Saturday, December 6, 2008

Health topic;Pollution in Karachi

Our nazim/mayor gets an award for bieng the second best mayor in the world.Good encouragement but there are so many unattended issues.First and foremost are simple practices that reduce pollution that affect the health of Karachiites.The waste disposal system is incomplete and in efficient.The practice of burning waste goes on in residential areas unabated so much so that a very large population like a million peoplle residing in defence, a posh locality and its surrounding lower middle class and slum areas are under constant threat.The area known as defence view has a bridge or bund like area which seperates large waste dumps from residential areas.Every night as the traffic passes through the road on this bund,it is impossible to drive through safely as burning waste smoke fills the air.This acrid polluted air travels through to other areas of defence and reaches the residential areas by the sea by midnight.The irony is that the educated, influential residents of defence turn a blind eye to this,as perhaps they think this would not affect their health.It is proven that asthma,other chest diseases, cancers ,genetic mutations can all occur due to pollution.As there is no monitoring of the smoke constituents, their dosage etc.,nobody knows what will happen to whom.The closeby residents will have immediate effects such as increase in number of cases of asthma,chronic bronchitis,etc.,but the more dangerous consequences like cancer and genetic mutations in pregnant residents of other affected areas can also occur.This becomes the responsibility of everyone residing and driving in this area to create awareness and lobby for banning this practice and insist on safe removal of this waste to a safe disposal site.The nazim alone cannot make decisions we as responsible citizens must emphatically lobby for these issues and take action.

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