Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another tragedy strikes Rawalpindi,Mumbai style!

Today a massive tragedy has struck Rawalpindi exactly one year after the death of Benazir Bhutto in the wee hours of the morning. Alarge electronics,leather goods and cloth market right in the center of the city has been burning with a large part falling and the other part about to fall.The rscue workers were trapped inside the fallen part where a new fire is raging. The rescue operation is inadequate as the available snorkels are few and do not reach the upper floors. The Marriot tragedy in which the ambassidor of Chekoslovakia died will always be remembered for the tragedy s the living persons literally died of burning alive. Only yesterday a loaded oil tanker crashed against a moving train in Punjab. No further news available on this.
The owner of the shopping plaza says this is an arson attack as the short circuit would not cause such a prolonged fire.These accusations aside it is obvious that these buildings have no exits,fire alarms, sprinkler systems,evacuation and emergency plans.These big buildings a re run on adhoc basis .There is no manager.Only a chowkidar or guard looks after the whole building.There is no coordination with fire department or any government agency.
It comes to mind was this an arson attack by the terrorists,the people who were involved in Marriot fire or some other terrorists.Were the same people who were involved in Mumbai attacks were involved in this?
Who gains from this? the same people who gained from Mumbai attack?
What will be the reaction of the Pakistan government?
We are waiting anxiously to see what is happening in the subcontinent.

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