Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Environment Topic;Latest Oil Spill Disaster in Karachi

About three years back a large tanker Tasman Spirit carrying tons of crude oil broke in Clifton port off karachi,spilling all its contenets in sea.I live by the sea and as the gusty winds of July hit our skins and our homes I could smell diesal fumes.Whats this, somebody,s generator orsome storage tank burst,I thought. When I saw brown crude oil drops on my mosquito netting I was aghast.The blue waves had turned brown clearly showing oil inside.There was no information from the government. As I have ahabit of collecting data for health I designed a health questionairre on health effects of oil spill and started gathering data.This was later used in a review of the population Affected.At that time after much hue and cry by NGOs and concerned citizens some kind of plan was made by authorities to make some kind of disaster management plan.After much press fanfare and propaganda,every thing returned to {normal] and everything was forgotten.A third world response as qouted by a foreign expert.Today as I watched tv news I was shocked to see a gallons of crude oil fountain spewing oil ferociously in the air ,drowning a densely populated area consisting of residents,small bisunesses.There is now alake of crude oil which has enterd are damaged and people are drowned.They cant even close teh valves as the source is closeby.There is no dister management plan in place.The army rangers appear in uniform and just to cardon off the area to keep people out. In the end we the people are the losers.This shows the true might of the people and its representative armed forces as they are the real rulers in this area.


  1. its sad and i really dnt know why every disaster or bad thing has to come out from Karachi
    God bless us all

  2. Hi just see Dawn newspaer editorial today.It is so sad.The irony is that those responsible for the dreadful disaster will be not be brought to book.Minimal cosmetic actions will be taken.The poor people will neither be helped,they will be resigned to their fate.Only God will help them.The oil could be removed by suction machine,it is simply been covered with sand which is bieng dumped in open plots in neighbor hood .This will lay there for ages unless removed. The final dumping ground for solid waste is also close to human inhabitation.There is no place for hazardous waste dumping.So much for Pure Pakistan.Nobody is even aware of this.