in every walk of life.He was proud of acknowledging women"s contribution in the freedom struggle.He said "half of Pakistan is yours because you have put in no less effort to achieve it than the men"." He was a very enlightened leader..who sincerely wanted that women should get status equal to that of men"Said Begum Khursid Ara .
The quaid wanted a progresive ,modern ,egalitarian Pakistan,where women and women both contributed to the development of the society.It is so sad that he died so early in the history of our country.Had he lived bit longer we would have been what he had envisioned for us.
We should promise ourselves to be true to his ideals and develop our future accordingly.

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  1. i very much agree to your thoughts and to the one who wrote this article in news paper, but still sometime i wonder and personally feel that our women has lost their identity, the identity and the status that Islam has given to her

    P.S have no hard feelings against any women the same applies for men to but as a matter of topic i posted my thought :s hope its cleard